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So, if you know anything about me, you know I LOVE cats, I do have 7 of them. Anyway, because of that, I also follow a bunch of rescues, shelters, and crazy cat people on Facebook. Midnight the Rescue Panther and Keith Nichols have started a great series, Cat Land, that is a wonderful story with the kitties from Facebook.

Cat Land: Midnight's Gambit (Cat Land #1)

Cat Land: Midnight’s Gambit (Cat Land – 1)

By Keith Nichols

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) In this novella, Midnight the Rescue Panther (with some help from his human Keith Nichols) makes his writing debut. Two kittens have gone missing in Cat Land, and it is up to Midnight the Detective and his partner Ghost to find them. But as they close one case, they find a sinister plot to take control of all Cat Land. Now, it is up to Midnight and his friends to stop the evil Queen and save Cat Land. Come join the fun, the chase, and the excitement!

Midnight and Smoke are two detectives in Cat Land. We start the story when Dusty comes to their office and says that two kittens that she has been watching since their mother disappeared have gone missing. Although the kittens are found quickly, there is more than a simple disappearance in the air. A strange Red Devil is seen that taunts Midnight and Smoke.

But when they stumble upon battle rats, the detectives know that they are getting into the middle of something serious. It seems like former queen Cocoa is back from her banishment and plans on taking over Cat Land once again with the help of her battle rats. With the help of an unknown prince, Midnight and all of his friends are going to do what they can to keep that from happening.

I admit, I am a follower of Midnight the Rescue Panther on Facebook. I bought this book because they advertised it and I’m glad that I did. I also follow about half of the other cats that are talked about in the story. It was great to see them all coming together in their own little story. Yes, I will admit it, when I read about Dozer Mason Kitty I was crying since I was follow him also.

This is a great story. Kids through adults will like it. It’s just makes it much more special when you follow them on Facebook. You really learn the purrsonalities of the real life cats. This is a great story that you don’t want to miss. I can’t wait for the next book in the saga. Also, check out the small story Rosie’s Wish and Amelia’s Amazing Day.

It’s so heartwarming to read about all the kitties that I follow on Facebook, past and present This is a series with two novellas. You can find them on Amazon. Don’t miss out!

Cat Land: Midnight’s Gambit     Rosie’s Wish     Amelia’s Amazing Day

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