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WWIV – Darkness Descends: The Shorts by EA Lake

Seven short stories from around the world – just before and just after the darkness arrives. From LA to North Korea, an eastern nuclear plant to the Black Hills of South Dakota, Madison, WI to Moscow, and The Netherlands to the White House (bonus chapter).

Each story depicts the same event from different and particular points of view. Each group of people as unprepared as the next.

Whatever happened, happened. And the reality of the new world they each must exist within is sobering.


5 stars

This is a collection of seven short stories about normal people and an EMP going off in their area. This does not just cover the US but you also get to see Moscow, North Korea, and other locations. This is about how they react, how the people around them react, and if they can survive no electricity.

I absolutely love post apocalyptic and dystopian stories and my favorites are the ones that have a greater probability of happening like in this book. You will follow several people that are going about their normal lives when all of a sudden they lose power and other electronic devices from an EMP. You will follow what each goes through as they go through their normal lives being turned upside down.

This is a great collection of stories. I agree with a lot of what happened even though I tend to have a darker outlook on what is going to happen. EA Lake has written other books and I will definitely be getting them to read next.

If you like the dystopian/apocalyptic stories this is on that you need to get. You will not be disappointed.

Reading Addiction

I received this book for free from Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.


A sudden flash of brightness ushered in the complete failure of the power system in the building. In the absolute darkness, Jessica could hear the others labored breathing.

“Everyone stay calm,” Jack commanded. “They’ll be back on in a second.”

The silent wait began and continued until Bill couldn’t take it any longer. “There’s a reasonable explanation for this, right?” he called from his station, hidden from the others by the darkness. “I suppose the building’s grid just had too much to handle with all the heat lately. Everyone’s running their air conditioning. Extra power usage for all the buildings and homes. Right?”

Only silence answered from his partners. Each trying to come up with an explanation that would explain away this situation. Any explanation than the one running through their minds from their colleague, Jim Green.

Jessica pushed her chair away from her desk, the wheels squeaking in the darkness. Carefully she made her way to the large windows on the southeast side of the building, her clicking heels on the linoleum floor the only sound in the room.

Lowering her head, she gave a silent prayer before she dared to peek out at the world surrounding their building. Please, please let there be light.

Opening her green eyes, her gaze fell upon Madison proper encased in a shroud of pitch black. She leaned forward and slightly to the left, hoping beyond all hope to catch a glimpse of the well lit Capitol building, some three blocks up State Street.

A small squeak, a tiny cry escaped her lips as she found nothing but more darkness. Lowering her head, she began to cry in earnest.

“It’s gone,” she said between sobs. “Everything’s gone.” Turning, expecting to see three faces but instead only darkness, she heard them rather than saw them.

“He was right. He was one hundred percent right.” She paused, attempting to collect herself. “Our power is all gone.” Closing her eyes, she allowed the tears to flow freely. “What are we going to do?” she wailed, expecting no answer. Slowly, she slid down the wall until seated on the floor. Clutching her knees, she sobbed further as the men sat eerily silent at their desks.

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