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The Maze – The Lost Labyrinth by Jason Brannon

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) A near death experience transports Jamie Burroughs into The Maze, a Christian themed realm built by angels and demons and filled with traps and riddles for those haunted by their mistakes.

For Jamie, The Maze becomes a terrifying journey through a world of darkness where his soul and the lives of those he loves hangs in the balance. With his family in danger and his soul in peril, Jamie is forced to reevaluate the kind of man he truly is as he struggles to escape The Maze before it’s too late.

Jamie Burroughs is a normal, family man that has everything going for him. Then one day at lunch he runs into a beautiful ex-girlfriend and things go wrong. With that little temptation he finds himself in a maze. This maze is created from the darkness we find inside ourselves. From the little fibs to the large lies that we tell throughout our lives and our beliefs help mold the maze. And if that is not enough, there is a Minotaur that devours that darkness. Jamie is in a race to get through the maze without being devoured by the Minotaur. This is literally a race for life and death.

This story has a rough start. I admit that I was a little lost trying to figure out what is going on. But once Jamie got into the maze, things took off and it was easier for me to figure out what was going on. I loved how this was a blend of Christianity and mythology. The maze was created solely for Jamie and it is his battle to make it through.

Although the beginning is a bit rough, once the story gets going it will keep you turning the pages. This is a great story and I will definitely be looking for more books from Jason Brannon.

I received this book for free from The Book Rooster program in exchange for an honest review.

For more information on The Maze – The Lost Labryinth or on Jason Brannon be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Jason’s website.

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NOVEMBER FRONT COVER immortality sucks

November: Ralph Conway’s Immortal Diary by E.P. Rose

5 stars

(Excerpt from Table Thirteen Books) Ralph Conway is a messed-up master-of-wine. What with being unable to do his job and his girlfriend going on hunger  strike and everything in the world being so crap, Conway concludes that suicide’s  the only sensible option, so he kills himself, only to discover that he seems to be immortal.

Ralph Conway is a former Master of Wine that became an alcoholic and thus unemployed. He lives with his girlfriend, Joan. Joan has decided that she wants to get married and have children. Ralph is happy with the current relationship. Unable to change his opinion Joan goes on a hunger strike until he changes his mind or she will leave him and find someone else.

Ralph’s friend Orson is in a legal battle and has the possibility of going to prison. Instead, he gets his hands on a death pill to take in case he is found guilty. After being freed, Orson give the pill to Ralph to dispose of, which after the conversation with Joan Ralph decides to take the pill with some fine wine. Needless to say he is under the impression that he didn’t die because he is immortal.

Joan changes her demands and proceeds to go on a hunger strike until Ralph agrees to marry her and have kids. Even if he leaves she still won’t eat. So, Ralph is stuck trying to test if he really is immortal and what he should do with Joan.

This begins a comedy of errors as we follow Ralph around. We meet his friends, laugh at his attempts to kill himself, meet his parents, and want to throttle Orson in the end. This is a nice little read that I was surprised with. I really felt for Ralph and his situation.

This is a great little read and I think many will enjoy it.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

For more information on November: Ralph Conway’s Immortal Diary be sure to check out Table Thirteen Book’s website.

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