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Stray Cat Family

I feel bad. I have not been able to read anything this week or get much of anything else done. My boyfriend and I feel the local stray cats. We discovered Monday night that one of the cats had a litter of kittens in our unused patio. So, Monday we managed to trap one kitten. It looks just like mommy, a little back tortie with long hair. We tried Tuesday and Wednesday and failed to catch the other three kittens.

I went to the humane society and get a couple live traps. With in a half hour of setting the traps I had mommy caught. I then used her for bait and managed to catch the rest of the kittens between that afternoon and 2 am. There is a little tuxedo kitten that we have named Fellini, as in Flying Fellini. When we tried to catch her she shoot out off the fence about five foot out and four foot off the ground and proceeded to run the moment she hit ground. I then caught Miss Bity, like Mr. Bity from the movie Kick Ass. She has chewed up a vet tech and me several times. Then the last one is a white calico. They are all little girls.

I took the kittens in to my vet on Friday and got there blood tested, I’m still waiting to get the results back. Mommy just went into the clinic at the humane society to go through the Community Cats program where they will fix the cat for $10. I also have a big kennel set up to keep her in for the next week so she doesn’t tear open her wounds trying to get onto the rafters.  We cleaned out the garage and now we are ready to start socializing everyone.

But now you know why I have not been reading or getting any sleep. I will try to remedy this in the week to come. I have a ton of books that have to get read for reviews, not including the several shelves of other books to read. I will also post pictures of the kitties as soon as I get them cleaned up enough to look presentable.

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