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Olga – A Daughters Tale by Marie-Theresa Browne

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Based on a true story, Olga Browney  born in Jamaica into a large close-knit, coloured Catholic family was a kind, naive, gentle girl who came to London in 1939 intending to stay only six months with her malevolent, alcoholic aunt. But world events, personal tragedy and malicious intent prevented her from returning home to Jamaica until over half a century later when her past caught up with her.

We start the story with an English couple, John and Lucy Sinclair, as they travel to Jamaica to start a new life. While there, Lucy convinces her sisters Martha and Becky to come visit. While on a visit, Becky falls in love with Henry, a black man, of course this is frowned upon and the Browne’s become the talk of everyone. Martha feels her chance to make a living is ruined by Becky’s imprudence and returns to London.

Becky has 11 children from Henry but the marriage ends in divorce. Of the younger children, Olga is one of them. Olga recounts events around her family and in Jamaica. She then goes to London to live with her alcoholic auth Martha while trying to apply at a dance school. When she is turned down, she meets another lady from Jamaica that inspirers her to become a nurse around the time of World War II. After a tragic event, Olga is kicked out of nursing school.

Because of the event, she feels she has brought shame on her family and cuts her ties with them. Olga then goes on to make a living no matter what she faced. At times her life is tough when money is low and it seems like people look down on her for the color of her skin. But she never gives up hope.

Marie, Olga’s daughter, writes this story from journal entries, newspaper article, and interviews with her family. I am impressed with how Olga got through everything that was put in front of her. She is an inspiration to women everywhere. I have no complaints to the story. This is a great story that you will want to read.

I received this story free from the author for an honest review. Thank you for the privilege of letting me read it.

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