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Today Nova is being released.


(Excerpt from Goodreads) *36:00:00*

The clock activates so suddenly in my mind, my head involuntarily jerks a bit to the side. The fog vanishes, dissipated in an instant as though it never was. Memories come slotting into place, their edges sharp enough to leave furrows, and suddenly I know. I know exactly who I am.

My name is Lia Johansen, and I was named for a prisoner of war. She lived in the Tiersten Internment Colony for two years, and when they negotiated the return of the prisoners, I was given her memories and sent back in her place.

And I am a genetically engineered human bomb.

Lia Johansen was created for only one purpose: to slip onto the strategically placed New Sol Space Station and explode. But her mission goes to hell when her clock malfunctions, freezing her countdown with just two minutes to go. With no Plan B, no memories of her past, and no identity besides a name stolen from a dead POW, Lia has no idea what to do next. Her life gets even more complicated when she meets Michael Sorenson, the real Lia’s childhood best friend.

Drawn to Michael and his family against her better judgment, Lia starts learning what it means to live and love, and to be human. It is only when her countdown clock begins sporadically losing time that she realizes even duds can still blow up. If she wants any chance at a future, she must find a way to unlock the secrets of her past and stop her clock. But as Lia digs into her origins, she begins to suspect there’s far more to her mission and to this war, than meets the eye. With the fate of not just a space station but an entire empire hanging in the balance, Lia races to find the truth before her time—literally—runs out.

Margaret Fortune

Margaret Fortune wrote her first story at the age of six, and has been writing ever since. Her short fiction has been published or is forthcoming in Nth Zine, Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine, and Space and Time. She has a BA in psychology from the University of Minnesota – Morris. NOVA is her first novel.

This book sounds so good. To purchase Nova or for more information be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Margaret Fortune’s website.

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The Red Notebook


The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Heroic bookseller Laurent Letellier comes across an abandoned handbag on a Parisian street. There’s nothing in the bag to indicate who it belongs to, although there’s all sorts of other things in it. Laurent feels a strong impulse to find the owner and tries to puzzle together who she might be from the contents of the bag. Especially a red notebook with her jottings, which really makes him want to meet her. Without even a name to go on, and only a few of her possessions to help him, how is he to find one woman in a city of millions?

The story starts out with a young woman having a night out. When she returns home her purse is stolen. She cannot call for help and has no money but convinces a hotel to let her stay for the night. The next morning, Laruent is on his morning stroll to the local café before going to work. On his way he finds a purse on a trash can. He feels bad about taking it but he decides that he wants to return it to its owner.

Unfortunately the purse has few belongings left but it does have a small red notebook with the inner thoughts to the owner. As Laurent delves deeper into the notebook and trying to find its owner, he has many adventures and things happen to him.

This is a cute little book. I loved the story, Laurent feels conflicted going through the belongings yet he is so admirable by trying to find the owner. I really enjoyed all the things he goes through on his journey to find the young lady. My only complaint was that the book was way too short, but what kind of complaint is that.

This is a quick read that you should add to your list. It’s a great story that will suck you in and leave you wanting more.

To purchase The Red Notebook or for more information be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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