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Kidnap (Part 1 of Guy Erma and the Son of Empire)

by Sally Ann Melia

(Excerpt from Goodreads) I don’t want to go… Do I have to go?

13-year-old Prince Teodor of Freyne knows his duty to the memory of his father and his kingdom. Always, he must help those less fortunate than himself. Yet a frightening nightmare fills him with foreboding, but still he must do – into the Dome.

13-year-old Guy Erma lives in the shadow of the Dome, he has no father and no mother and his future is uncertain, he must start earning a living when he turns 14. He knows not where he will live or even how he will eat, and his only dream is to enter the military academy – at the heart of the Dome.

Two boys as different as any two boys might be. One act of cruelty will throw their lives together, but who dare they trust?

Sally Ann Melia


Sally Ann Melia is life-long Science Fiction fan. She was Star Wars as a child and has loved Space Opera fiction and tales of huge Galactic Empires such as Frank Herbert’s Dune series and Iain M. Banks Culture. Guy Erma and the Son of Empire is her first full-length novel to be published.

She lives in Farnham, Surrey with husband David, and has two children and 3 gerbils.


5 stars

Prince Teodor, Teo, would rather racve groans, giant cats, and practice with the blades that the Dome Guards use than perform official duties. Teo lives in the shadow of the Dome, a facility for training and teaching young children to be Dome Guards, a special force that is used to protect Teo and his family. But Teo has has a nightmare about the Dome and is really worried about it.

Guy is basically an orphan from one of the fashion houses that specialize in overly expensive clothing for the rich of the universe. Guy has a dream of being a Dome Guard but because of his questionable parentage he faces the risk that he may not get in. Guy is performs in odd jobs to make money.

These boys are going to be thrown together when Dome Cyborgs attack a rehearsal and kidnap Teo. But this is not just a simple kidnapping. There are many different political players that can benefit or lose from the kidnapping. It seems that powers are going to try and use Teo against his mother’s rule to get their way. The key factor seems to be if they find Teo in time for elections.

This takes place in an alternate universe that took me a little to get figured out. But once I did I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. I felt bad for Teo losing part of his family but I could understand his difficult time doing the princely tasks that he doesn’t want to do. I admit at first I didn’t like Guy, he seems a bit arrogant and rubbed me the wrong way. But once I got to know him and his situation I could understand his actions.

This is a great story that leaves you at one heck of a cliff hanger. I can’t wait to see what happens in Part 2: Hunter.

For more information on Kidnap or Sally Ann Melia, be sure to check out Amazon, Goodreads, and Sally’s website.


I received this book from iRead Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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Occult .45


Occult .45: Four Tales of Gunrunning in the Weird West

by Nick Caracano

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Preston Cobb is always looking to make a quick buck selling any kind of gun he can get his hands on, but when the denizens of the weird west get in the way, Preston’s his own best customer. Join Preston as he faces an ancient evil in the snowy Sierra Nevadas in ABOMINABLE, finds romance and bloody mystery in Nevada mining country in SILVER MOON, and squares off with the undead south of the border in DEAD TO RITES. Finally, Cobb finds retirement more exciting than he’d like in an exclusive bonus short story: GUNRUNNER TO THE STARS.


“Reminds me of my first wedding!” I said.

The lock on the chapel doors gave a long, ear-curdling screech and shattered. The doors burst open, knocking the stacked pews aside. In a haze of dust, the undead appeared, swarming through the opening, groans rising in triumph.

I turned the hand-crank and fire spewed out of the barrel of the Gatling gun. I swept it back and forth across the opening of the church doors. Skulls exploded, bodies jerked and limbs separated as hundreds of bullets shredded through the mass. The first rank of the ghouls disappeared in a pink haze and I kept firing at the vague silhouettes behind them. Bullet casings rained down on the adobe floor and I cursed and shook my leg as a smoking cartridge landed in my shoe.

Over the thunder of the gun firing round after round, Sister Cardona asked, “Emilio Vega and Ana Lucia Ana Lucia, have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage? Will you love and honor-”

“Get to the I-Do’s!” I yelled, turning the crank faster while the undead shambled over their fallen brethren. The Gatling cut through the undead like a sawmill through a log, but there was a whole forest of corpses shambling through the double doors. Sister Ruiz and Sister Ybarra loaded as fast as possible, but the gun began to sputter when the feeds ran dry. The undead spread out from the edge of the door and I turned the gun in wider arcs.

“Do you Emilio Vega, take Ana Lucia Ana Lucia to be your wife? Do you promise to be true-”

“Faster!” I yelled. The nuns fired their shotguns at the ghouls I was missing. Sister Purificación sat with her back against one wall of the church, firing her rifle again and again. She shot a corpse through the eye and it fell onto her shattered legs. She screamed.


Nick Carcano spent his childhood pulling cactus out of his feet and listening to coyotes howl in the California high desert. He speaks rusty Mandarin and Spanish. When he’s not writing his day job involves literally saving the world, which sometimes involves shooting zombies, but usually involves a lot of e-mail.  If you like dim sum, RPGs, sci-fi, or corgis, you should be his friend.  He’s currently working on The Big Weird One a series of sci-fi/horror short stories set during WWII and will release his first novel, Boom: A Wild West Heist, in fall 2015.


5 stars

This is a compilation of four stories: Silver Moon, Abominable, Dead to Rites, and Gunrunner to the Stars. Preston Cobb makes his living running guns with a paranormal twist.

In Silver Moon he finds himself in Virginia City, NV. There is a little werewolf problem and he is the man to help stop it. Among the murders and silver mines he finds himself a wife too.

Abominable has Preston trying to get a shipment of guns to Elko, NV but he finds himself caught in the mountains in the middle of a blizzard. But things get interesting when Preston and an Indian youth are the only ones to stop the si-te-cah, Indian trolls.

The Devil temps Preston in Dead to Rites. Preston is in Mexico bringing guns to both the government and the rebels when he gets into a zombie rising. The Devil has his sights set on a cross in the local church and it’s up to Preston and the nuns to keep it safe.

Finally in Gunrunner to the Stars Preston is an elderly man. One night while sitting on his porch a UFO crashed into his barn followed close behind by another one. The aliens are having a battle to the death but their guns are not working, in steps Preston to give them a little helping hand.

I like westerns and love the paranormal so this was a great book for me. Also, the first two stories are from towns in Nevada, I live by Virginia City and really enjoy reading stories based around the state.

Preston Cobb is not the most likable guy; he is the snake oil salesman of guns. But when things get tough you can count on him to do whatever it takes to get out alive. But in the way he does have to step up and help. Out of all of the stories I think I’m partial to Dead to Rites. I’m a zombie fan and love the concept behind the story.

This is a great little compilation of weird western stories that many will like. This is one that you will want to check out.

For more information on Occult .45 be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads.


Reading Addiction

I received this book from Reading Addictions, a Virtual Book Tours Host.

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The Botanist


The Botanist by LK Hill

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) In the heat of the desert, Detective Cody Oliver inadvertently stumbles upon a strange garden adorned with exotic flowers. Upon closer inspection, he finds the garden is but a cover for the scores of bodies buried below. Soon, the small town of Mt. Dessicate plunges into chaos as journalists, reporters, and cameramen from across the nation descend upon the tiny, desert town to get a piece of the action.

Along with the media, a mysterious woman appears. She may be the only person who has come face to face with the killer, dubbed the Botanist, and lived to tell the tale. If Cody can’t piece together a timeline of the land the crime scene is located on, decipher how the woman’s mysterious past is connected to the killer, and bring the Botanist to justice, he may lose the people he values most.

Detective Cody is assigned to the mass grave that a hiker finds under a field of blue flowers. Because of the exotic blue flowers the killer is dubbed The Botanist. While investigating, Cody learns of a woman, Alex that filed a report years earlier that may be able to help find the serial killer. Cody is reluctant to let Alex help with the hunt since she is a civilian. But Alex is a strong woman and keeps pace with Cody easily. The real question is if they can catch The Botanist before he strikes again.

I don’t even know where to begin with this review. I was hesitant about Cody but instantly liked him in the story. I loved Alex. She has her own past she is working on but she is such a strong woman. The mystery was gruesome and chilling but so good. I had no clue who the killer was and loved how the book ended. It was so easy to get sucked into the book. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next and had to forcibly put it down or I was going to read through the night.

This is a great crime mystery/thriller. This was my first book by LK Hill but it won’t be my last.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

To purchase The Botanist or for more information make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and LK Hill’s website.

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Savage Girl

I have another release for today, Savage Girl.


Savage Girl by Jean Zimmerman

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) In 1875, the Delegates, an outlandishly wealthy Manhattan couple on a tour of the American West, seek out a sideshow attraction called “Savage Girl.” Her handlers avow that the wild, seemingly mute Bronwyn has been raised by wolves. Presented with the perfect blank slate to explore the power of civilized nurture, the Delegates take her back east to be introduced into high society. Cleaned up, Bronwyn is blazingly smart and darkly beautiful; as she takes steps toward her grand debut, a series of suitors find her irresistible—and begin to turn up murdered.

The Delegates are a wealthy family that likes to help others with their fortunes. While in Nevada, they come across a side show with a young savage girl that was raised by wolves. They decide to rescue her and introduce her to high society in New York. As Bronwyn becomes more enfolded in high society, young men start showing up brutally murdered. The only connection is they showed Bronwyn some form of interest. But who is the killer, Bronwyn with her savage nature? Could it be Hugo, who loves Bronwyn?

It is clear that Zimmerman has done a lot of research for this story. The descriptions are so vivid and very real. I live 30 minutes from Virginia City and it is great seeing where the story fits into real life. I admit that I didn’t know who the murderer was until the end. Everything wrapped up neatly.

This is a very descriptive story with a great mystery. It was easy to get swept up in the story and the tidbits of real events and people just made it that much better. This is a great historical mystery that you don’t want to miss. Now I’m going to read other books by Jean Zimmerman.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

For more information on Savage Girl be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Jean Zimmerman’s website.

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Book’a-neer’ (bŏŏk’kå-nēr’), n.

A literary pirate; an individual capable of doing all that must be done in the universe of books that publishers, authors, and readers must not have a part in


London, 1890—Pen Davenport is the most infamous bookaneer in Europe. A master of disguise, he makes his living stalking harbors, coffeehouses, and print shops for the latest manuscript to steal. But this golden age of publishing is on the verge of collapse. For a hundred years, loose copyright laws and a hungry reading public created a unique opportunity: Books could easily be published without an author’s permission. Authors gained fame but suffered financially—Charles Dickens and Mark Twain, to name a few—but publishers reaped enormous profits while readers bought books inexpensively. Yet on the eve of the twentieth century, a new international treaty is signed to grind this literary underground to a halt. The bookaneers are on the verge of extinction.

In THE LAST BOOKANEER (Penguin Press; on sale April 28, 2015), award-winning and bestselling author Matthew Pearl (The Dante Club, The Poe Shadow, The Last Dickens) gives us a thrilling historical novel set inside the lost world of these doomed outlaws and the incredible heist that brought their era to a close. On the island of Samoa, a dying Robert Louis Stevenson labors over a new novel. The thought of one last book from the great author fires the imaginations of the bookaneers, and soon Davenport sets out for the South Pacific island. As always, Davenport is reluctantly accompanied by his assistant Fergins, who is whisked across the world for one final caper. Fergins soon discovers the supreme thrill of aiding Davenport in his quest to steal Stevenson’s manuscript and make a fortune before the new treaty ends the bookaneers’ trade forever. But Davenport is hardly the only one with a mind to pirate Stevenson’s last novel—his longtime adversary, the monstrous Belial soon appears on the island.

Yet Samoa holds many secrets of its own, and the duo’s bookish concerns clash with the island’s violent destiny. A colonial war is afoot between the British, American, and German powers, even as Stevenson himself quietly supports native revolutionaries from high in his mountain compound. Soon Davenport, Fergins, and Belial find themselves embroiled in a conflict larger, perhaps, than literature itself. Illuminating the heroics of the bookaneers while conjuring Stevenson himself to life, THE LAST BOOKANEER is a page-turning journey to the heart of a lost era.

Pearl’s singular talent for uncovering and extrapolating fascinating stories from literary history has intrigued and delighted book lovers and critics alike time and time again. (Pearl pulled the idea of the “bookaneer” from a scrap of history about the illegal 19th-century trade in books before the international copyright law of 1891 came into effect.) This is the first time Penguin Press is publishing Matthew Pearl, and we are very proud to showcase a writer at the height of his powers. THE LAST BOOKANEER, with its electrifying story and instantly quotable writing, is a fine testament to Pearl’s research and imagination and reaffirms his deep respect for the power of literature. It’s a love letter to books, to the people who write them, those who sell them, and all who treasure them.

Matthew Pearl

About the Author

Matthew Pearl is the award-winning and bestselling author of the novels The Dante Club, The Poe Shadow, The Last Dickens, and The Technologists. His books have been New York Times bestsellers and international bestsellers translated into more than thirty languages.

Advance Praise for THE LAST BOOKANEER

“An entertaining adventure tale steeped in literary history…[Pearl] offers many of the charms and unrushed distractions of a favorite old bookstore.”

Kirkus (starred review)

“In the days before e-books, self-publishing, and fan fiction, publishing was an even riskier undertaking—or so Pearl makes an entertaining case for in his latest, ingenious literary caper…Pearl gives the bookaneers a lively fictitious history…and populates it with a colorful cast of roguish characters…A loving testament to the enduring power of paper books.”

Publishers Weekly

“Writing mischievously clever novels about famous writers is Pearl’s forte…Passionately researched and ebulliently imagined…Pearl’s vividly descriptive and energetically plotted novel churns and charms with intriguing literary history, acid social critique, witty dialogue, and delectably surprising and diabolical reversals and betrayals.”


“This swashbuckling tale of greed and great literature will remind you why Pearl is the reigning king of popular literary historical thrillers. His latest is guaranteed to delight lovers of history and mystery.”

Library Journal (starred review)

“This novel is about book lovers, for book lovers, written by a book lover. Matthew Pearl is the gold standard when it comes to historical mysteries, and THE LAST BOOKANEER is no exception—a wonderful tale of passion, intrigue, and the last days of Robert Louis Stevenson.”

Lyndsay Faye, author of Gods of Gotham and Seven for a Secret

“When it comes to educating and enthralling in the same breath, nobody tops Matthew Pearl. THE LAST BOOKANEER is a riveting transatlantic adventure, a first-class exercise in intellectual history, and beneath its richly embroidered pages, a love letter to the written word. It reminds us why we love books in the first place.”

Louis Bayard, author of Roosevelt’s Beast and The School of Night

For more information on The Last Bookaneer or to purchase the book be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Matthew Pearl’s website.

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Brenna and the Horses of Lusayana by Lee Landes

5 stars


(Excerpt from Goodreads) Twelve year old Brenna MacLean wants answers. Why do they move every three months? Where is her father? How come, she can never make friends?

When she moves to the Cottage on the Cliff over a vicious stretch of coast in the north of Britain, the answers come thick and fast – and none of them are good.

To her new friend Louis, one answer is obvious. Brenna is cursed. Soon they are unravelling clues and rushing headlong into danger because the evil that lurks in the Deep has a way of reaching into the World.

The White Horses of Lusayana try to guide Brenna but Captain Croak and his servants, the Black Horses have some tricks to play.

Brenna is bold and impetuous. Luckily, Louis is there to steady her but in the end it will be Brenna who faces a terrifying choice. Because only an act of supreme daring can save her family.

Brenna is used to both moving every three months and no one remembering her, especially after a couple of minutes. We start the story with her trying to get a summer assignment from her most current teacher and him not knowing who she is and why she is in his class. It just gets worse from there when both Brenna and her mother are kicked out of the house that they are squatting in. They end up going back to her mother’s home but there is something strange going on.


Brenna finds a chest with strange markings and secret items in it. She also meets Louis, a rich boy living with his grandmother. They also make a friend, Cherry, in the local village. There is a lot of mystery around Brenna’s mother and the locals but no one is saying anything to Brenna because they gave their word to her mother. But when Brenna’s mother gets ill she is going to have to figure out what is going on.


I really liked this story. You can’t help but feel for Brenna, not knowing who her father is and living in such an unstable house. I was cheering for Brenna for trying to save her mom. I loved both the White and Black Horses. Also the twist about Louis, I really hope that there is going to be another story, possibly a series with Brenna and Louis.


This is a great mid grade story that any age will enjoy reading. Make sure to add it to your library.

I received this book from the Library Thing Early Readers Program in exchange for an honest review.

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Fairyvision (Songs of Magic – 5) by JL Bryan

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Jason, Erin, and the other Zebras go on a world tour with their enchanted instruments, only to encounter the mysterious supernatural Folk of India and the Far East. While they tangle with their record company, Erin tries to avoid dealing with the secrets she’s learned about herself, while Jason pieces together a mystery surrounding a very special golden guitar called Caliburn.

In Faerie, Aoide the Lutist and her troupe finally return home from their long adventure. They’re struggling to get new gigs, but Aoide senses opportunity in the form of special new magic mirrors that can broadcast concerts, plays, and other entertainment all over Faerie…

The Rioting Zebras are not on a world tour. They are on their way to India and lands near by. They also have a film crew watching in them 24 hours a day and when there is not enough drama they decide to get to Mitch and cause some. Erin and Jason are officially a couple but Erin is still having a tough time with her fairy background. Jason is trying to be as supportive as he can but that might not be enough.

At the same time Aoide and her troupe have returned with silver from our world but no instruments. They get new instruments and the possibility of new work. Television has finally come to fairy. Aoide and the group have the chance of a lifetime to be part of it. The question is if this can give them work and fame or be something sinister.

I love this series. It started out as a fun young adult read with lots of potential and it has just grown from there. Each book seems to be getting darker with more challenges and I feel like I’m watching the kids grow up. It’s also great the different characters that are introduced and the ending was a surprise for me on a couple characters.

The Songs of Magic is a great series for any age. Make sure to read them from the start or you will be lost. The books just keep getting better and better. Now I can’t wait to see what happens in Fairy Luck.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

For more information or to purchase Fairyvision be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and JL Bryan’s website.

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The Wicked Wives


The Wicked Wives by Gus Pelagatti

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) “Wicked Wives” is based on the true story of the 1938 Philadelphia murder scandals in which seventeen wives were arrested for murdering their husbands. Mastermind conspirator Giorgio DiSipio, a stunning lothario and local tailor who preys upon disenchanted and unfaithful wives, convinces twelve of them to kill their spouses for insurance money. The murder conspiracy is very successful until one lone assistant D.A., Tom Rossi, uncovers the plot and brings the perpetrators to justice. “Wicked Wives” is a story made for Hollywood, combining murder, corruption, treachery, love, lust and phenomenal detail as it vividly captures Depression-era Philadelphia.

Tom Rossi is in line to be an assistant District Attorney. While on a case, he meets Lillian Stoner, who just lost her husband to pneumonia. But something is fishy to Tom and he wants to continue his investigation. Unfortunately Lillian is the niece of a high political leader. It is made clear to Tom that if he pursues this case he will not make assistant DA. But Tom proceeds anyway.

Enter Giorgio DeSipio, a well known womanizer. He is well known to the ladies in Philadelphia. He works the unhappily married women; he knows how to keep them wanting more but to never get attached. Giorgio is recruited to get the women to take out insurance policies on their husbands, with the help of corrupt insurance agents. Then the wives kill their husbands for the insurance money, in 1938 many people died from pneumonia and such which is similar to how some poisons work. Of course Giorgio has plenty of women that want to make him an honest man and there are plenty of unhappy, adulterous women to keep him going.

I admit that I have a love/hate relationship with true crime stories. I love to read them but there are some that are so dry about the facts that they just make the story unbearable. I admit that it was a little challenging for me to get into the beginning of the story. There are a lot of characters so I had a harder time sorting them out. Now, once I had that down, I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.

I felt for Tom, his is trying to do the right thing but he is getting pressure to stop the investigation. There was clearly a lot of research done because I felt like I was right there trying to figure out what is going on. Plus knowing that this actually happened back in the 30’s Philadelphia just made it even better.

For those that like a good true crime story, this is one book you don’t wan to miss out on.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

For more information on The Wicked Wives be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Gus Pelagatti‘s website.

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Malcolm Mackay is releasing all three of the Glasgow Trilogy books today and I wanted to share.


The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter

In addictive, terse prose that recalls Lee Child, with the sweeping procedural detail of Ian Rankin, The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter introduces a remarkable new voice in crime fiction.

Calum MacLean lives alone in his Glasgow flat. The telephone rings; a casual conversation, but behind it is a job offer. The clues are there if you know how to look for them. He is an expert. A loner. A job is a job, but what if this organization wants more? A meeting at a club. An offer. A brief. A target: Lewis Winter, whose death is the opening move in an all-out war between crime syndicates the likes of which hasn’t been seen for decades. It’s hard to kill a man well. People who do it well know this. People who do it badly find out the hard way. The hard way has consequences.


How a Gunman Says Goodbye

The breathtaking, devastating second novel in the acclaimed Glasgow Trilogy, winner of the Deanston Scottish Crime Book of the Year.

How does a gunman retire? Frank MacLeod was the best at what he does. Thoughtful. Efficient. Ruthless. But with his health failing him, how long before he’s no longer any use to his employers? A new job. Another target. But something is about to go horribly wrong. And up-and-coming hitman Calum MacLean will be called upon to pick up the pieces. Most gunmen say goodbye to the world with a bang. Frank’s still here. No longer in his prime, certainly. But with decades of experience at the top of his profession, underestimating such a man could prove to be deadly.


The Sudden Arrival of Violence

The stunning conclusion to Malcolm Mackay’s lauded Glasgow Trilogy returns readers to the city’s underworld: a place of dark motives, dangerous allegiances and sudden, tragic ends.

It begins with two deaths: a money-man and a police informant. Deaths that offer a unique opportunity to a man like Calum MacLean. A hit man who has finally had enough of killing. Calum plans an unprecedented escape just as his employers need him the most. Glasgow’s biggest criminal organizations are gearing up for a final, fatal confrontation. The panic over Calum’s abrupt disappearance may finally give Detective Michael Fisher the chance he needs to close the case of a lifetime. But first, he must track down a man who has become a master at staying in the shadows.

Malcolm Mackay

About Malcolm Mackay

Malcolm Mackay’s acclaimed debut series, the Glasgow Trilogy, has been nominated for countless international prizes. The first of the series, The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter, was shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey New Blood Dagger Award, the Theakson Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award, and longlisted for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger for Best Thriller of the  Year Award. Mackay was born in Stornoway on Scotland’s Isle of Lewis, where he still lives.

To purchase The Glasgow Trilogy or for more information be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

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Blood on the Moon


Blood on the Moon (Blood on the Moon – 1) by Jennifer Knight

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) As Faith Reynolds enters her freshman year of college, she is a complete and utter nervous wreck.  With her best friend Derek suddenly pulling out the romance card and her dark, mysterious classmate staring her down at every turn, Faith somehow feels stuck in the middle without dating either one.  And fortune may or may not be with her when a devilshly sexy stranger offers her a welcome escape.

Boys, romance, classes, and annoying roommates are all within the realm of the expected for a college frosh.  Trying to solve the mysterious murders of young college coeds near campus is not.  Darkness seems to be creeping into every corner of Faith’s life, no matter the hour.  And when she seeks the truth, danger seems to be the only thing that finds her.

Faith is well aware of the strange currents in the air, particularly when she sets off static sparks with everything she touches.  Before long, she finds herself entrenched in the deep-seeded battle between werewolves and vampires.  The war has reached the tipping point, and Faith has the power to determine where the scales fall.  But the most important question may be with whom does her loyalty lie?

Faith is starting college far from her home in California. But she is not alone; she has Derek, her ex-boyfriend friend. Derek and Faith have been friends forever and they decided to try dating but Derek blew it. Faith has put him in the close friend list but he still keeps trying to get back together with her.

Besides that, Faith is struggling at school. She is having a hard time and keeps worrying about what she wants to major. Then fellow student, Lucas seems to be where ever she is but he is a complete jerk. Faith does find herself drawn to him and ends up falling into a world a lot bigger than she thought. Now she is the tipping point in a battle between werewolves and vampires, if she can survive.

Faith is so naïve in this story yet she is a strong character. I’m impressed that she keeps trying to be friends with Derek, I think she would have chosen a different path if she would have kicked him to the curb. Anyway, there is a lot more to Lucas besides being a jerk, he does have a reason. I liked this twist on the classic werewolf vs. vampire story. It gives it the freshness to make it stand out. Faith did annoy me at times but in the end she almost had to for her role.

Over all I did like this story. When I originally got this book I also got the second one, Blood Crave. I goofed and ended up reading that book first so I know where this one was going. It’s a good first book to the series and it’s definitely worth getting the second book.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

For more information on Blood on the Moon or to purchase the book be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, or Jennifer’s website.

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