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Alex: The Commandant Camille Verhoeven Trilogy

Alex (Verhoeven Trilogy – 2) by Pierre Lemaitre

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Alex Prévost—kidnapped, savagely beaten, suspended from the ceiling of an abandoned warehouse in a tiny wooden cage—is running out of time. Her abductor appears to want only to watch her die. Will hunger, thirst, or the rats get her first?

Apart from a shaky eyewitness report of the abduction, Police Commandant Camille Verhoeven has nothing to go on: no suspect, no leads, and no family or friends anxious to find a missing loved one. The diminutive and brilliant detective knows from bitter experience the urgency of finding the missing woman as quickly as possible—but first he must understand more about her.

As he uncovers the details of the young woman’s singular history, Camille is forced to acknowledge that the person he seeks is no ordinary victim. She is beautiful, yes, but also extremely tough and resourceful. Before long, saving Alex’s life will be the least of Commandant Verhoeven’s considerable challenges.

The story starts with Alex getting kidnapped and locked in a small crate. The man doesn’t say much beyond the fact that he wants to watch her die. At the same time, Camille Verhoeven has been given this case. It is hard for him since it is so close to what happened with his own wife. Camille is in a race against time to save Alex, a girl he knows nothing about. But things take a strange twist and Camille is on board unwillingly to find Alex and figure out what is really going on.

It is so hard to review this book without giving away too many details. You have to discover them along the way. I have a love and hate relationship with Alex. You feel sorry for her, hate her actions, and then want to cry. Camille is very wrapped up in his own past and seems distracted with this case, but he does keep working to find out what really happened to Alex.

This is a great story! There are great twists and turns, wonderful characters, and a horrifying ending. Be warned, the ending is a bit graphic, it works well for the book but it wraps everything up nicely.

This is one book that you don’t want to miss. Now I want to read the other books.

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