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Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors by Rue Volley

Did Not Finish

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Book two in the Blood & Light Vampire series takes Rue, our teenage vampire, even deeper into the rabbit hole that has become her life. This book introduces a deeper look into the vampire city of “Valon” that all vampires derive from…taking a darker turn as you are invited into their world and their lack of compassion for the human race, and even in some cases, a total disregard for their own kind. As the story twists and turns you are also introduced to two new vampires, that of a sister/brother team by the names of “Jonah & Lily” who run a traveling carnival, luring unsuspecting humans into their lair, not only to seduce….but to feed upon. Rue faces many dangers in this addition, not only from her own kind…but this new vampire breed…that of the rogues, who serve no one but themselves and their own desires. Rue also struggles with her want to be “normal” as she comes to terms with the fact that she is indeed a vampire of great importance, and as she navigates her way through this she is also coming to realize that Joshua Barrington has seduced her and perhaps stolen her heart. Please join us as you find yourself sucked deeper into an epic story in the life of one girl, who although she has good intention, may indeed be her own worst enemy. Book two is more graphic in nature…with language, sexual situations and violence. Sure to make you laugh, cry…and realize that sometimes you find yourself standing at the corner of WTF and OMG.

We start with Rue not knowing anything about herself, except what she has been told by Jonathan. But she has flashes of memory that cause blinding pain. In one moment she overcomes the binding placed on her and escapes back to her friends and brother just to learn that Jonathan was actually Caine in disguise.

When Rue gets home, she learns that Jonathan has been trapped in a memory and goes to rescue him. Through difference circumstances, she finally admits that she has feelings for Joshua. Rue then has a break down and doesn’t want to be the thing of legend and runs away. Joshua goes with to keep her safe and they run into rogue vampires Jonah and Lily. They travel with a circus and prey upon humans at will caring only for themselves.

I admit that I could not finish this book. I got about 140 pages in and had to stop. The story does have potential and I did want to find out what happens next after I read Blood and Light. I could not continue because I lost my patience with Rue. I was getting tired of reading how she wanted to jump Joshua but hated him. I also was irritated with her running away and temper tantrums.

I see a lot of people really liked this book and I’m sorry to be the one grumpy person. I will gave it a neutral rating (3 stars) for those sites that need a ranking because I can’t say it is horrible when I couldn’t finish it. If you like a lot of teenage angst with some vampires thrown in you will probably like this book.

I received this book for free from Roxanne at Bewitching Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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Resonance by AJ Scudiere

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) A catastrophic polar shift threatens the survival of humanity, and two scientists must convince the world the shift is happening-and figure out a way to stop it.

Something strange is going on in the world. First we meet David Carter, a geologist. He is at a dig but he is more interested in the local rocks than dinosaur bones. About 65 million years ago, it seems that the Earth’s magnetic field switched. He is looking for is proof of that event.

Jordan Abellard and Jillian Brookwood have just started working with the CDC. Their mentor is a grouchy old man that made it clear that they are basically going to be diagnosing minor illnesses. After Jordan’s brother passes away, Jordan goes on the mission to figure out what happened. That leads them to a strange death in Florida and another small town where people are getting really sick and dieing for no valid reason.

Becky Sorenson discovers mutated frogs by her parent’s house. She starts researching them when she is sent off to look into a strange bird migration.  Although she is initially threatened with loosing her tenure and her frogs, it is later decided that she would be the best person to figure out what is going on with the frogs and birds.

I had a hard time getting into the book for the first 100 or so pages. After that the book just flowed. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next and thought the ending was a good twist. I admit that I am really curious about the possibilities from the results of the pole switch. I would like to have learned more about what exactly was making the people ill.

Over all this was a good first book. I admit that I started reading God’s Eye and can’t wait to find out what happens. I think most people will like this story. It’s a great new idea that has lots of possibilities.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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