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The Prize: Tales From a Revolution: Vermont

by Lars D. M. Hedbor

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Caleb’s father is serving with Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys as the long-anticipated open war against the British rages up and down the length of Lake Champlain. Between his duties on the family farm and constant worry about his father’s safety, the young man’s attentions are already fully occupied when a fateful encounter with an unlikely neighbor changes everything. Pulled into new intrigues and new friendships, Caleb finds himself on a path that changes his life – and which will affect the outcome of the whole war.

This takes place around the time the colonists are starting to settle America. Caleb and his family live on Lake Champlain. His father, Elijah, has joined the Green Mountain Boys and is helping fight off the British. That has left Caleb, his brother Samuel, and mother Polly to run the family farm. Caleb has taken to watching Lake Champlain for British activity and reporting it to the local town.

On one of his trips, he runs into the French Captain Mallett. Captain Mallett wants to know what Caleb is doing and offers a better lookout place on his land. Unfortunately, Caleb’s mother refuses anything to do with Captain Mallett since he is French.

The story follows Caleb as he continues to keep the farm running, his trapping to provide for his family, and bringing news to town. On one of these occasions, he runs into a beautiful young lady. With a couple more encounters, he finds himself taken with her. She is Lunette, Captain Mallett’s daughter. Caleb is torn between his mother’s wishes and his desire for Lunette.

While this is going on, the Declaration for Independence is drawn up and submitted to the king of England. This leads to a great navel battle on Lake Champlain in which Caleb, Captain Mallet, and Lunette become part of the fight.

I liked this story. It’s rich with history. I liked how Caleb keeps everything going along with stumbling upon his love of Lunette. I have to admit that I was a little lost with how much time had taken place between different events. It felt like a couple weeks when it was really several months.

I do think this is a good story to help people get interested in this time period. I also think that if you like this time period you would really like this story. It was a good story and I do think many people would like it.

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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