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The Voice of Waterfalls

By Natasha A Salnikova

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Inga manages to escape from a “house of terror” where she was held as a captive along with other girls who were kidnapped. She is chased into the woods and runs onto the road, almost falling under the wheels of an approaching car. She thought, it would be better to die that way than to return to her captors. The driver of the car, to her surprise, saves her. He brings her to his house and introduces her to his family: his mother, his father and his younger sister. He gives Inga a key to a separate room and brings her food. She appreciates his help and calls him her knight from the road. All she needs now is a phone to make a call to her mother. Her savior, Alman, says they don’t have one in the house. He’s also not in a hurry to take her from his house in the woods to the town where she can talk to police. And Inga began to doubt the noble intentions of her savior. After some time she starts to think this house is worse than the one she was imprisoned in before, if that was possible.

Inga is like most girls in the world; she is naïve and goes to an audition then gets kidnapped and becomes a sex slave. Then one day she takes a chance and escapes. As she is running away from her captures, she comes across Alman. He fights off the captures and takes her to his home, but refuses to take her to the sheriff. Inga realizes that she has just left the frying pan and jumped into the fire, Alman and his family are a whole new terror worse than what she just left.

Anthony is an attorney that just finished a rough case and has decided to visit his grandma in Quiet River. But something is going on; everyone is watching him and waiting for him to leave, even grandma. But Anthony is the one chance that Inga has to escape. The question is if he is strong enough.

This is one creepy story. I felt for Inga, she reminds me of so many women currently that just float along not really paying attention to their surroundings. Of course she is kidnapped and made a sex slave. But when she escapes she finds herself in a worse situation. It’s really bad when she escapes that one and gets to the sheriff just to be returned to Alman. I loved how Anthony comes into play in the story.

This has been translated from Russian. You can tell that there is a little something off about the writing, but it’s nothing that really takes away from the story.

This is a great story. Those that like thrillers and horror stories are going to fall in love with it. Now I want to read more books from Natasha A Salnikova.

I received this book a long time ago from the Library Thing Early Reviewer Program in exchange for an honest review.

To purchase The Voice of Waterfalls make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

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