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Dragon’s Guide to Slaying Virgins (Otherworld Realms – 3) by Isabelle Saint-Michael

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Morgan had resigned herself to death. She had been ready to follow her true love into the afterlife, if only a certain Dragon hadn’t “rescued” her. She wasn’t grateful – after all, she was a full-fledged Lady Knight and perfectly capable of making her own decisions, without the help of arrogant Dragon Lords, no matter how good-looking everyone seemed to think they were…

After dragging Lady Morgan from a Troll’s lair and dropping her off in another realm, Vallen thought he’d never see her again. But then an old member of his Knight Order betrays her oaths and begins amassing an army of thugs and highwaymen – in the same realm he’d left Morgan.

Racing back with only his brother for a squire, Vallen finds Lady Morgan, accompanied by a teenage Werewolf, ready to take on this Dragon all by herself. But it will take all of them to defeat her, and little do they know that in this battle, the secrets of their broken hearts will rise up from the past and walk again…

Morgan is a knight that has just lost the love of her life. She has decided that she is just going to take on a quest that she will surely die, unfortunately she is a little too good at her job and just gives herself to some trolls. Vallen is a good-looking, grumpy old dragon that insists on doing the right thing. He stumbles upon Morgan and his brother, young, about to be the main course for trolls and decides to rescue them and ends up leaving Morgan in another realm.

But then Vallen learns that an old knight friend has decided to amass an army and conquer that realm that he left Morgan in he decides to ride to her rescue again. But to his surprise, Morgan has picked up a teenage werewolf that she is going to help her avenger her pack along with getting Vallen for leaving her in that realm to begin with. Doing the right thing is not going to be easy for Vallen.

This is my first book of Isabelle Saint-Michael’s and I loved it. You have the typical fantasy romance story that is turned on its head. I loved the conflict between Morgan and Vallen, neither knows how to back down from a fight and think they know how to solve problems for other people. And the snark from Heather and Young just make this story.

This is not going to be my last book from Isabelle Saint-Michael. I can’t wait to see what happens in Practical Uses for Princes With Pointed Ears and Holiday Spirit for Hire.

For more information on Dragon’s Guide to Slaying Virgins make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Isabelle Saint-Michael’s website.


I received this book from World Wind Virtual Tours for free in exchange for an honest review.

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by Charles Gerard Timm

(Excerpt from Goodreads) The sonnet is the most useful and, arguably, the most-popular poetic form in English. Long-lived, brief, fashioned by rhyme, sharing private contemplation at its best. Here are thirty-three such momentary monuments.

Charles Gerard Timm

Charles Gerard Timm

Charles Gerard Timm is an American creative writer from New Jersey, thrilled to have his books available through Amazon. His writing has been called “inspirational,” “classic,” “poetic,” and “vivid.” He also acts and draws and hopes you find your time with his work well-spent. Please follow him on Twitter and visit charlesgerardtimm.com for more.

For more information on Sonnets or Charles’ other three books make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Smashwords.


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The Ohnegott bookcover

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Assumptions bookcover

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The Asking and other stories . . . bookcover

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The One You Feed


The Ones You Feed (Out of Darkness – 1) by James Drummond

5 stars

Excerpt from Goodreads) Like most kids who grew up in the small Oregon town of Silver Falls, Toby Hoffman had heard all the scary stories about the monsters living in the neighboring woods of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Now a teenager, he knows the stories are told to keep the town’s children from wandering where they aren’t wanted. However, when an unknown animal begins brutally attacking Silver Falls’ residents, Toby can’t help but wonder if one of the fables might be true.

Then his best friend, Nate, wakes up covered in blood in the reservation woods, with no recollection of whose blood it is or where it came from. Toby convinces himself that it’s time to take action—not an easy decision considering he’s barely left his room in over a month, still stricken with grief and guilt following a family tragedy.

With the help of Rachel, a determined Native American girl who has moved off the reservation and into the house next door, Toby searches for a way to save his hometown from further attacks. He also develops feelings for his new neighbor, which are put to the test when he and Rachel discover that certain mythical monsters really do exist and that her uncle may be responsible for their unexpected emergence.

To make matters worse, there’s also evidence that Nate is now one of the beasts and he has every intention of holding onto his extraordinary new creature capabilities—no matter the cost. In order to save Silver Falls from a true scary story, Toby will have to face off against his closest friend.

Toby Hoffman has lived his life in Silver Falls and has grown up on the stories of monsters in the woods. Now he is a teenager and is suffering from the loss of someone close. But there are strange murders happening in town. Although Toby doesn’t want to, he decides that with the help of his friends Nate and Rachel he is going to put a stop to them.

Nate has his own things going on. He wakes up covered in blood with no memory. He seems to have obtained supernatural powers and he is quick to embrace them. Toby gets the feeling that Nate knows more than he is telling and decides to press Nate. But there is a lot more than just Nate. Will Toby, Nate, and Rachel be able to stop the killer?

I absolutely loved this story. My heart broke for Tody but I loved how he decided to step up and find out what is going on. There is some mystery as to what is really going on. It is drawn through the book but it just keeps you wanting to find out what’s going to happen next. I loved the ending; the bad guy gets what he deserves.

This is a great young adult story. I can’t wait to read other stories by James Drummond.


Rachel barely managed to hang up the phone before Bruce pulled her away from it. He turned them toward the stairs and began leading them up to the second floor.

Toby heard his father calling after them from the hallway. “Dammit, Bruce, I meant get them out of this house!”

Bruce paid no attention, yanking Toby and Rachel to the top of the stairs and then down the second-floor hall. Toby tried to pull away, but immediately felt Mr. Bennett tighten his grip.

Walter called out again from the living room. “Bruce! Get them out of here!”

The stubborn plant owner tugged the two of them into a dark room at the far end of the hallway and shut the door behind them. Toby stood in complete darkness for a second, then Bruce flipped on the lights to his upstairs study and locked the door.

“You think a locked door is going to stop them?” Toby asked incredulously.

“No,” Bruce answered as he strode over to an enormous oak armoire. He opened it to reveal several large-caliber weapons hanging on built-in custom racks. Removing a 20-gauge shotgun, he gave them both a wink. “This is.”

“No,” Toby moaned. “It’s not.”


Downstairs, Walter and Paul finished reloading their weapons, yet again, as the werewolves wobbled to their feet.

“I’m running out of ammunition here, Sheriff,” Paul said as he raised his rifle to fire another round into Willard. “That girl’s uncle better get here soon.”

Walter stepped cautiously toward Nate, getting just close enough to see the werewolf’s bullet wounds healing rapidly below its scruffy clumps of fur. Completely flummoxed and frustrated, he fired off three more rounds, but the pistol shots did more to anger Nate than hurt him.

The werewolf swiped at a coffee table, sending it flying into the sheriff. It struck him solidly in the chest and chin, sending him to the floor in a daze. His view now partially obstructed by the table, Walter could no longer see Paul, but he heard the hunter’s rifle blast as the creature lunged.

Both the werewolf and Paul moved into view as the beast clamped down on the hunter’s arm and, with a swing of its massive head, flung him clear across the room. Paul crashed into a life-sized portrait of Bruce Bennett and then tumbled to the floor. The werewolf pounced, clawing out the hunter’s throat with one swipe. Too concussed to take action, Walter could only watch as the creature reared back and unleashed a victorious howl.


All three of the frightened souls in the upstairs study jumped as Nate’s howl reverberated through the walls. Toby’s heart sank as he turned toward the doorway. Why weren’t they hearing more gunfire?

He took a step toward the door, wanting to go make sure his dad was okay, but then took several steps back when a snarl came from the outside hallway.

Bruce leveled his shotgun at the room’s entrance. “You kids, get behind me.”

Toby was going to do more than just get behind Mr. Bennett. If a werewolf was coming in, they needed to find another way out. He quickly surveyed the room and hustled over to the nearest window.

Flipping the latch, he slid open the lower pane and punched out the screen. Looking at the hard-packed dirt below, his first thought was that it would be a long jump. They’d get out of the room easily enough, but would be easy prey after twisting a knee or blowing out an ankle.

Then Toby looked up. It was a far more promising option.

“I think I can reach the roof,” he said, ducking his head back inside.

Before anyone could respond, Nate burst through the door. The sound of Bruce’s gun blast immediately filled the room and blood splattered the study wall. The creature collapsed right in front of the doorway, its chest left bloody and ragged from the shotgun’s powerful slug.

Toby eyed the wounded beast. If the group could climb over it, they’d be able to get back downstairs, but there was no way to tell how injured the monster really was. Toby had no intentions of getting close enough to find out. He glanced over at Rachel who seemed to be thinking the same thing.

“Roof sounds good,” she said.

Toby quickly shrugged off his jacket and dropped it to the floor, then climbed onto the windowsill. He steadied himself, getting a good grip on the outside of the frame, then leaned his body outside the window and stood up, all the while trying not to look down.

About a foot above his head was a copper gutter that ran the length of the house, a choice Mr. Bennett had possibly made to give his cabin a more rustic, historical appearance. Toby was just glad it looked sturdy. He reached up with one arm, pushing off his toes, and gave the gutter a good tug. It held. Determined not to let doubt set in, he hurriedly crouched down and took a deep breath.

Leaping up and to his right, Toby grabbed the gutter and pulled. Using his body’s momentum, he swung his right leg onto the roof’s slate shingles. It landed and stuck, but only for a moment. The shingle below his sneaker suddenly gave way, and the next thing Toby knew, he was swinging back past the window.

“Toby!” he heard Rachel call out from inside.

He held tight as his momentum swung him to his left. His upper arms burning, he frantically kicked his left foot onto the shingles. Everything stayed put this time. Grunting and panting with the effort, Toby strained to pull himself up over the gutter and then rolled onto the roof.


Seeing that Toby had found his way safety, Rachel turned away from the window briefly to watch Bruce cautiously approach Nate and poke the werewolf with the barrel of his shotgun.

“Think I killed the bastard,” Rachel heard him mumble.

Her eyes moved to the creature. The intense prickling she felt spreading throughout her body, which she’d come to recognize as some sort of werewolf sixth sense, told her something different. Things in this room were about to take a turn for the worse. She wanted out of there before they did. Rachel spun around and stepped up onto the windowsill.

“Hey,” Bruce called out to her. “I said I think I killed the bast—”

The werewolf jerked its head up and chomped down on the plant owner’s upper right arm. Then, in the blink of an eye, it tore the limb clear off. A shocking amount of blood spilled from the wound. Tossing the appendage aside, the beast knocked its stunned victim to the floor and completed its assault by splitting open Bruce’s chest with its five-inch claws.

Lifting her other foot onto the windowsill, Rachel frantically reached into the air. Not feeling any hands grabbing hers, she looked up for Toby, but he was nowhere to be found.


His head and shoulders suddenly emerged, and he quickly stretched an arm toward her. “C’mon. Grab my hand.”

Rachel reached up again, and Toby grasped her wrist. She wrapped both of her hands around his and held on tight.

Glancing back inside the room, she saw Nate gnawing on Bruce’s head like it was a chew toy. The creature peered up to notice her hanging outside the window, and they locked eyes. She felt like bait dangling there, and apparently looked like it too. Having polished off its original target, the werewolf released the slaughtered Mr. Bennett and took a step toward her.

“Grab the gutter,” Toby grunted. “You need to pull too.”

Rachel looked up to see he was starting to slide off the roof. She quickly let go with one of her hands and grasped the copper gutter, straining to lift herself as Toby pulled her up by her other arm. Her torso had just cleared the roof’s edge when she heard the werewolf’s heavy paws trotting across the study’s hardwood floor.

It was coming for her.

A sudden explosion of knotty pine paneling, wood window framing, and Owens Corning showered Rachel as the werewolf broke through the window and part of the second-story wall. As she was hoisted upward, she caught a glimpse of the creature through all the debris, seeing it snap at her heels and just barely miss. Then she saw the sky as Toby grabbed her by the belt and rolled her over his body and onto the roof.


“It was going to kill me,” Rachel said between jagged gasps. “Whoever that thing is, it was definitely going to—”

“I know.” Toby’s pulse roared in his ears as he lay next to the freshly made crater in the lodge’s roof and second-story wall. According to Bimisi Chochopi, the Shaman hadn’t attacked Rachel because she wasn’t among his sworn enemies. Nate and Willard didn’t appear to have the same ability to discriminate. At least Toby hoped that was the case. Otherwise, one of his best friends had just knowingly tried to bite Rachel and him in half.

Toby maneuvered his way around busted timber and plaster, inching his way towards the roof’s edge. In the yard below, he saw what he assumed was Nate, or possibly Willard, glaring up at him with those luminous yellow eyes. The stare down only lasted a few seconds.

With an aggravated snarl, the werewolf turned and loped off into the forest.

For more information or to purchase The One We Feed make sure to check out Amazon and Goodreads.

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I received The One’s You Feed from Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours for free in exchange for an honest review.

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Deceptions (Cainsville – 3) by Kelley Armstrong

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) TRUST NO ONE

Olivia Jones is desperate for the truth. The daughter of convicted serial killers, she has begun to suspect that her parents are innocent of their crimes. But who can she trust, in a world where betrayal and deception hide in every shadow?


Liv does have one secret weapon: a mysterious sixth sense that helps her to anticipate danger. The trouble is, this rare power comes with its own risks. There are dark forces that want to exploit Liv’s talents – and will stop at nothing to win her to their side.


Now Liv must decide, before it’s too late. Who does she love? Who is really on her side? And can she save herself without burning down everything that matters most?

The fae of Cainsville and the Wild Hunt are still after Olivia and Gabriel. Olivia is having visions that are nearly killing her with a fever but she has to see them through to get answers. When Olivia learns the truth about Matilda, Gwynn, and Arawn Olivia finally learns how Gabriel, Ricky and she are linked in this fight and not participating is not an option.

Gabriel is starting to have feelings about Olivia, not romantic in a sense but just a sense of connection to another person. Then he is arrested for murder. It’s clear that someone wants him out of the picture and will do anything to accomplish that goal.

I really love this series. You have lots of action, a great romance, and the broken man that has a huge role if he can figure out how to mend the damage. Olivia is such a strong female character yet she has the tendency to try and run from her problems. I can’t wait to see how this series ends!!

I have read a lot of Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series which I love. I had not heard of the Cainsville series until I was offered Deceptions for review. All I can say is this is a series that you HAVE to read. I have yet to read a bad book from Kelle Armstrong. Now I can’t wait for the next two books!!

For more information on Deceptions or to purchase the book make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Kelley Armstrong’s website.

I received Deceptions from Penguin Random House for free in exchange for an honest review.

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Supernatural Crime Thriller

Date Published: August 2015

Samhain Publishing

The hunt is on!

Alice Logan has gone missing, and Harry Bailey and Department 18 have been called to help find her. The main suspect is Anton Markos, a satanic cult leader who has a predilection for young women like Alice. Members of Markos’s cult start turning up dead—shredded by what seems to be a wild animal. Is there a madman within the cult? Or is it something far more horrible?

Can Department 18 discover the impossible truth and end the spree of murder, insanity and carnage? Or will they become the prey?


Chapter One

 High above street level in Clerkenwell she climbed up to the balcony’s railing and rested her naked foot on the ice cold metal. A brisk wind was coming in from the east, gusting across the balcony and raising goose bumps on the girl’s pasty white skin. From inside the penthouse the four boys watched her climb.

“Go, girl,” one of the boys – Finbar Clusky – called out. The other three laughed.

“Where’s Erik?’ another of them – Terry Butler – said. “Shouldn’t he be here? This is for his benefit, isn’t it? Hey, Alice. Don’t jump…not yet. Your main audience isn’t here yet.”

The girl glanced back into the room. “I’m not going to jump, silly. I’m going to fly. I’m going to soar, above the clouds, to the heavens. There I will take my rightful place with the other goddesses.”

“Is that what you are, Alice, a goddess?” Davy Coltrane said.

“I am Artemis; goddess of the moon, goddess of the hunt. And once I’ve taken my rightful place in the heavens, I will hunt you all down and make you kneel before me.”

“Not Artemis, my love, but Hecate, the goddess of sorcery and magic.”

All eyes turned to stare at the speaker: a man, older than all of them: handsome, with a chiseled Mediterranean face and piercing coal-black eyes. They all shrank back in their seats and cast their gaze to the floor. All except the girl who, from her perch on the balcony, looked at the man, her eyes clouded with confusion. “But, Erik, you’re here. I thought you had gone away.”

“I’m here, my love. I would never leave you.”

“Erik, I can fly. I want to show you.”

He smiled at her indulgently. “I know,” he said. “I know you can fly. You can soar, as high as a bird, more graceful than an eagle. You don’t have to prove it to me. One day we will fly together.”

She looked uncertain. “Do you promise?”

“On my life.” Erik Strasser bent low and whispered in Finbar Clusky’s ear. “How much did you give her?”

“The usual amount. Nothing excessive.”

“But now she believes she’s a bird,” Strasser said.

“No, a goddess,” Mikey Gibson said, trying to lighten an atmosphere that had suddenly turn to stone.

Strasser silenced him with a look and turned again to the girl. “Come in now, my darling. Come in and get warm. Your skin is turning blue.”

Alice looked at him questioningly for a moment, then down at her naked body. She shrugged, stepped down from the balcony, and took a step inside the penthouse. Strasser reached forward and wrapped his arms around her shivering body. Gently he led her through to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed, covering her with a quilt, waited until her shivering had stopped, and then watched a tear trickle down her cheek.

“Erik, I want to go home,” she said, in a voice so small that he had to lean forward to hear what she was saying.

“And so you will. Tomorrow you can go back and see your mother, just as we discussed.”


“Of course. I give you my word.” He reached out and stroked her forehead, smoothing her long blonde hair away from her brow.

“Thank you, Erik. You’re so kind to me.”

Her eyes fluttered shut and within a moment her breathing had deepened and she was asleep.

He stared down at her, a frown creasing his forehead, and then he stepped away from the bed and went back into the lounge.

“Who was responsible for that?” he demanded, his accent thickening as his anger increased.

“Just a bit of fun,” Terry said.

“No harm in it.” That from Davy Coltrane.

“And that’s what you would have told the police once they’d scooped her body up off the pavement?”

“They didn’t mean anything by it, Erik,” Finbar said. “You’re over-reacting.”

Erik Strasser spun around to face him, his brow furrowed, his eyes blacker than ever.

Finbar grabbed his midriff and bent double as an icy hand gripped his intestines and started to twist. “Please,” he gasped. “Don’t.”

“Don’t blame Fin. It wasn’t his fault,” Davy said.

“Then whose fault was it? I left Finbar in charge”

“I was only having a laugh,” Davy continued. “I didn’t think the silly bitch would react so badly. I only gave her another shard. How was I to know she would go all goddess on us?”

Strasser turned on him. The skin of his brow had smoothed out, but the eyes burned just as deeply. “Get out,” he said in little more than a whisper. “Get out of here and don’t come back.”

The boy stood up to his full height and thrust out his chin to show he wasn’t going to be intimidated by Strasser. “Suit yourself. I’m going. This was a lousy gig anyway.” He turned to Finbar, who was slowly straightening up, the color gradually returning to his face. “I don’t go much on your choice of friends, Fin. Especially this wanker.’

Finbar gave a small, almost imperceptible shake of his head, but Davy, nostrils flaring in anger, ignored it. “I’m outa here,” he said, stalked to the door and yanked it open, slamming it shut behind him.

“Indeed you are,” Strasser said softly.

Minutes later Davy Coltrane was on the platform of Farringdon underground station, listening to the steady rumble of the approaching train.

The train’s headlamps pierced the gloom as it appeared from around a bend in the track. As the train pulled into the station Davy took a step forward…and then another.

The train hit him before he could fall from the edge of the platform. It carried his body along for a few yards until it slipped down the cold metal and disappeared under the grinding wheels.

Maynard Sims

Maynard Sims is pen name for authors L.H. Maynard and M.P.N. Sims when they right together. They are the authors of supernatural thrillers, thrillers, and erotic romance.

Their first screenplay, Department 18, won British Horror Film festival Best New Screenplay Award 2013. They have several other screenplays in carious stages of development, including funding.

All their short stories and novellas were published as a uniform eight volume collection in 2014 as The Maynard Sims Library.

They worked as editors on the nine volumes of Darkness Rising anthologies. They co-edited and published F20 with The British Fantasy Society. As editors/publishers they ran Enigmatic Press in the UK, which produced Enigmatic Tales, and its sister titles. They have written essays. They still do commissioned editing projects, most recently Dead Water, and they are working on an anthology as editors for the ITW. They also do ghost writing commissions.

For more information on Mother of Demons or to purchase this book make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Maynard & Sims’ website.


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Where There is Light


Where There is Light (Mind Bending Series – 4) by Lynn Tincher

5 stars


(Excerpt from Goodreads) Junna is gone without a trace. After weeks of searching for her in New Orleans and in the Collective Conscious, Detective Paige Aldridge returns to Louisville to investigate the murder of a fifteen year old boy. Unfortunately, she lands in the middle of something even more dangerous. Meanwhile, Visette tries to help Paige develop her power, but can Paige trust her?


Paige is driving along when he discovers a car wreck. When she gets to the car she finds a girl that is bleeding but desperate to get to her brother. When the message is passed to the girl’s mother, she tells police that her son is at a golfing camp and she can’t get in contact with them. When they get to the camp, police find a lot of blood but no one there.


As they are trying to find the children, Paige and Randy reach out to the Collective Conscious to see if they can find the kids and Junna. With Randy’s help Paige can sense more and needs help with her abilities but she doesn’t want to reach out and ask for that help. Will she be able to find the kids and Junna?


I really liked this book. It was a quick read but engrossing. I really hoped she would break down and go to Visette. Paige is so hardheaded that I just wanted to scream at her. And the golf camp, I could just imagine that happening in real life.


This is a great story that just keeps getting better as the series goes one. Make sure to add this one to your list.

For more information or to purchase Where There is Light be sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Lynn Tincher’s website.

Other Books in the Mind Bending Series


After Thoughts (Mind Bending – 1)

Amazon    Barnes and Noble     Goodreads


Left in the Dark (Mind Bending – 2)

Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Goodreads


Buried Deep (Mind Bending – 3)

Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Goodreads

I received a copy of Afterthoughts, Left in the Dark, Buried Deep, and Where There is Light from White Handed PR for free in exchange for an honest review. I will be posting the reviews for Afterthoughts, Left in the Dark, and Buried Deep shortly.

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Children of Darkness (Seekers – 1) by David Litwack

5 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) “But what are we without dreams?”

A thousand years ago the Darkness came-a terrible time of violence, fear, and social collapse when technology ran rampant. But the vicars of the Temple of Light brought peace, ushering in an era of blessed simplicity. For ten centuries they have kept the madness at bay with “temple magic,” and by eliminating forever the rush of progress that nearly caused the destruction of everything. ~ Childhood friends, Orah and Nathaniel, have always lived in the tiny village of Little Pond, longing for more from life but unwilling to challenge the rigid status quo. When their friend Thomas returns from the Temple after his “teaching”-the secret coming-of-age ritual that binds young men and women eternally to the Light-they barely recognize the broken and brooding young man the boy has become. Then when Orah is summoned as well, Nathaniel follows in a foolhardy attempt to save her. ~ In the prisons of Temple City, they discover a terrible secret that launches the three on a journey to find the forbidden keep, placing their lives in jeopardy, for a truth from the past awaits that threatens the foundation of the Temple. If they reveal that truth, they might once again release the potential of their people. ~ Yet they would also incur the Temple’s wrath as it is written: “If there comes among you a prophet saying, ‘Let us return to the darkness,’ you shall stone him, because he has sought to thrust you away from the Light.”

The story starts in the town of Little Pond and is about Nathan, Orah, and Thomas, They live simply in their little village under the oppression of the Temple of Light. The Temple tries to keep the people in the light and prevent the dark corruption that ended the world before to come back. They enforce this by forcing youth to go through enlightening. This basically is using technology from the past to brainwash the youth to not go looking for anything from the past.

Thomas is chosen for this enlightening and returns haunted. Thomas wants to know what is going on and decides that the three of them find the keep. The keep holds the secret to the time of darkness and the truth of the Temple of Light. The three youths then travel the world to different locations unlocking the secrets of the past. But the question is if they are going to make a difference. Especially since the main teaching of the Temple of Light is if a prophet says lets return to darkness you should stone them.

I love dystopian stories and I couldn’t wait to see how Children of Darkness played out. You start out in a small village that you can tell lives closer to tradition than the teachings of the Temple. When Thomas is selected for enlightening, you can see how everyone lives in terror of the Temple. It was sad when you see what Thomas goes through and so ironic the methods that the Temple uses in its enlightening process.

When Nathan, Orah, and Thomas set out to find the keep, I was really excited to find out what happened to the world. I was cheering for them on their adventure. There was not a lot of action and fighting, more of just a quest for the truth. But it leads to a great ending and now I can’t wait to see what happens in the second book.

For more information on The Children of Darkness or to purchase the book, make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and David Litwack’s website.

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I received this book for free from eBooks for Review in exchange for an honest review.

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Monday, Sunday


Monday, Sunday by Fenton Grace

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Laney Secord is an attractive, 32-year-old single mother suffering from the recent loss of her husband. She blames herself for his death, and has been in a state of emotional paralysis ever since. One day, she meets Christopher, a striking 16-year-old boy in the prime of adolescence. He avidly pursues her, yet she knows the attraction she feels for him is wrong. He’s just a teenager after all – what could they have in common?

Laney tries to push him away, becoming more paranoid, feeling that everyone in tiny Plainview, Colorado is watching her, mocking her. She begins a relationship with the boy’s father, Bill, who is more age-appropriate. But he isn’t quite the right match.

The week-long romantic triangle that develops culminates on Sunday, Mother’s Day, changing their lives in ways that none of them could have imagined.

Laney’s husband passed away three years ago. She is taking his death really hard and blames herself for it. One day 16 year old Chris comes over to her house to get donations for his eagle scouts and he kisses Laney. Laney starts obsessing about Chris and tries to push him away. But decides to date his father to sate her lust for Chris. But things are not going to end well.

This book only takes place over a couple days and initially sounds unbelievable until you look at the news and all the female teachers that are sleeping with their students. But Chris is not an innocent bystander and adds to Laney’s confusion/lust? There is also the hint of a murderer in the small town that adds a little to the story.

This sounds like an interesting story and I was drawn to it. At the end I was left confused on how I felt. The story is not a simple depressed widow lusting after a 16 year old boy. Yet, there were other ways this story could have gone. I’m not completely against it was wish it could have had a different ending.

This is one of those books that I can’t officially say that you have to run out and buy. But then again it’s not one that you need to avoid at all costs. I think if it is something that catches your eye pick it up, you might really enjoy the book. For me, I could go either.

For more information on Monday, Sunday or to purchase the book make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Fenton Grace’s website.

vabt-highresolutionI received this book for free from Virtual Author Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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Becoming Ellen


Becoming Ellen by Shari Shattuck

4 stars

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Ellen Homes is done being invisible. Well, sort of.

Living with her closest friends, Temerity and Justice, has helped her step out of the shell of invisibility she once hid away in. She still seeks refuge in solitary time and observing from afar, but she has pushed herself to open up to others in ways that bring her unexpected happiness.

But when a terrible bus crash upends her normal routine, Ellen finds herself on a whirlwind crusade for the unseen and downtrodden. Only this time, helping others—including two young children with no one else to turn to—will mean facing a pain from her past that she’s long tucked away.

Picking up where Invisible Ellen left off, Becoming Ellen returns us to the touching, poignant, and compassionate world of Ellen Homes as she learns how to navigate the world she has decided to become a part of.

Ellen is back. In Invisible Ellen we learn about her horrible childhood and how it has scarred her mentally and physically. She is now coming out of her shell with the help of Temerity and Justice and relying less on food than she has in the past. Ellen is still slowly working through her problems.

But when she finds others in need, she can’t help but step up and protect and help them. In a bus accident Ellen finds a young girl to protect from the foster system. She also discovers a run away and a co-worker that need her help too. As she is forced to step out of her small comfort zone we also learn more about the abuse she went through in the foster system.

This is a sequel to Invisible Ellen. Although you can read this book by itself, I would recommend you read Invisible Ellen first. You will learn so much more about Ellen and how far she has come. I was so glad to see how far out of her shell Ellen is getting. I loved how she stepped up to help others even though she really wanted to avoid the situation. It did break my heart because you learn more about the abuse she went through as a child.

The problem I had with this story was there were some situations that Ellen and her group were in and it just didn’t feel realistic. Now having said that, anything can happen in a book and the truth is always scarier and sadder than fiction. I loved watching Ellen keep fighting and protecting those she cared for.

In the first book we learn about Ellen. In this book you learn about how she is growing and helping others. I’m curious to see where she goes from here.

For more information on Becoming Ellen or to purchase both books make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Sheri Shattuck’s website.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Dear Daughter

by Elizabeth Little

One of the most impressive debuts in 2014, Elizabeth Little’s DEAR DAUGHTER is a page-turning novel that explores how pathological and dangerous a mother and daughter’s relationship can become, just as Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl did for a marriage.

Ten years ago, Janie Jenkins, a sly and stunning celebutante at the height of her fame, was convicted of murdering her mother, even though she has no memory of that fateful night. Now, released on a technicality into a world utterly convinced of her guilt, Janie chops off her trademark hair and goes undercover. She follows her one lead to a small town in South Dakota, where she hopes she will find the truth about what really happened—even if that means confirming once and for all that she really is a killer.

With the help of some new friends (and the town’s wary police chief), Janie follows a series of clues and pieces together the surprising picture of her mother’s past that forces her to consider the possibility that her mother wasn’t the perfect society philanthropist everyone believed her to be. On the run from the press, the police, and maybe even a murderer, Janie must choose between the anonymity she craves, and the truth she so desperately needs.

As Elizabeth Little guides us through the events leading up to the novel’s shocking conclusion, we can’t help but root for the complex, deeply layered Janie, even as we join her in questioning her own innocence. A gripping, electrifying debut novel with an ingenious and like-it-or-not sexy protagonist, DEAR DAUGHTER follows every twist and turn as Janie unravels the mystery of what happened the night her mother died—whatever the cost.

Photo: Jonathan Vandiveer

About the Author

Elizabeth Little is the author of the nonfiction books Biting the Wax Tadpole: Confessions of a Language Fanatic and Trip of the Tongue: Cross-Country Travels in Search of America’s Languages. Her work has appeared in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and she has been a guest on NPR’s All Things Considered, The World, and Here and Now. A graduate of Harvard University, she grew up in St. Louis and now lives in Los Angeles with her family. You can follow Elizabeth on twitter @ElizabethLittle.


By Elizabeth Little

Nominated as Best First Novel for the Strand Magazine Critics Award, and Nominated as Best Frist Novel for the Barry Award

“Quick-witted and fast-paced.”—People

“Compelling. . . This novel’s engrossing suspense comes from its unreliable (and not especially likable) narrator who pursues answers with relentless fervor, regardless of the painful truths she turns up about herself. . . Excellent.” —Oprah.com

“When former It Girl Janie Jenkins is released from prison, she embarks on a mission to discover if it was really she who murdered her mother. The debut novel’s twists will easily hook you, but it’s the narrator’s dark wit and sharp observations that make this a truly fun read.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Little keeps you guessing until the end—and then closes her book with a final, twisted flourish.”—The Boston Globe

“Do you want a mystery novel that you can stay up all night reading and then take to the beach to finish it off the next day? Elizabeth Little’s DEAR DAUGHTER is pretty much all you need: the tale of a former high society girl who gets out of prison and goes on a mission to find out who really killed her mother.” —Flavorwire (Must-Read Books for August 2014)

To purchase Dear Daughter make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Penguin, and Elizabeth Little’s website.

Praise for


By Elizabeth Little

“Quick-witted and fast-paced.” — People

“When former It Girl Janie Jenkins is released from prison, she embarks on a mission to discover if it was really she who murdered her mother. The debut novel’s twists will easily hook you, but it’s the narrator’s dark wit and sharp observations that make this a truly fun read.” — Entertainment Weekly, “The Must List”

“Little keeps you guessing until the end—and then closes her book with a final, twisted flourish.” — The Boston Globe

“Compelling…This novel’s engrossing suspense comes from its unreliable (and not especially likable) narrator who pursues answers with relentless fervor, regardless of the painful truths she turns up about herself. . . . Excellent.” — Oprah.com

“Engrossing. . . The unlikable protagonist with a biting personality and outrageous actions, but who is fascinating at the same time, has never been more popular. Just think of Gone Girl. In her confident fiction debut, Elizabeth Little puts a fresh spin on this character in the form of Jane Jenkins, a young woman famous for being famous until she was sent to prison for the murder of her wealthy socialite mother. Little also makes Dear Daughter a parable about the cult of the celebrity stoked by a relentless press and a ruthless public’s thirst for details of a woman it loves to hate.” — Associated Press

“This is not your mother’s mystery. The clever, prickly and profane heroine is, after all, a former It Girl whose aim as a teen was to be the next Paris Hilton, only better…Sassy and lively…The book’s satisfying conclusion somehow manages to tie things up while also providing a cliffhanger, a pretty neat trick for a debut novel.” — The Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A former It Girl hunts down her mom’s murderer in this can’t-put-down thriller.” — Cosmopolitan

“Do you want a mystery novel that you can stay up all night reading and then take to the beach to finish it off the next day? Elizabeth Little’s Dear Daughter is pretty much all you need: the tale of a former high society girl who gets out of prison and goes on a mission to find out who really killed her mother.” — Flavorwire (Must-Read Books for August)

“In prison for her mother’s murder, L.A. socialite Jane Jenkins is released on a technicality. To track down the real killer Jane gets plain, goes underground and stirs up dangerous amounts of dirt in her mom’s South Dakota hometown.” — Good Housekeeping

“[A] fun and riveting debut mystery.” — The San Diego Union Tribune

“[A] clever debut mystery. And what a debut it is…This is a killer debut in every sense of the word!” — BookPage

“Part celebrity, part sleuth and all sass, the memorable Janie Jenkins is out to prove she didn’t murder her mother in this smart debut thriller…Little drives Dear Daughter with the string of surprises and buried secrets revealed as Janie unravels the mystery of her mother’s past. It is a thriller much like Gillian Flynn’s blockbuster Gone Girl—except instead of the East Coast literary angst of Flynn’s protagonists stuck in Missouri, Little’s Midwest visitor really does have L.A. ‘glitter in her veins.’” — Shelf Awareness

“The best debut crime novel of 2014, a spiky, voicey, jolting, surprising story of a celebutante convicted of murdering her mother . . . Little also produces one of the best endings of 2014, too.” — The National Post (Canada)

“Little makes a thrilling debut with this gripping read. Fans of Tana French and Gillian Flynn are going to enjoy the smart narrator and the twists and turns in the case. ” — Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Agatha Christie meets Kim Kardashian in this sharp-edged, tart-tongued, escapist thriller. . . A stylishly written tale that plays off our culture’s obsession with celebrity scandal.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Janie keeps them all guessing . . .  An unusual protagonist who will intrigue readers who favor strong, smart women.” — Booklist

“Little effectively intersperses outside perspective in the form of emails, text messages, and other communications in Jane’s entertainingly caustic first-person narrative.” — Publishers Weekly

“Dear Daughter has three of my favorite things in a book: a smart, damaged, unstoppable narrator with a slicing sense of humor; needle-sharp writing that brings characters and atmosphere leaping off the page; and a vivid, original plot full of satisfying twists. This is an all-nighter, and the best debut mystery I’ve read in a long time.”
— Tana French, New York Times bestselling author of Broken Harbor and In the Woods

“A really gutsy, clever, energetic read, often unexpected, always entertaining. I loved Janie Jenkin’s sassy voice and Elizabeth Little’s too. In the world of crime novels, Dear Daughter is a breath of fresh air.” — Kate Atkinson, New York Times bestselling author of Life After Life

“What a devilish, delightful treat of a novel! Crackling with wit and shining with originality, Dear Daughter is the kind of whirlwind mystery that will keep you hooked—and guessing—until the very end.” — Sara Shepard, New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars

“Clever, original, and darkly witty, Dear Daughter’s many twists will keep you on your toes as you fall under the spell of its unapologetic, whip-smart narrator.” — Kimberly McCreight, New York Times bestselling author of Reconstructing Amelia

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