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Puzzlequizzes: 103 Puzzle Quizzes by The Grabarchuk Family

5 stars

(Excerpt from Amazon) This is Volume 4 of the Top Rated Puzzlebook: Puzzle Quizzes series. In this brand-new puzzle collection you will find 103 pictorial, hand-crafted puzzle quizzes in different themes: visual, spatial, counting, geometry, matchstick, coins, searching, and much more. Be sure to check Puzzlebook: 100 Puzzle Quizzes, Puzzlebook: 101 Puzzle Quizzes and Puzzlebook: 102 Puzzle Quizzes for more!

This is an interactive book that provides different puzzles and quizzes to challenge your mind. The index in the beginning has little icons so you have an idea of what kind of puzzle you are playing. You can jump into the middle of the book or start at the beginning and go from there.

When you get to the puzzle, you are giving a couple choices for answers. If you choose the wrong answer, you can go back to the puzzle to try it again. When you select the correct answer, you are sent to an explanation then the option to either go back to that puzzle or on to the next one.

I loved this puzzle book! I loved playing it on my phone while waiting for appointments. I admit that there were a couple puzzles that had me frustrated and flipping to the next one. But it was a great challenge, a wonderful way to keep me thinking outside the box. I can’t wait for the next one.

If you like puzzles, get this book. For $.99 how can you go wrong??

I was provided a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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