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Reveal (Cryptid Tales – 1) by Brina Courtney

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Shay could be the key to ending a war that humans don’t know exist. Of a race of beings that aren’t real, or are they?

Shay Tafford’s childhood has been fatherless, filled instead with memories of speaking to the dead. She is forced to hide her unique ability from those living around her. That’s why it’s been comforting to have Jeremy, a child ghost, as her confidante. But recently he’s been absent, perhaps lost as her father is. When Shay meets Hugh, the guy she’s had a crush on for weeks, and finds he can speak to ghosts too she’s just starting to find a normalcy in her life.

But as Hugh reveals the truth to Shay, about who she really is and about what it is she can do, he erases all chances she had at a normal existence. Turns out talking to ghosts is just scratching the surface of her genetically engineered gifts. Shay learns she may be part of an age old prophecy that could save the entire race of cryptids. But can she?

Shay has been able to communicate with ghosts for as long as she can remember. Her guide has been Jeremy, a young boy that perished in a fire at the orphanage he lived at. Then one day she gets upset and accidently banishes him which she has regretted since then. As Shay is finishing her senior year at high school, she runs into a cute guy, Huge, at the college that her mother works at.

She also meets Wendy, a 6 year-old girl that is looking for her father. Through her, Shay learns that she can summon ghosts from another plane and she learns that Huge and she have more in common than she first though. But she has little time to learn about her new abilities. The Darkness, which started the fire at the orphanage is back and is looking to get its hands on her.

This is a great book. I felt for Shay, she lost her father, can communicate with ghosts, and learns there is more to her than just the talking to the ghosts. I also felt for Huge, you can tell that he didn’t really have much and he has this horrible ability to do the wrong thing when it comes to teaching Shay about her powers. But in the end he is a good guy.

I can’t wait to find out what happens in the nest book. This is a one young adult paranormal story that you don’t want to miss.


For more information about Cryptid and the other books in the series be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

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In April, I posted about Bad Karma in the Big Easy being available on Amazon, for more on that post you can find it here. Today I am going to post my review for Bad Karma in the Big Easy.

Bad Karma in the Big Easy (Andy Broussard/Kit Franklyn Mystery – 7)

By Don J. Donaldson

5 Stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Andy Broussard, the plump and proud New Orleans medical examiner, obviously loves food. Less apparent to the casual observer is his hatred of murderers. Together with his gorgeous sidekick, psychologist Kit Franklyn, the two make a powerful, although improbable, mystery-solving duo. Among the dead collected in The Big Easy floodwaters after Hurricane Katrina are three nude female bodies, all caught in the same brush tangle, none with water in their lungs. Broussard knows in his ample gut that this was not an act of God, and not the work of Katrina. But Broussard has perhaps the biggest challenge of his colorful career. The city and all its records are destroyed, practically the entire population is scattered, the police force has no offices, and many of the rank and file (who haven’t defected) are homeless. Soon, Broussard and his sidekick are on a dangerous journey through the obscenely damaged city, leading them to a kind of evil that neither of them could imagine.

Andy Broussard is slowing going through all the bodies that have been gathered after Katrina struck. As he going through them, he finds something irregular. Three women, that recently gave birth, found naked. Something bothers him from the start and when he discovers that they had been frozen he knows that he is going to have to try and find a killer.

At the same time, Kit is helping on a strange suicide that looks like there was more to it. When she starts looking into it, she learns that the victim was a twin that works at a specialized office that creates lab quality livers for children. But when the killer decides to try and take Kit out of the picture, she doesn’t know if she can keep going on. Then Andy realizes that he missed a vital piece of information and starts questioning his abilities. It looks like this may be the last case for both of them.

This is another great story by Don Donaldson. Amidst the horrors of Katrina and everyone own person regrets from the storms aftermath, Andy and Kit are trying to come to terms with some deaths that happened. I felt for both Andy and Kit and what they went through, I don’t wish that one anyone. And the twist ending, I admit that I kind of had an idea on how it was related but it turned out better than what I had thought, creepy but really good.

This is a great book in a wonderful series. Mystery/thriller readers, you HAVE to read this book.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads for more information on this and other books in the series.

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