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I’m so glad to be part of this tour. Curse of the Thrax was a great story.
About the Book:
The children of the Godswood Village grew up hearing stories about the Thrax, a fearsome dragon “with scales like iron plates and teeth as long as battle swords.” Because the Thrax had not been seen in over 100 summers, these always seemed like fairy tales to Jaykriss, the 14-year-old son of Glyndich, the powerful village War Chief.
Until the Thrax returned—and killed Jaykriss’s father.
Jaykriss dreams of avenging his father’s death by subduing the Thrax and recovering the Bloodsword, a treasured family heirloom Glyndich lost while battling the dragon. But can he?

My Review:

5 stars

Jaykriss and Marda are teenagers in the small village of Godswood. They live like regular kids going to school, pining over girls, and hunting for game once a week to feed themselves and their families. Both boys are sons of famous warriors in their village that have met an untimely end. Jaykriss’ father was killed by the Thrax, a large dragon that also managed to take the Bloodsword, a family heirloom, with him.

While out hunting, Jaykriss and Marda run into the Thrax and escape into a cave under a waterfall. There they meet Zamarcus, a scientist that is going to open both boys’ eyes to the truth. Their world is a lot bigger and has a lot more history than they are being taught in school. The priests and the Dark King are keeping the people in the dark to maintain the power. Now Jaykriss has to decide if he is going to follow the prophecy that was foretold about him being The One Who Leads even if it says he would die a young.

I loved this book. It starts out like a regular young adult fantasy story. But when you meet Zamarcus you realize that there is going to be more to this book. I felt for both Jaykriss and Marda having lost their fathers but I loved how they become young men that their fathers would

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