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Zombie Attack: Rise of the Horde (Book 1) by Devan Sagliani

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) When 16 year old Xander’s older brother Moto left him at Vandenberg Airforce Base he only had one request – don’t leave no matter what. But there was no way he could have known that one day zombies would gather into groups big enough to knock down walls and take out entire buildings full of people. That was before the rise of the horde!

Now Xander is on the run, fleeing south to Port Hueneme to locate his brother with nothing but his martial arts training and the katana blade left to him. Along the way he’ll have to fight for his life against other survivors, neo-Nazi’s, outlaw bikers, gang bangers, cannibals, cult members, and a seemingly endless sea of flesh hungry zombies.

But Xander is far from alone. Traveling with him are Benji, a 12 year old comic book geek, and Felicity Jane, a childhood celebrity with wild mood swings. Will they make it together in one piece to the safe zone or will they become the next meal for a hungry horde of wild zombies?

The zombie apocalypse has happened and Xander is suck at Vandenberg Airforce Base. But when the base is over run, Xander grabs Benji and they high tale it out of there. The only place that Xander thinks to go is to Port Hueneme to get back to his brother. But there is a lot of miles and the starts of zombie hordes between Xander and his brother Moto.

Along the way Xander and Benji will find some other survivors from Vandenberg Airforce Base just to loose them, a Neo-Nazi group, crazy bikers, heavy metal rock star, a movie star, and a religious cult. And just when things start looking up, it all goes to heck.

This is a great, fast paced story. Xander has had some martial arts training from his brother Moto and a katana which keeps him ahead of the zombies, barely. There was lots of action and no time to rest. I really liked how Xander runs into all of these crazy people but he keeps fighting and trying to keep Benji safe.

This is a great zombie story, the first in a series. And the ending, a perfect lead into Zombie Attack: Army of the Dead. I can’t wait to get reading that one.

To purchase Zombie Attack: Rise of the Horde be sure to check out Amazon, Goodreads, and Devan Sagliani’s website.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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