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Every Last Kiss

I have been such a slacker this month. After doing so well and finished so many book in September, it seems that life took over. I have had no time or energy to read. **Sigh** Time to kick this into gear, no more excuses.

Every Last Kiss (The Bloodstone Saga – 1) by Courtney Cole

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Born a goddess. Controlled by the Fates. Can Macy’s love for her soul mate survive the bonds of time… and death?

17-year old Macy Lockhart is as far from normal as any one girl can be. The problem is, she doesn’t know it yet.

After a bloodstone pendant is mysteriously left on her door, Macy’s life begins to change in ways she’d never dreamed. And while she will eventually come to realize that nothing is ever what it seems, that her life is a tangled web of lies and the Fates themselves pull the strings, for now she is left with only the explanations that they offer her.

Macy is led to believe that if she doesn’t return to a previous doomed life, one in which she served as Queen Cleopatra ‘s handmaiden, the fate of the entire world will be threatened in a way that would destroy history as we know it. She learns that she has lived thousands of lives, each one ending tragically…but none as tragic as this one.

After returning to ancient Egypt, she is faced with heart-wrenching decisions. Unless she interferes with Fate’s plan, the very thing she was born to protect, her soul mate will die leading Marc Antony’s forces against Rome. Can she really stand aside and watch the love of her life die all over again?

Macy is trying to get over the betrayal of her boyfriend cheating on her. Her friends Jessica and Jennifer have decided to help her. After purging herself of his things, Macy discovers a strange bloodstone pendant. When she puts it on she is transported to ancient Egypt. Now she is Charmian, personal assistant to Cleopatra.

Charmian is a Keeper that travels through time to make sure different events happen. The memories of each life are erased when she starts her life new. She is now a week before Octavian invades Egypt and Cleopatra commits suicide. She finds her true love, Hasani, one of Mark Anthony’s person guards.

Charmian is loyal and does follow through with Fates plans, but she has this urge to change events. This leads to Cleopatra and Mark Anthony learning about the true events that are to take place when Octavian invades, the deaths of those that are needed in the invasion, and the loss of her bloodstone.

I really liked this story. I enjoyed the love story of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony and how they were such strong characters. Macy/Charmian is strong yet just can’t seem to get over how nothing much change. It was so hard to see her struggle with the soon to be loss of Hasani. I loved the ending.

This is one young adult story that I think almost everyone will like. I honestly didn’t know what I was going to get but I though the blurb was enticing. This book went above and beyond. Now I can’t wait to see what happens in Fated.

I received this book for free from a giveaway the author held.

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