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(Excerpt from Goodreads) Exploring the mind of the cat, Dr. Teed describes what can be learned from understanding this most mysterious of creatures. She explores the body-mind-soul connection and notes that what feeds the mind and soul is often deficient in the modern world we have constructed for ourselves and our cats. These deficiencies then become written on the body. She feels a more integrated body-mind-soul approach to care for our felines is what is needed now for the modern cat. Describing cats as motivational or inspirational speakers who can teach us how to live a life worth living, Dr. Teed relates how she observed first-hand, time and time again, the positive power of the cat to affect change in small spheres. And she reflects on what an amazing thing it would be if we were all a bit more cat-like. In her words, every household can benefit from a cat.


Dr. Carol Teed graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 1990. She spent most of her career in feline specialty practice where she became fluent in the mysterious language of cats. While observing cats through their accelerated life cycle, she became fascinated by their ability to bring positive change to the lives of those they interact with. She currently lives in rural Niagara, Ontario, Canada with her husband, four children, two dogs and three cats. She is working on her second book and always has a cat on her lap and two looking over her shoulder.


Carol Teed was a veterinarian that specialized in cats. Ever since a young age she was drawn to cats and could understand their behaviors and actions. Cats are masters at hiding injuries and having inappropriate behaviors that many people don’t understand. Sadly many cats are turned over to shelters and euthanized because their owners don’t understand what is going on. This book will help you understand your cat’s behavior.

This book is told in stories and events that Dr. Teed has experienced over the years. They are broken down in chapters that will discuss topics like outdoor vs. indoor, other cats, food, and so many other topics. It’s amazing how expressive cats are if you know what to look for.

After reading this book I find that it’s so sad that we have television shows like My Cat From Hell and how we have news stories of how a couple calls 911 because their cat has them hiding in their bathroom. It seems people are trying to make their cats into something that they are not. But once we understand what the problem is they are so gentle, watch Jackson Galaxy. He does what is in this book. Who wouldn’t want to be that way with your cat?

There are not enough word to describe this book. All I can say is if you are going to be adopting a cat or working around them or anything like that you HAVE to read this book. You will learn so much more about cats and what they can do that you will be amazed.

For more information on Learning the Secret Language of Cats be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Dr. Teed’s website.

I received this book from Laura with iRead Book Tours in exchange for a review. Thank you Laura.


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