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The God Thought


The God Thought by Dave Cravens

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) “A MASSIVE EXPLOSION… levels a small town in Kansas and rips apart the commercial airliner flying overhead. The wife and child of Oliver Wells are among the thousands reported dead. Authorities blame the tragedy on an accident at a fertilizer plant not up to code. A year later, still grappling with his depression, Oliver is accosted by a mysterious stranger who offers another answer: A FARMER CAUSED THE EXPLOSION. AN EXPLOSION BORN OF THOUGHT. A THOUGHT SO PERFECT AND DIVINE IT’S SAID TO MIRROR WHAT GOD THOUGHT TO CONCEIVE THE UNIVERSE. Thrust into a hidden world of conspirators and luminaries who would do anything to attain the farmer’s knowledge, Oliver finds himself in a race to confront the man who killed his family. To do so, he must test the limits of his sanity… AND UNLOCK THE POWER OF THE GOD THOUGHT FOR HIMSELF.”

Oliver lost his wife and child and a strange explosion a year earlier. He is suffering from depression and doesn’t really know what to do. He then learns that the explosion was not cause from a fertilizer plan but from a farmer. Oliver decides to find the farmer and to learn about The God Though. He is then introduced to a cob driver that gives him the option to go back to his life or to proceed to the farmer. Oliver proceeds but just like Alice going through that door, his life is not going to be the same.

This is not your typical sci-fi story. It ready like a thriller and keeps you wanting more. It reminds me of the Matrix where the more he learns the further Oliver has to go. There is a lot of action and lots twists and turns. When you think that you might know what is going on, you are off in another direction.

This is a great story that you HAVE to read. It doesn’t matter if you are someone that likes sci-fi or not. It is written to please everyone. Make sure to get yourself a copy of The God Thought, you will not be disappointed.

For more information on The God Thought or to purchase the book make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Dave Cravens’ website.

I received this book from the author for free in exchange for an honest review.

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by Juli Zeh

About the Book . . .

In this riveting tale we meet two couples caught in a web of conflicting passions, Diving instructor Sven Fiedler and his girlfriend, Antje, who live and work on the Spanish island of Lanzarote. When a tourist couple—Jola, a soap opera actress, and Theo, a stalled novelist—arrive for an intensive two-week diving experience, Sven is captivated by Jola’s beauty and evident wealth.

Theo suspects that Sven and Jola have begun an affair, but oddly, he seems to encourage them. Antje looks on, increasingly wary of these new clients. Cycling through different points of view, we are constantly kept guessing about who knows what—and who is telling the truth. A brutal game of temptation and manipulation unfolds, pointing toward a violent end—but a quiet one, underwater, beneath the waves.

Juli Zeh

About the Author . . .

Juli Zeh’s novels include  Eagles and Angels, winner of numerous prizes including the German Book Prize;  Gaming InstinctIn Free Fall; and  The Method. She has worked at the United Nations in New York, taught at the German Institute for Literature in Leipzig, and currently lives in Brandenburg. In 2013 she was awarded the Thomas Mann Prize.

Reviews . . .

“A mesmerizing and disturbing psychological thriller. . . . Fantasy and reality entwine.” — The Wall Street Journal

“Zeh is adept at describing the carelessness and perversities of the rich and famous. . . . A story about obsession—this time with status, looks, and celebrity culture.” — The Independent

“Gripping. . . . Keeps the reader guessing to the end. A darkly comic thriller that is impossible to put down.” — Library Journal

“Compelling. . . . Erotic intrigue, deep-sea diving and clients from hell make for a lively mix.” — Kirkus Reviews

“[A] deft thriller.” — Publishers Weekly

“A tale that unfolds at a high level of psychological excitement.” — Der Spiegel

“This is phenomenal. . . . A nightmarish, furious, cold thriller. . . . Juli Zeh is at her literary best when she’s describing underwater silence, when she’s describing situations in which isolation is total and the world as it exists above water is bidden farewell.” — Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

“Juli Zeh’s love-triangle drama easily bears comparison with the work of Patricia Highsmith, doyenne of the conspicuously amoral.” — Brigitte

To purchase Decompression make sure to visit Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, and Vintage’s website.

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Imaginary Things


Imaginary Things by Andrea Lochen

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Watching children play and invent whimsical games of fantasy is one of life’s great joys. But what if you could actually see your child’s imagination as it unfolded? And what would you do if your child’s imagination suddenly became dark and threatening?

Burned-out and broke, twenty-two-year-old single mother Anna Jennings moves to her grandparents’ rural home for the summer with her four-year-old son, David. The sudden appearance of shadowy dinosaurs forces Anna to admit that either she’s lost her mind or she can actually see her son’s active imagination. Frightened for David’s safety, Anna struggles to learn the rules of this bizarre phenomenon and how best to protect him. But what she uncovers along the way is completely unexpected: revelations about what her son’s imaginary friends truly represent and dark secrets about her own childhood imaginary friend.

Living next door is Jamie Presswood, Anna’s childhood friend who’s grown much more handsome and hardened than the boy she once knew. But past regrets and their messy lives are making the rekindling of their complex friendship prove easier said than done. Between imaginary creatures stalking her son and a tumultuous relationship with David’s biological father, Anna may find it impossible to have room in her life or her heart for another man. But as David’s visions become more threatening, Anna must learn to differentiate between which dangers are real and which are imagined, and whom she can truly trust.

Anna is a single mother and has just lost her job. She decides to move back home with her grandparents since they were the rock in her younger life and she figures that her son David could use the same calm. But things take an interesting turn when she can start seeing David’s imaginary friends, two dinosaurs. While trying to figure out what this means for David, Anna realizes this also has something to do with her own childhood and her relationship with her mother.

Then her childhood friend Jamie returns home to take care of his mother. Anna and Jamie want to rekindle their friendship and be more but there are a lot of things standing in Anna’s way, like her abusive ex-husband. Anna has a hard time trying to be the mother that David needs along with having her own happiness with Jamie. She also learns more about her own childhood.

This is an amazing story. I admit that although I do review several contemporary romances it’s not one of my preferred genera. But I just loved this book. I felt for Anna, things just seem to be stacked against her at every turn and she constantly tries to do the best for David. I liked her ability to see David’s imaginary friends, what better way to figure out how your child feels when they can’t seem to verbally express their feelings.

I even liked the romance with Jamie. You can’t help cheering Anna to keep working with Jamie. She had so much happen to her from Patrick that I could feel how hesitant she was. But in the end it will work out.

This is an amazing book. It would be considered a contemporary romance but don’t let that stop you if this is not your usual genera. You will not be disappointed.

For more information on Imaginary Things or to purchase the book make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Andrea Lochen’s website.

I received this book fro free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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