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Blood on the Moon


Blood on the Moon (Blood on the Moon – 1) by Jennifer Knight

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) As Faith Reynolds enters her freshman year of college, she is a complete and utter nervous wreck.  With her best friend Derek suddenly pulling out the romance card and her dark, mysterious classmate staring her down at every turn, Faith somehow feels stuck in the middle without dating either one.  And fortune may or may not be with her when a devilshly sexy stranger offers her a welcome escape.

Boys, romance, classes, and annoying roommates are all within the realm of the expected for a college frosh.  Trying to solve the mysterious murders of young college coeds near campus is not.  Darkness seems to be creeping into every corner of Faith’s life, no matter the hour.  And when she seeks the truth, danger seems to be the only thing that finds her.

Faith is well aware of the strange currents in the air, particularly when she sets off static sparks with everything she touches.  Before long, she finds herself entrenched in the deep-seeded battle between werewolves and vampires.  The war has reached the tipping point, and Faith has the power to determine where the scales fall.  But the most important question may be with whom does her loyalty lie?

Faith is starting college far from her home in California. But she is not alone; she has Derek, her ex-boyfriend friend. Derek and Faith have been friends forever and they decided to try dating but Derek blew it. Faith has put him in the close friend list but he still keeps trying to get back together with her.

Besides that, Faith is struggling at school. She is having a hard time and keeps worrying about what she wants to major. Then fellow student, Lucas seems to be where ever she is but he is a complete jerk. Faith does find herself drawn to him and ends up falling into a world a lot bigger than she thought. Now she is the tipping point in a battle between werewolves and vampires, if she can survive.

Faith is so naïve in this story yet she is a strong character. I’m impressed that she keeps trying to be friends with Derek, I think she would have chosen a different path if she would have kicked him to the curb. Anyway, there is a lot more to Lucas besides being a jerk, he does have a reason. I liked this twist on the classic werewolf vs. vampire story. It gives it the freshness to make it stand out. Faith did annoy me at times but in the end she almost had to for her role.

Over all I did like this story. When I originally got this book I also got the second one, Blood Crave. I goofed and ended up reading that book first so I know where this one was going. It’s a good first book to the series and it’s definitely worth getting the second book.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

For more information on Blood on the Moon or to purchase the book be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, or Jennifer’s website.

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