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“Great story. Amazing love story. It’s everything I adore about YA contemporary.” —Jolene Perry, bestselling author of The Summer I Found You

“A great YA novel with a strong story line, a little bit of humor, just enough drama and a whole lot of cute.” —Lisa De Jong, bestselling author of When it Rains

“A great contemporary young adult tale, focused on romance, but with more real-life issues at the heart of it.” —Alyse Carlson, bestselling author of The Azalea Assault


by Leigh Talbert Moore

Jason just wants a date with Harley.
Harley just wants a date with Trent.
Trent’s still getting over Stephanie.

When Harley and Jason decide to fake date, they uncover a school of deceptions. Trent’s got a secret, but so does Jason. And the more time Harley spends secretly kissing her fake boyfriend, the further she gets from her dreams with Trent.

Worst of all, Harley’s mom is getting cozy with her hot massage therapy student, and even Harley’s Reverend Dad can’t fake not being bothered by it. But when the masks finally come off, can everyone handle the real truth?

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Behind the Stars

By Leigh T. Moore

Prentiss Puckett is certain of three things:
-Graduation is two weeks away.
-Summer only gets hotter in south Mississippi.
-She’s getting a job with air-conditioning.

She did not expect to be kidnapped walking to work.
And she never expected to become a hero.

Red Dawn meets LOST in this action-adventure/paranormal romance from Amazon bestselling author Leigh Talbert Moore.


The guards moved among us, placing dentist-office Dixie cups of what looked like water in front of everyone. A separate guard came to where I sat on the floor, clutching my knees. She lightly took my arm.
“Please return to the table.” Her voice was smooth. “You’ve had a shock. Have some water.”
I wasn’t about to drink anything they gave us. It was Day One all over again, only this time, it was Guyana. We were all being served the Kool-Aid. Next stop, mass graves.
Stupidly, my friends and fellow prisoners had no such qualms. Didn’t anybody watch the History channel? I stared as they all took shaky sips without hesitation.
“Just take a small sip.” The female guard was still with me. “It’ll calm you.”
My throat constricted. My whole body was on revolt. Shaking my head, I didn’t meet her eyes. I only stared at the white cup of water. Braxton was at my side, and he drained his. What the hell made him do that? Did he want to die?
Seconds ticked past and nothing happened. Nobody passed out. Nobody did anything strange—except forget what we’d just witnessed here. Braxton picked up his fork to finish his lunch. They all did. Like one of us had not just been taken out “swiftly and finally.”
Only he had, and I was reeling from the shock.

* * *

“Hearing that story makes me wish I could have been the one to protect you,” he said.
“I don’t need your protection,” I sniffed. “I’m little, but I can take care of myself.”
“Everyone needs help. Sometimes.” He reached up and slid the hair back from his face exposing the scar on his cheek.
I didn’t know how to answer that. I still didn’t know how he’d gotten those scars, but more than that, I didn’t know who I wanted protecting me now.
I stepped through the fence. “I guess this is good-night,” I whispered.
“Sleep well, doctor.”
I shook my head and sneaked past the cabins across the dark yard and into the dormitory. Once inside I stood for several minutes with my face pressed against the doorjamb.
Why was this happening? I wasn’t this kind of person. Other girls got their feelings all mixed up over boys, but I didn’t. That question had been settled in my mind years ago, and yet here I was acting like a starry-eyed little twit. I was failing in my job to rescue us. Everyone was counting on me, and here I was useless, fighting this battle with myself. I had to get it together. I had to get myself back on track, for all of us.

My Review for Behind the Stars The Complete Series

Prentiss is in the last year of high school. She has her life planned out for her, graduate, become a veterinary, marry Jackson the love of her life, and live the rest of her life on a farm. After her broken home with her mother’s death, her father’s drunkenness, and her brother’s fire and brimstone preaching, she decides that is the best form of stability.

But one day she is kidnapped and waked up with several other kids her age in a strange camp. It resembles something like a summer camp. The exception is they are fed on a prison schedule, the boys go do heavy lifting and the girls are divided up to tend crops or take care of cows. Prentiss decides that she is going to do whatever it takes to get away to Jackson, and then he will come up with a plan to save everyone.

Because of her knowledge of cows she gets assigned to the barn and there she meets Cato the leader and her brother Gallatin. Something is going on and Prentiss decides to try and get close to Gallatin to figure out what is going on and find some way to escape. But things don’t go as planned for her.

She gets closer to Gallatin but further away from her plans. But when something happens to a close friend and someone is found looking for the missing people things are going to go in an unexpected direction for Prentiss. The question is if she is strong enough to stay the course laid out in front of her.

This is one of the best series I have read in a long time. I started reading each episode but when I finally got the full book I couldn’t put it down. Prentiss is so strong even though she doesn’t really think she is and it is great following her and having her realize how special she really is. Jackson is just a jerk and I think gets off too easy at the end of the book. And Gallatin, I loved watching him go from a cold person to so loving.

This is a great young adult series that everyone will like. The story will suck you in and you won’t be getting any sleep until you are done reading it.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

LTMAbout the Author

Leigh Talbert Moore lives with her husband and two young children in the middle of the country, where she conjures new worlds, characters, and situations while playing chauffeur, chaperone, group activity leader, and referee.

From Leigh:
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