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Missing by Sam Hawken

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Jack Searle is an American widower, bringing up his two stepdaughters Lidia and Marina alone in the border town of Laredo after losing his wife to cancer.

Jack often takes the girls to visit their Mexican family over the border in Nuevo Laredo. Marina, the elder sister, persuades him to let her go there without him one night, to attend a concert with her cousin Patricia. Jack wants to say no – Nuevo Laredo is a very dangerous city, controlled by drug cartels and devastated by violence and corruption. But eventually he agrees – she’s growing up and he has to let her have some independence.

Marina and Patricia head out to the concert, but they never come back.

A frantic hunt for them begins, with Jack leading the way. But this is Nuevo Laredo, and girls go missing all the time here. They’re lucky to find that a good cop – Gonzalo Soler – is leading their investigation, but soon the whole police force is suspended due to endemic corruption. The army take over the city, and finding the missing girls is not their priority.

To survive this nightmare and have any chance of finding Marina and Patricia, Jack and Gonzalo must take the law into their own hands. Their efforts to find the girls become more and more dangerous, and they uncover truths about the city of Nuevo Laredo that neither one of them ever wanted to face.

Jack Searle’s wife has passed away from cancer so it is up to him to raise her two girls, Marina and Lidia. The girls still have family on the other side of the Mexican boarder so they go back once a month for a visit. On one trip Marina persuades Jack into letting her go by herself so her cousin Patricia and her can attend a concert. The next morning the girls have disappeared.

Unfortunately it’s going to be a tough battle to find the girls. The cartel controls the town and it seems all of the government officials and the police are corrupt. Jack does find a glimmer in detective Gonzalo Soler. He is about the only one that can help Jack, but as they start digging into the disappearance of the girls. Then the entire police force is fired and replaced with inexperienced soldiers. Jack and Gonzalo keep looking on there own and start finding out the truth behind the scenes of Nuevo Laredo.

This is such a sad story. There are so many kids that go missing every year. Sadly it’s not as published as it should be and I think it’s because of how corrupt a lot of the police and government are. It’s also sad about how the cartels run things and the whole sex slave market. My heart went out to Jack. He has to dredge through the scum of the earth just to get Marina and Patricia back.

This is a really good book on a topic that a lot of people don’t know much about. It is very sad but one that I recommend everyone read.

To purchase Missing or for more information be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Sam Hawken’s website.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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