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Staring into the Eyes of Chance (LIIA – 1) by Kay Dee Royal

5 stars


(Excerpt from Goodreads) Olivia endures a thirty-four year passionless marriage, discovering her dead husband’s philandering history at his funeral. She devotes her energy and life-long sensitivity with animals to her wildlife refuge and preserve.

Chance, a Lycan alpha and leader of the Lycan International Investigation Agency (LIIA) throws himself into his investigations. He chooses to neglect his duty of finding a primal-mate after watching his father become an empty shell over the loss of his.

A murderous rogue pack draws Chance onto Olivia’s wildlife preserve, sending Olivia’s animal sensitivities into overdrive. Chance and Olivia discover a sizzling force driving them together.

Will they succumb to its enticing tether, or fight to resume their loveless lives apart?


Olivia runs a wildlife rehabilitation in Washington and will the help of her animal psychic abilities helps wild animals heal and releases them. She is also trying to get over the betrayal of her deceased husband and all his cheating on her. Olivia’s sister is insistent on getting her back together with another man and her best friend is very protective of her.

Chance is the alpha of a lycan pack that is hunting a lycan that has been killing people all over the world. But there is something odd about this lycan, he is almost a shadow. The pack can follow his scent but then it just abruptly ends. When one of Chances people discovers that there is a drug that is supposed to hide you scent they think they are going to have an edge to catch this lycan.

But when the lycan targets Olivia, Chance runs into her and discovers that she is his primal-mate. Olivia is going to get a surprise of her life when she hooks up with Chance and is going to get a crash course in lycans, pack behavior, and how crazy this rouge lycan can really be.

I really liked this story. Great action, lots of sex, and a really good story. I really felt for Olivia and all the hell she went through with her husband and how she was not going to get together with Chance without a fight. Smoke is one evil bastard and I really hope he dies a slow and painful death. But the story ends with a huge cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read Savage Smoke.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

For more information or to purchase Staring into the Eyes of Chance be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads.

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New Orleans Requiem


New Orleans Requiem (Andy Broussard/Kit Franklyn – 4) by DJ Donaldson

5 stars

(Excerpt from Amazon) It’s a bizarre case for Andy and Kit. A man is found in Jackson Square, stabbed, one eyelid removed and four Scrabble tiles with the letters KOJE on his chest. Soon, there’s a second victim, also stabbed and missing one eyelid, but this time with only three letters on his chest, KOJ. The pattern is unmistakable, but does it mean there will be two more victims and then the killer will go away, or is he leading up to something bigger and deadlier?

Broussard and Kit use their disciplines to profile the killer, but it soon becomes clear that the clues and objects they’ve found are part of a sick game that the killer is playing with Broussard; a game most likely engineered by one of the hundreds of attendees at the annual forensics meeting being held in New Orleans. Has Broussard finally met his match?

The story stars with the discovery of a man stabbed in the heart, his eyelids cut off, and a newspaper and Scrabble tiles on him. Although both Andy and Kit want to solve this murder before another happens, Andy is wrapped up in a forensic conference that he is hosting with Kits help. Also, Kit finds her dog poisoned and is hoping he will be ok.

As another victim is found, it is clear that the murderer has to be someone from the forensic convention. But who would kill both of these guys. Kit decides to research the Scrabble tiles and realizes that the numbers on them is what is important. But what does an old band that was part of a hospital team have to do with these killers.

I absolutely love DJ Donaldson’s books. You get sucked in right away and never seem to be able to guess the killer. All of the characters are realistic and I feel right there with them. The convention was a great way to hide the killer and The Heartbreakers was a really good twist.

If you love mysteries, you have to read this series. You don’t have to read them in order, each book is written like a stand alone novel. Now I can’t wait to read Sleeping with the Crawfish.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

For more information or to purchase New Orleans Requiem be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

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Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold by Iain Reading

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold is the thrilling first installment in a new series of adventure mystery stories that are one part travel, one part history and five parts adventure. This first book of the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series introduces Kitty Hawk, an intrepid teenage pilot with her own De Havilland Beaver seaplane and a nose for mystery and intrigue. A cross between Amelia Earhart, Nancy Drew and Pippi Longstocking, Kitty is a quirky young heroine with boundless curiosity and a knack for getting herself into all kinds of precarious situations.

After leaving her home in the western Canadian fishing village of Tofino to spend the summer in Alaska studying humpback whales Kitty finds herself caught up in an unforgettable adventure involving stolen gold, devious criminals, ghostly shipwrecks, and bone-chilling curses. Kitty’s adventure begins with the lingering mystery of a sunken ship called the Clara Nevada and as the plot continues to unfold this spirited story will have armchair explorers and amateur detectives alike anxiously following every twist and turn as they are swept along through the history of the Klondike Gold Rush to a suspenseful final climatic chase across the rugged terrain of Canada’s Yukon, the harsh land made famous in the stories and poems of such writers as Jack London, Robert Service and Pierre Berton. It is a riveting tale that brings to glorious life the landscape and history of Alaska’s inside passage and Canada’s Yukon, as Kitty is caught up in an epic mystery set against the backdrop of the scenery of the Klondike Gold Rush.

Kitty Hawk is a teenager that has her own plane and a plan to fly to Alaska to watch for humpback whales. But things don’t go as planned when she is kidnapped. Kitty gets involved with stolen gold and a sunken shipwreck. All throughout the story she uses her level head and thinks her way out of the difference situations she finds herself in.

I really liked Kitty. She has the respect and encouragement from her parents. She is out to follow her dreams when something doesn’t look right and she acts. Kitty is a strong character with her bravery and her intelligence. And how can you pass up all the history of Alaska and the gold mining. You can tell there was a lot of research that is informative without being a dry lecture.

I really got into this book and couldn’t believe it was all ready over. I will definitely be getting the second book and recommend this to kids and adults alike.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

For more information or to purchase Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold make sure to check out Amazon and Good Reads.

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Red Leaves and the Living Token by Benjamin David Burrell

5 stars


(Excerpt from Goodreads) Doctors tell Raj that his son Emret won’t survive his illness. As Raj struggles to prepare himself and Emret for the inevitable, he’s confronted by Moslin, his son’s nurse, who’s been filling Emret’s head with fairytales about heroic quests and powerful disease curing miracles. Emret now thinks that all he has to do is find the mythical Red Tree from the nurse’s stories, and he’ll live.

In an attempt to protect his son from further emotional damage, Raj asks Moslin to stay away from Emret. He returns hours later to find them both missing.

He searches the fairytales for clues to where they may have gone and stumbles upon stories that, strangely, he already knows. He saw them in a vision just before his son disappeared.


Rieth is a land filled with three creatures: Zo, Bota, and Petra. The Zo are furry, mammal like creatures, bota are plant like creatures, and the Petra are similar to rocks. In Rieth, there used to be Reds, who are one of each creature that is red, has magical healing powers, and helps guide the others and the token they held we lost. Without the guidance of the Reds, the different leaders of the Zo, Bota, and Petra are barely keeping the peace and starting fights with one of the other groups.


This story starts out with Raj, a Zo, who has a thirteen year old son, Emret. Something is wrong with Emret and the doctors say that he is not expected to live much longer. Emret’s nurse, Moslin is a Bota and has been telling fairytales to Emret. Raj doesn’t want Moslin to give Emret false hope but fires her when he learns that Emret wants to go on a quest to find the token to heal himself. But the next day Emret and Moslin are gone. Raj is desperate trying to find his son before he dies.


This is a great story, very original and darker than most. Raj cares for Emret but he is resigned to his fate instead of, for better terms, thinking outside the box. Raj just things the fairytales are stories but just before Emret and Moslin disappear he has a vision of the same stories and he finds a strange object when he starts looking for Emret.


I loved Emret. Although he is sick, he is a strong kid and just knows that there are other things in the world that can help him. It’s too bad how his father’s actions have lead to him paying the price.


I did have a tough time getting everything straight when I started to read the story. There were a lot of people/creatures that I didn’t initially figure out until I got into the story a little. I also was a little lost trying to figure out what kind of setting this took place in. It seemed really similar to our world today yet had a fantasy/medieval twist that had me confused.


This is a really good book. It’s so original and has a great cliffhanger for an ending. I will definitely be getting the next books in this series.


I received this book for free from the Book Rooster Review Program in exchange for an honest review.

For more information or to purchase this book make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

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The Sixth Sense (Brier Hospital – 3) by Lawrence W. Gold

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Brier Hospital Series: Arnie Roth, a family practitioner, develops viral encephalitis. He awakens from the near-death experience with a new appreciation for life and an unexpected talent, his sensitivity to smell has increased a thousandfold. The Sixth Sense is highly entertaining, thought provoking, and touching journey through a world that influences us every day, but one that we know too little about.

Arnie Roth is a physician that has a rash of people getting deathly ill. This progresses as usual until Arnie falls sick too. He goes into a coma but miraculously wakes up. Everything seems to be normal except the super human ability to smell. This helps when he can tell if people are lying, determine if they are sick, and if they are taking their medicine.

But he starts noticing that people that are ill and should have a particular smell, that of medication, but don’t. Arnie has to fight with his own abilities to stay sane and to fight those that seem to be more interested in making money than actually helping sick people.

This is a great book. There are a lot of medical terms that I did have to look up, but makes this even more realistic. Giving Arnie the ability to smell anything was a good twist since most people don’t think about the downside of smelling and how it would affect us. And the ending, I didn’t expect that.

This is my first book by Lawrence Gold but it will not be my last. If you like medical mystery/thrillers, you need to read The Sixth Sense.

I received this book a long time ago in exchange for an honest review.

For more information about the Brier Hospital series or to purchase The Sixth Sense check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads.

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Enfold Me

Enfold Me - A Novel of Post-Israel

Enfold Me by Steven Greenberg

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Fear. It remains a constant focus of life in the Middle East. What we have, what we could lose, what others might or did take away from us.

The question is, do you control your fear, or does it control you?

Daniel Blum – scientist, father, soldier – has many reasons to fear. He lost more than he knows when the modern State of Israel fell, following a massive earthquake and Iranian-led attack. Torn from suburban family life and a budding career, Daniel is alone and scarred, enduring subjugation and terror in Hamas-controlled Northern Liberated Palestine.

Together with George Farrah, a figure from his past, Daniel journeys deep under the Carmel mountain, through Egyptian-controlled, quake-ravaged Tel Aviv, and ultimately to the ruins of a secret government research facility. Haunted, Daniel strains the bonds of duty and family as he confronts a world he no longer understands, discovers unintended consequences of his actions, and plumbs the true depth of his loss.

Israel is gone. An earthquake followed by a military take over has completely destroyed it. Now, Jews and Christians are shunned, ridiculed, abused, and killed. They are not allowed to have necessities like electricity and running water, they cannot travel on foot, and they must wear arm bands like the Jews in Nazi Germany. The story takes place around Daniel. He is barely surviving on a garden that he started before the fall and sneaks using the electricity he has from his solar panels.

Daniel is looking for some way to get out and back to his family. He is discovered by an acquaintance he has bad history with. Although he is told that George can help him get out, George has other plans for Daniel and his knowledge.

This is a well written story with a scary ring of truth. I admit that I do not keep current on all of the news so I don’t know everything that is happening around Israel. This story definitely opened my eyes to the basic situation. Then you throw in an earthquake then military take over. I really feel this is a grim but accurate take on what could very easily happen to Israel.

This is a moving book that is painful in how people are treated for being different. I think people should read this. Although the story is based in Israel, I could see it happening anywhere in the world.

I received this book a long time ago in exchange for an honest review.

For more information on Enfold Me or to purchase this book check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads.

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Desires Revealed


Desires Revealed by Rebeka Harrington

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Escape from the religious war leads Nicole and her family to the most unlikely rescuer, a vampire. Nicole discovers love and a new life, but finds herself inexplicably drawn in to a private war between her protector and an extremist faction of vampires.

The deeper she gets involved in the vampire world the higher the price she will have to pay to obtain her desires.

Rejoin “Vampires Revealed” narrator Bektamun, in Paris 1572, at the height of the religous war between Catholics and Hugeunots, the day of the St Bartholomew’s Massacre. Discover the story behind her rescue of the Gervais family. How Nicole became her Avetser and was made vampire. Desires Revealed will also introduce you to Oskar, leader of the Eleiveb.

This story starts in Paris in 1572 with a family caught in the middle of the St. Bartholomew’s Massacre. Nicole and her family are running away from religious prosecution and run straight into the arms of a 2,600 year old vampire. Nicole is about 5 years old and becomes fascinated by Bektamum, Bek, even though the rest of her family clearly doesn’t like or trust Bek.

Over the years, Bek helps Nicole get through life and teaches her things she has learned. But as Nicole learns and grows up, Bek is starting to love again. Although humans have short lives, Bek is starting to love Nicole. But just as Bek is good, there are other bad vampires out there that want to get to Nicole. The question is if Bek is strong enough to protect her.

This is a great book. I instantly got wrapped up in Nicole’s story. Bek was a great character; I really like strong female characters that don’t go swooning for a guy to save them. And Oskar, I hope he dies in a slow and painful way.

This is a great paranormal story. Don’t let the title fool you, it’s not a bodice buster. Now I need to read Vampires Revealed.

I received this book a long time ago in exchange for an honest review.

For more information on Desires Revealed or to purchase the book check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

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