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The Doll

The Doll by JC Martin

4 stars

We begin with Joyce and her daughter Taylor visiting The Island of the Dolls on their vacation. The story behind the island is that a young girl, Salvadora, drowned on the island that that her spirit is still there. That the dolls were hung out for her and that anyone that disturbs them will be drown too. While exploring the island, Joyce and Taylor discover a little shack with an alter dedicated to Salvadora, and where Taylor is immediately entranced with a Mexican doll.

After the vacation, Taylor starts talking about her imaginary friend Dora. Of course Joyce is rather annoyed with this and tries to get her ex-husband to stop the talk. But strange things start happening. A plate of spaghetti is put out for Dora and it seems to be consumed. Taylor also starts spending a lot of time in her room. But when Taylor is almost drowned in the pool, she thinks something is going on. Joyce catches Taylor with the Mexican doll then panics and tries to set everything right.

This is a creepy, short read. I don’t think that I’m ever going to look at dolls the same way again. This is a great scary story, definitely one to read. I will say that I think the story could have been a little more creepy if it would have been longer with more development. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great story. Now I’m excited to get JC Martin’s other stories and start reading them.

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Underneath by Heather Marie

5 stars

(Excerpt from Good Reads) An ancient city, entombed beneath a museum that seeks to understand the brutal race that once inhabited the underground world.

A young woman with special empathic powers offered a job to create an exhibit of the city’s artifacts.

Underneath, they wait for her.

Rebecca has just been offered an exhibit at the Museum of Ancient History. The idea is to promote the underground city that was found in a cavern below the museum. But something evil happened there. Rebecca is an empath and has no desire to even go near the city but in the end she goes.

Adara, Rebecca’s daughter, is excited about the new exhibit. And Rebecca’s new boss, Darren, is also thrill to have her there. Rebecca learns that Darren is also an empath when he talks about a bad feeling when he is around the underground city. But that doesn’t stop them from working on the exhibit.

While working together, Rebecca and Darren start a connection that goes to the next level. Then Darren doesn’t show up for work. Knowing something is wrong and with the urgings of Adara goes on the hunt for him.

This is a great story!! Way too short. I read it quickly and was left wanting more. The only thing negative I could say was I wish it was longer. I would like to know more about the underground city. I cannot wait to read Heather’s other stories.

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Wanted: Hero – Prelude to a Hero by Jaime Buckley

5 stars

(Excerpt from Good Reads) Wendell is a young man who learns what his potential is while on a strange, enchanted world with a funny old wizard and ugly troll to mentor and guide him. Prelude to a Hero, the debut book about how Wendell came to be the one expected to save an entire world. . . by accident.

As Wendell, basically a no body, is planning how to get himself a girlfriend, he is kidnapped by a little green, smelly, foul mouthed creature, Dax. He wakes up at the feet of a blue man that proceeds to tell him how he is the last of a bloodline and that he is there to collect his treasure. What he doesn’t learn is that the treasure comes with a great cost.

Wendell is now a Hero to protect Iskari from Dark Lord Mahan. He doesn’t really want the job and is told that in a month he can return the power to the High Elders. When he befriends a local person, his attitude starts to change about wanting nothing more than to go home.

Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse when Wendell learns that Dax grabbed the wrong person. That he is now an immortal Hero that is not going to survive the use of his abilities to stop Dark Lord Mahan and he cannot just simply give the power back. Now the High Elders are back to square one.

I really liked this story. It’s short, about 110 pages, but I could not get enough. The story flowed well, I got sucked right into it, and I really liked how Wendell progressed. My only complaint is that the story was too short. It looks like the other stories in the series are graphic novels. I will definitely be getting those to read. This is a great science fiction story about a reluctant hero.

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