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Contamination (Feast of Weeds – 2) By Jamie Thornton

(Excerpt from Goodreads) HER MEMORIES WON’T STAY DEAD. More than anything, eighteen-year-old Corrina wants Dylan to love her as much as her parents loved each other. But when a new virus unleashes violence that devastates their neighborhood, Dylan is kidnapped and Corrina uncovers a terrible secret.

A crude vaccination, and now Corrina’s immune from the virus ravaging the city-but the cure changes her memories in unexpected ways.

With help from a group of runaways, Corrina must survive a world gone mad if she’s to find the boy she still loves. But when Dylan discovers what she’s become, will he still love her?

My Review

5 stars

Corrina doesn’t want much in life. She wants to marry her boyfriend, Dylan, have a house, garden kids, and a couple dogs. What she didn’t expect was a virus that turns people into crazy, zombie like people. Sadly, that is what she gets. When Corrina, Dylan, and Corrina’s friend Jane go on the run. They hear a broadcast guiding people to a local fairground and decide that is the next logical step. But things go from bad to worse when they are attacked and split up. Corrina gets a vaccination against the virus but she is not going to be the same. Now she is trying to get to Dylan and keep her group in one piece against the zombies. Hopefully she can make it through the plague.

So we start Contamination off before Germination and with new people. Corrina is a strong lead character and tries to look on the bright side of things. I have to say that I think Dylan is a jerk and she could have done so much better. I really liked how they meet up with Mary from Germination. I love with authors bring their books together like that.

You will learn more about the virus and how bad things really are in the world. I liked the twist about the vaccine. I love how the infected are like zombies yet they are a new twist on them. I love when someone thinks outside the norm when they come up with their stories.

I am completely hooked on the Feast of Weeds series. I can’t wait to read Infestation. If you are a zombie fan, make sure to add Jamie Thornton to your shelves. She is definitely one author that knows her zombies.

To purchase Contamination, or for more information of this series, make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Jamie Thornton’s website.

I received Contamination for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Pale Highway

Pale Highway

By Nicholas Conley

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Gabriel Schist is spending his remaining years at Bright New Day, a nursing home. He once won the Nobel Prize for inventing a vaccine for AIDS. But now, he has Alzheimer’s, and his mind is slowly slipping away.

When one of the residents comes down with a horrific virus, Gabriel realizes that he is the only one who can find a cure. Encouraged by Victor, an odd stranger, he convinces the administrator to allow him to study the virus. Soon, reality begins to shift, and Gabriel’s hallucinations interfere with his work.

As the death count mounts, Gabriel is in a race against the clock and his own mind. Can he find a cure before his brain deteriorates past the point of no return?

Nicholas Conley

Originally from California, Nicholas Conley has currently made his home in the colder temperatures of New Hampshire. He considers himself to be a uniquely alien creature with mysterious literary ambitions, a passion for fiction, and a whole slew of terrific stories he’d like to share with others.

When not busy writing, Nicholas is an obsessive reader, a truth seeker, a sarcastic idealist, a traveler, and — like many writers — a coffee addict.


My Review

5 stars

At one time Gabriel was on top of the world when he discovered a vaccine for AIDS and won the Nobel Prize. But now he is suffering from Alzheimer’s in a nursing home and is feeling the loss and separation that comes with it. Then a new virus strikes a resident. Gabriel convinces the administration to let him find cure for it. But this is not going to be easy. The Alzheimer’s is taking away his memory, confusing him with visions, and make the cure difficult to find. Can he hold on long enough to find a cure and save the people in the nursing home?

This is a heart breaking story. Gabriel knows he has Alzheimer’s and it is horrible to know what he is losing. The bitterness he has just makes it worse. Then when he convinces the staff to find the cure to the new virus it revives him but that is when his mind takes a turn for the worst. It’s sad and scary but the thought and research that went into writing this story comes through with each episode that Gabriel fights. You can’t help but cheer him on to keep fighting to find the cure.

This is a great story and one that you should read. It would be the perfect book for a book club. Definitely check this out. You won’t be disappointed.

I received this book for free from Sage’s Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.


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The Eight


The Eight by Katherine Neville

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Computer expert Cat Velis is heading for a job to Algeria. Before she goes, a mysterious fortune teller warns her of danger, and an antique dealer asks her to search for pieces to a valuable chess set that has been missing for years…In the South of France in 1790 two convent girls hide valuable pieces of a chess set all over the world, because the game that can be played with them is too powerful….


My Review

4 stars

A jeweled chest set called The Montglane Service is given to Charlemagne. It is believed to have a code that will give the person that solves it great power. The set is broken apart and the pieces are spread through the four corners of the world during the French Revolution. In present day, Cat Velis is a computer expert that is hired to find the pieces and complete the chess set. But it is a race against time to get all of the pieces. Cat is not the only one looking for them.

This book is told in two parts. The first part starts during the French Revolution and the second is in the 70’s. You can tell there is a lot of research put into this book for the first part as there are a lot of historical people mentioned relating to this chess set. In the 70’s we follow Cat as she is hired to find all of the pieces.

Unfortunately I have to admit that I have read The Da Vinci Code and I find myself being drawn back to that book. There are many similarities in how The Eight unfolds. I have to remind myself that The Eight came out first and it is quite the opposite. I admit that the story bouncing back and forth in time did get a bit over whelming. It would have been better if we just followed along with Cat and a couple hints to the past.

This is not a bad story. I do recommend reading it, it was an enjoyable read and one that I had on my TBR list since I first saw it released years ago. If you liked The Da Vinci Code and other books that followed I think you will like The Eight.

To purchase The Eight, or for more information, make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Katherine Neville’s website.

I received The Eight for free from A Meryl Moss Media Production in exchange for an honest review.

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Germination (Feast of Weeds – 1) by Jamie Thornton

(Excerpt from Goodreads) A group of runaways. A horrifying virus.
Mary knows how to thrive on the street. She makes it her mission to keep other kids away from everyday monsters. But when she’s attacked by a crazed man clutching a bloody heart she realizes—there’s a new kind of monster in town.

A single drop of blood, and now Mary’s one of the infected. Unless she can stop the virus and save her friends, the new monster in town might just be her.

A post-apocalyptic Young Adult series where the runaways are the heroes, the zombies aren’t really zombies, and you can’t trust your memories—even if they’re all you have left.


My Review

4 stars

Mary is a street kid that left home a while ago to get away from an abusive situation. But Mary keeps her eyes out for the other kids and does what she can to help them out. Then she is approached by a guy with a heart in his hands. With one drop of the blood, Mary is now one of the infected. It’s a race against time to find a cure before she becomes a zombie.

I love zombies and this book is exactly what I look for. It’s a dirty, gritty story of a street kid that is trying to survive. I mysterious virus has been released and by one drop of blood Mary’s world goes from bad to worse. How is she supposed to help the kids she is with along with finding a cure?

This is a novella that hits the ground running. There is little time to wonder what is going on when you are off. But this book packs a big punch. I am hooked and can’t wait to read Contamination. There are going to be four books in this series and the next three will be full length novels.

Hurry and get your copy of Germination. You will not be disappointed.

To purchase Germination, or for more information, make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Jamie Thornton’s website.

I received Germination for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Alice Takes Back Wonderland by David D. Hammons

(Excerpt from Goodreads) After ten years of being told she can’t tell the difference between real life and a fairy tale, Alice finally stops believing in Wonderland. So when the White Rabbit shows up at her house, Alice thinks she’s going crazy.

Only when the White Rabbit kicks her down the rabbit hole does Alice realize that the magical land she visited as a child is real.

But all is not well in Wonderland.

The Ace of Spades has taken over Wonderland and is systematically dismantling all that makes it wonderful. Plain is replacing wondrous, logical is replacing magical, and reason is destroying madness. Alice decides she must help the Mad Hatter and all those fighting to keep Wonderland wonderful.

But how can she face such danger when she is just a girl?

Alice must journey across the stars to unite an army. She discovers that fairy tales are real in the magical world beyond the rabbit hole. But they are not the fairy tales she knows.

Fairy tales have dangers and adventures of their own, and Alice must overcome the trials of these old stories if she wants to unite the lands against Ace.

With the help of Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Snow White and heroes old and new, Alice may have the strength to take back Wonderland.


My Review

5 stars

We start with 7 year old Alice finding herself in Wonderland. Although it is a short visit, she cannot seem to get Wonderland out of her head. It has taken 10 years of different people and doctors teller her that this is all made up. After years of seeing everyone under the sun, being moved to another school, and being drugged, Alice has come to terms that Wonderland doesn’t exist. Then the white rabbit appears and takes her back to Wonderland.

Unfortunately Wonderland is no more. The Ace of Spades has taken over and has decided to remove all magic and wonder from everything. Basically he wants to make another world just like ours. Alice is given the task to save Wonderland and all of the fairytales.

I love anything Wonderland so I jumped at the opportunity to review this book. This is not your traditional Alice in Wonderland. Alice comes from our time in Missouri. I find it heartbreaking how she just kept being told that Wonderland is not real, seeing all those doctors and such, and finally being drugged into a zombie. Although I also admit that her nonsense did get a bit overwhelming at times.

The fairytales were a great addition to the Wonderland story. They just fit in perfectly when you think about it. I love the adventures Alice goes on in trying to save all of the lands. I admit that the Cheshire Cat is my favorite character and it makes you wonder about what he is really seeing.

If you love Alice in Wonderland or just fairytales, you will love this book. Think of Once Upon a Time and you are right there. I strongly recommend you read this book. As for me, I will be keeping my eyes open for other books by David Hammons.

To purchase Alice Takes Back Wonderland, or for more information, make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

I received this book for free from Curiosity Quills in exchange for an honest review.

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Constance Corcoran WilsonThe Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer by Constance Corcoran Wilson:

Publisher: Quad City Press; First edition (August 18, 2015)
Category: Children’s Books, Cats, Christmas Books
Tour Date: Oct & Nov, 2015
ISBN: 978-0982444887
Available in: Print & ebook,  36 Pages

The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer is a Seuss-ical tale for young children  (4th in the series) which builds upon the morals of the first three Christmas Cats books (The Christmas Cats in Silly Hats, The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats and The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats).

This year, the Christmas Cats in Silly Hats, who go about helping animals in distress, are trying to help save the lives of the deer who live in Scott County Park. Hunters are routinely sent to shoot the deer, and the cats want to warn the deer away, so that they will not fall victim to the town’s plans to “thin the herd.”

The Cop Cat, Cy, thinks up a particularly ingenious plan to save all the deer in Scott County Park by introducing them to a jolly old guy in a red suit who lives at the North Pole. Perhaps the deer can also help Santa on Christmas Eve, if they are outfitted with prosthetic (fake) antlers?

Illustrated with delightful drawings and written in rhyme, there are also interactive coloring book pages and mazes from the book’s website, which the author encourages children aged 3 to 10 to fill out and mail in for display. (www.TheXmasCats.com).

Constance CorcoranWilsonPraise for Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats by Constance Corcoran Wilson:

“The Christmas Cats in such a fun read I love the rhyming tale of being non judgemental, and the importance of helping others, and the reminder that when the work is done it’s time to play! This book is sure to become a favorite with youngsters, the colorful illustrations are sure to capture their eye as well as their imagination.  Perfect for gift giving, a great little book that teaches a few valuable life lessons while using simple enough language that will allow them to read along. A recommended Christmas read that put a smile on my face.”-Brenda C., VW Stitcher

“This is a very cute and entertaining Children’s story and far different than I am used to reading from Constance.I read this to my four year old son who was mesmerized by the beautiful illustration and entertained by the story of the Cats and Rats.I liked the fact it was a fun way to teach children not to judge others.A great addition to any child’s library and a fun adult read as well.”- Heather Belden, Saving for Six

“Author Constance Corcoran Wilson has created a fun story with THE CHRISTMAS CATS CHASE CHRISTMAS RATS that helps to not just entertain the reader but teach important lessons as well.
Just in time for the holidays we are able to see how a group of Christmas Rats are just misunderstood and judged prematurely, when they are really a big help to those who appreciate it.
The story also allows us to see that when it comes to where we can find friends and some of our greatest allies, the answer may not be too far away from us.
Witty and engaging, this book in the series is a guaranteed winner for readers of all ages.”- Cyrus Webb,TOP 500 Amazon Reviewer

Praise for The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats by Constance Corcoran Wilson:

“Wilson continues the theme of teaching a lesson with rhyming prose in her third book in the series, THE CHRISTMAS CATS ENCOUNTER BATS. Wilson has written these books with the help of her young granddaughters. Each of her stories model kindness and good behavior. They teach children the importance of helping others through the telling of a silly story. This time the Christmas Cats are called to the mall to investigate a funny sound. When they find the sound is coming from a group of bats, everyone at the mall is scared and wants them taken care of. The Christmas Cats teach them all a lesson that each one of us is a part of God’s creation and we all have a purpose here on Earth. The end of the book also includes a couple activity pages. This book is targeted towards the preschool – lower elementary age group. This series of books would make a great addition to your Christmas library of books.”- Stacie Gorkow, Sincerely Stacie

“I thought it was a very good book. It was also very funny, and teaches you to leave God’s creatures alone because they help the earth and ecosystem.
A great book for Young children to help learn morals, the Ecosystem, and our beautiful Earth. An excellent book for educators and librarians alike, as well, as parents, and grandparents. A great book! Vivid pictures that your little ones will enjoy!”-My Book Addiction and More

“Well, what can I say? Cats, rats, bats? Where does the fun stop?!
Seriously, this is a delightful book that any child will enjoy having read to them or reading themselves. The rhymes are constant and sharp. It’s the sort of book where children will love to shout out loud the words as they search along with the Christmas Cats for the bats.
The illustrations, once again, are brilliant. They are colourful and engaging and capture the pure zany fun this book offers.
I can highly recommend this one for the Christmas stocking. Your children will love it.”- Susan Day, Author/Illustrator Astro’s Adventures)

About Constance Corcoran Wilson:Constance Corcoran Wilson

Connie has published many works representing a variety of genres. Wilson’s first book (1989), published by Performance Learning Systems, Inc. of Emerson, New Jersey, Training the Teacher As A Champion, put forth the teaching techniques and principles taught by the nation’s largest teacher training firm. Written by Wilson in collaboration with PLS founder Joseph Hasenstaab, the book gives an insight into the effective teaching practices of successful teachers, those techniques included in that organization’s Project T.E.A.C.H. (Teacher Effectiveness and Classroom Handling). Connie taught at the elementary level for 20 years, taught writing at 6 IA/IL colleges, and founded the second Sylvan Learning Center in the state of Iowa in 1986.

Since then, Connie has published 30 titles in a variety of genres, with the Christmas Cats series written with and for her now-six-year-old granddaughters, Ava and Elise. (Illustrations by Gary McCluskey) now entering its fourth installment.  The Christmas Cats in Silly Hats began the four-book series and the cats help other animals in distress while wearing a delightful series of silly hats.  The second book in the series, The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats, was a plea for all to remain unprejudiced (“Do not judge others without knowing, or prejudice you will be showing”) and the third book, The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats, stressed the need to honor all life as sacred. This year’s book , The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer, encourages helping others and also strikes a blow for individuals who some might consider handicapped, but  who can succeed and excel if  simple accommodations are made for them.

Connie’s adult fare can be seen on Amazon or on her dedicated author site, www.ConnieCWilson.com.

The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats was one of 7 books singled out by the CWA (Chicago Writers’ Association) as one of the Best Books of the Year by a Chicago author in 2014 at its annual award ceremony. Connie’s adult fare has won “Shelf Unbound” Page-Turner of the Year awards, NABE (National Association of Book Entrepreneurs) Pinnacle Awards, E-lit awards, LuckyCinda awards, Silver Feather Awards as Writer of the Year from the IWPA (Illinois Women’s Press Association) in 2012 and 2014 and, Midwest Writing Center’s Writer of the Year Award in 2010 as well as   a Writer’s Digest awards (screenplay). She was also named the Yahoo Content Producer of the Year for Politics in 2008 after following the presidential election of 2008.

Connie maintains two short story series and a novel series as Connie Corcoran Wilson, but uses her full legal name, Constance Corcoran Wilson, on her children’s series, which she writes for and with her 6-year-old granddaughters.

Connies Website: www.WeeklyWilson.com
Christmas Cats Website: http://www.thexmascats.com/

Connie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Connie_C_Wilson
Connie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Connie-Corcoran-Wilson-275020829241869/
Connie on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/conniecwilson/

BookMy Review

5 stars

It is winter time and the local deer are trying to find food for the winter. They have come across a park and start eating the bark on the trees. This causes problems and hunters are brought in to solve those problems. The Christmas Cats decide to step in and help the deer and people alike. They find a great solution for the deer during the winter while saving the park.

This is the fourth book in the Christmas Cat series but is the first one that I have read. This is a great book with beautiful illustrations. The Cats come up with a creative solution to the problem of the deer. This would be a great book to read to children and to have them read to you. I liked all the activities in the back of the book. This would be the perfect Christmas present for children with a message of compassion.

I received a copy of The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer for free from Virtual Author Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Interview with Constance Wilson

  1. What would constitute a perfect day for you?

A1. Today is a perfect day. I am in Las Vegas in Caesar’s Palace for a free 5-day stay, accompanied by my husband of 47 years. I left Chicago after covering the Chicago Film Festival as Press from October 15th on. (I am to take part in a book signing with 18 other authors at a Barnes & Noble bookstore because I was invited to contribute a story to an anthology entitled “Never Fear Phobias,” (some of my more adult noir writing), a signing which is scheduled for Friday night, October 29th, in conjunction with Halloween. The book has been in the Top Ten since its publication on Oct. 1st, largely because of stories from writers like Heather Graham, F. Paul Wilson and Thomas Monteleone, who also contributed, but my story on fear of dreams and dreaming holds its own.) We flew to Las Vegas from Chicago’s Midway for free on standby, courtesy of my 27-year-old daughter’s job with Southwest. We are in a fancy 700 square foot suite, all comped, and going to dinner tonight at Ruth Chris’ Steak House with the publishers of 13Thirty Books and another couple. This afternoon, we walked 5 miles among the nearby shops and (a) purchased tickets to see Elton John in concert (his last concert at Caesar’s until November) (b) bought some Dior merchandise (cosmetics) that I needed and (c) exchanged my old navy blue Michael Kors purse for a brand new burgundy one at the Michael Kors store, because the stitching was pulling out,— which should not have happened. We are looking forward to dinner with good friends to celebrate one of the publisher’s birthdays. I’m about ready to take a nap after a soak in the jetted tub; I’m hoping to hit the real pool when the temperature outside hits 78, which will be on Sunday. (At home, it was in the fifties and rainy when we left). So, it’s pretty much a perfect day. I’m with the man I love, doing things I love, and looking forward to doing more things I love plus having a wonderful dinner and evening with good friends. What’s not to like? Life is good.

  1. For what do you feel most grateful?

 Like most people, I am most grateful for good health—my own and that of my family and friends. I am also grateful to be where I am in life, as I realize that not everyone has been afforded such great opportunities. I am grateful that I was born in the United States of America to loving parents who educated me well (and that I was able to learn what I was taught well) and, again, had good health and even (relatively) good looks in my youth. (At this point, I’m settling for the good health part.) I’m grateful for my husband and children and family and friends.

  1. Is there something that you’ve been dreaming of doing for a long time?

I would say taking a cruise to Spain, France, Italy, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Pompeii and Majorca, but we did that this summer for my July 23rd birthday. I still want to take a helicopter ride over Chicago and a balloon ride over Iowa. My Sylvan Learning Center staff chipped in and bought me a balloon ride for my 50th birthday. We went out 3 times to take the ride and each time it turned out to be too windy, so we couldn’t go up. If I ever get the chance now, I’ll probably fear that I’d break a hip on landing!

  1. What’s next on the horizon for you?

I will be attending the FBI workshop in New York City during International Thriller Fest on July 5th (limited to 100 participants), to give insight into the workings of the FBI for the 4th novel in my series “The Color of Evil,” (www.TheColorOfEvil.com) which will see Tad McGreevy whisked off by the government to try to find out the secret of his Tetrachromatic Super Vision. There will be interrogations, I’m sure, and I’d like to be accurate. So, Book #4 in “The Color of Evil,” tentatively entitled “Scarlet Summer” will trace Tad McGreevy’s path as the government closes in following his graduation from high school prior to attending college. It will be the fourth book in this continuing series, which began with Book #1, “The Color of Evil,” when Tad was a junior in high school, moving on to Book #2, “Red Is for Rage,” (www.RedIsforRage.com ) and Book #3, “Khaki=Killer.” (www.KhakiEqualsKiller.com) [I was just notified that “Khaki=Killer just won a big award, but I’m not at liberty to say anything more until November.[ I also just sent off next year’s Christmas Cats book (www.TheXmasCats.com) to the illustrator. It is entitled “The Christmas Cats Care for the Bear” and will have an anti-bullying theme. I also hope to attend the BEA in Chicago at the end of May and to release the states of Illinois, Missouri and California individually in the continuing e-book series “Ghostly Tales of Route 66.” (www.GhostlyTalesofRoute66.com) I’m in the process of putting all the “ghostly tales” photos from the paperbacks back into the e-book, the picture-less version of which was recently released as an e-book. I was hired to gather these stories and told, by the publisher, that the stories must be “clean enough for a 10-year-old.” Hence, because of the directive of Quixote Press’ Bruce Carlson, someone reviewed it dismissively (on Amazon) as “sounding like it was written for grade schooler” or some such criticism. Well, duh! Exactly right. I drove the entire route from Chicago to Santa Monica gathering the stories and pictures and it is a bit “cleaned up” when compared to some of my other noir offerings, like the “Hellfire & Damnation” short story series based on Dante’s “Inferno.” (www.HellfireAndDamnationTheBook.com). There are no stories in the Ghostly Tales books that are offensive to children in middle grades, whereas that is not the case with the New YA series “The Color of Evil,” which is more like “Under the Dome” because it deals with an entire town and focuses on the real-life problems of Cedar Falls, Iowa’s Sky High classmates Tad McGreevy and his best friend Stevie Scranton, plus the cheerleaders of that year’s class.

 5.  What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

Raising two great kids (Scott and Stacey) who are happy, healthy and doing well AND maintaining a nearly half-century-long marriage is right up there on my accomplishment list. On the list of other work-related achievements, I was always grateful to have established 3 successful businesses from scratch (after teaching for close to 20 years, including stints at 6 colleges), one of them Sylvan Learning Center #3301 that had the most active reading scholarship program for poor kids in a 900-member chain. [I was given an award by then sitting First Lady Barbara Bush in person for that, a Bi-state Literacy Award,back in 1993.] I also established a Prometric Testing Center in 1995 that thrived and Quad Cities’ Learning, Inc. in 2003. I’ve won some nice writing awards that were wonderful, including 2 Silver Feather Awards (2012 and 2014) from the Illinois Women’s Press Association, Chicago chapter; the Midwest Writing Center’s Writer of the Year Award in 2010; Yahoo’s Content Producer of the Year award for politics in 2009 (see “Obama’s Odyssey,” 2 volumes just released); several E-Lit awards; two National Association of Book Entrepreneurs Pinnacle awards for “Red Is for Rage” and “Khaki=Killer”; a Chicago Writers’ Association award for “The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats” in 2014; a Writer’s Digest Screenplay Honorable Mention for my screenplay based on “Out of Time” from Lachesis; and some very nice Shelf Unbound awards for Best Cover(s) and Page-turner of 2014 for books in “The Color of Evil” series. Going further back, after graduating from high school, I was awarded a Freshman Merit Scholarship by the University of Iowa and a Ferner/Hearst Journalism Scholarship, which, combined, paid for all of my tuition when I entered the University of Iowa. I didn’t know that, at the time, because the monetary amount of the awards was only $500. My college roommate (and best friend of 52 years) remembers that we could actually attend college for an entire year for that small amount, back in 1963! I was even shocked when I realized that the $50 award I got for a poem I wrote in 6th grade, which started me on this writing career I have maintained for 60 years now, part-time, would be equivalent to a $500 prize in today’s dollars. (I asked Siri.)

6) What are 6 things that you did at the time that, looking back, you now realize were great decisions?

I would say becoming a People-to-People exchange student in England for 3 months, after I graduated from college; attending Berkeley in the summer of1965 during the Mario Savio Free Speech protest days; quitting my tenured teaching job to work as an Educational Writer, full-time, for Performance Learning Systems, Inc., of Emerson, N.J. in 1985; and starting my Sylvan Learning Center right after I finished that PLS book “Training the Teacher As A Champion,” when nobody at PLS could figure out what my next act with PLS should/would or could be, since the book was done. On a smaller level, giving in when my mother made me take typing (I type 250 wpm), taking 22 years of piano lessons, and participating extensively in speech and other extra-curricular activities in my small (110 people in my graduating class) high school in Independence, Iowa. Every time I read one of my Christmas Cats book aloud, I think back to my high school speech competition in Storytelling and how I read “The Velveteen Rabbit” to my mother’s enthralled kindergarten classes way back before JFK was president. (I was practicing on Mom’s classes and that practice stood me well then and now.)

 7) What do you see the message of this book as being?

The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer tries to make the case that we should help others, especially those in danger. In addition, it is an object lesson that illustrates that, sometimes with just slight modifications, others can contribute to society in a meaningful way. It is meant to be very respectful of all those who just need slight adjustments to be productive, which is the case with the deer of Scott County Park, and is sometimes the case of others, for a variety of raesons. It is entirely respectful of those Modern Day heroes (i.e., veterans, the handicapped or disadvantaged) who sometimes must overcome great odds in their lives, but can compete and even excel with just a little bit of help.

Buy The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer by Constance Corcoran Wilson:

Amazon (Kindle)

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This giveaway is open to the U.S. only and ends on December 1, 2015.  Entries are accepted via Rafflecopter only.

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Constance Corcoran Wilson

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Behind the Chimera


Behind the Chimera by Tiffany Reyes

(Excerpt from Goodreads) When Ian Crowell’s best friends are torn apart right before his eyes and he narrowly escapes the killer, he can’t imagine life could get much worse. That is, until the doctor tending to him starts acting strange and Ian knows the safest thing to do is get away. But while on the run, he discovers his pursuer may be a little less than human. Cornered in a library, Ian stumbles on a dusky passage in the wall behind a statue.

He thinks it’s an air shaft–a way out! In fact, it’s the way in…

This story is about a young man who gets sucked into another world, as ancient as it is technologically advanced. His goal is simple: find the one who can show him the way home. But Ian is unaware that a dark entity was awaiting his arrival and is intent on destroying him. It isn’t his fate. It isn’t his destiny. He was a regular person in the wrong place at the worst time.

Here is his struggle for survival on a grim planet charged with bizarre phenomena.


My Review

5 stars

Ian Crowell is out when things take a turn for the worst. When he is being treated he gets the feeling that something is wrong and goes on the run. While he is hiding, he stumbles into a portal to another world. Now Ian is on the adventure of a life-time as he tries to find a way back home.

I love reading new authors, you never know what you are going to get. Behind the Chimera is one of those books. Ian goes on so many twists and turns trying to find his way home. There are touches of science fiction, thriller, horror, and many others. There is no resting just the constant struggle forward to try and get home.

There are so many things going on in this book but I couldn’t help wanting more. I can wait to read other books from Tiffany Reyes.

To purchase Behind the Chimera, or for more information, make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Goodreads, and Tiffany Reyes’ website.

I received Behind the Chimera for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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The Artwork of Guy Erma


The Artwork of Guy Erma by Sally Ann Melia

(Excerpt from Amazon) Guy Erma and the Son of Empire is a new SciFi series which has had 60,000 downloads in its first 3 months. 

These are all original SF drawings that illustrate and imagine the new worlds described in Guy Erma and the Son of Empire

This book collects together a host of images and artwork created by a variety of artists which illustrate and bring to life this amazing adventure.

These pictures, I hope, will add to your enjoyment of the series, and help you visualise the story very much as I see it.

In the words of lead artist Boban: What you can’t see does not exist.

Enjoy Guy Erma!


My Review

5 stars

I really enjoyed the Guy Erma series and when I was asked to review The Artwork of Guy Erma I jumped at the offer. The Guy Erma series is a great story with a couple pictures in it that enhances the story. But this book is the icing on top of the Guy Erma series.

You will see several pictures that make the story come to life. I loved seeing how the different items, people, and locations looked like to the author. It’s ironic that some of it matched what I thought of when reading and other pictures were completely off from my idea but they were so much better.

Then there are quotes from the book series and little notes about the different things that you will come across reading. They just added to my enjoyment of this series. With this artwork in mind I will be rereading the Guy Erma series. I think it will make it even better than the first read.

If you liked the Guy Erma series make sure to get this book. You will love it. If you haven’t read the Guy Erma series go get a copy of The Artwork of Guy Erma and the series. It will soon be one of your favorites.

To purchase The Artwork of Guy Erma, or for more information make sure to check out Amazon, Goodreads, and Sally Ann Melia’s website.

I received The Artwork of Guy Erma for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Journey Through Morowak


Journey Through Morowak by Kari Peterson

(Excerpt from Goodreads) An adventure. A crusade. A powerful fated love.

It is medieval times in the land of Morowak. Kings and Queens maintain sovereignty, and wielders of magic and fire breathing dragons are real. Nobleman’s daughter, Arabella Wallington, is about to embark on a journey across the kingdom to meet her betrothed. Stengar McKinnon is a titled soldier in the King’s army and she is assured a life of wealth and bliss. Arabella is herself a gifted war maiden, yet she follows her father’s orders and employs someone to protect her along the perilous crossing. She chooses a man named Briol, whose magical abilities are tested throughout their adventure, and an enigmatic bond forms between them. Briol realizes there is something unique about Arabella, and it is brought to light. A new unforeseen path now lies ahead. This journey challenges everything Arabella has ever known.

Will she find her betrothed?
Will she follow her heart?
Or will she embrace her destiny?

Kari Peterson

 I am not your average gal.  I didn’t grow up playing with Barbies or dressing in my mother’s clothes, jewelry or makeup.  I drove my matchbox cars over obstacle courses, climbed trees, built forts, dreamt of owning my own horse, and pretended to be an elven princess.  I continued to live my life on my terms, while staying true to my old fashioned values and respect.  After completing high school, I took on a full-time job and put myself through college.  In just under three years, I earned a degree in computers.  I try to use that knowledge as often as I can.

In 2006, before I had even discovered my passion for writing, I married a wonderful man named Mark.  Our love story is blissfully unique.  We now live in Washington State with our three rambunctious boys, a beautiful chocolate lab, a bouncy min pin, and a tubby tailless kitty.  I am as passionate about my books as I am of my family.  This is exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.


She looked at him with a storm brewing behind her eyes.  She turned away before he could see the tears beginning to form.  He had made himself vulnerable telling her the piece of his past; she could do the same with a piece of her future.  “I go to Dragon Crest to meet my betrothed.  He is in the King’s army, and it is of my father’s arrangement that we are to wed.”

It was as though she told of her own death.  “And yet, it sounds as though you do not wish to marry him.”

“No, I do not.  I know that once I am his wife, I will no longer be able to continue what I have fought for these last few years.  Like I mentioned before, I cannot have both.  What I want is to continue fighting for the cause, but I cannot defy my father.  It would be as if I defied the King himself, and I will not do so.  I have given my word and must now honor it.”  A tear rolled silently down her cheek.

Briol knew then Arabella was to be a part of his life.  As what, he could not yet tell.  All he knew was that he had grown to care for her and he would forever be her confidant.  “But you deserve to have both, m’lady.  If you do not wish to marry this man, then do not marry him.  Perhaps your father would understand if you tell him how unhappy it would make you. But do not lay down your bow.  I dare say you will lose your fire entirely should you give up your life’s work.”

Arabella stopped her horse.  “And do you truly believe a proud warrior of the King would tolerate having a war maiden for a wife?  Do you think he would stand in our doorway awaiting my arrival and rejoice each time I return home from protecting the kingdom when he was home training with his men?  It is supposed to be him taking the lead while I dotingly wait for him.  There is no resolution to this, Briol.  I have fought my father for a year now.  He will not see the day where I give up the marriage to a worthy man to fight alongside him.  I have no choice.”  She kicked her horse and they continued on.


My Review

5 stars

Arabella is a war maiden and knows how to fight. But she is ordered by her father to travel to her betrothed. Although she should have gone with an army of guards, Arabella choses to take a mage, Briol to protect her. Along the way they get into many different situations and start learning more about themselves and the other person. When both Arabella and Briol arrive to their destination, they have learned so much about each other and this marriage may not go as planned.

I loved this book. Arabella is such a strong character. I find it confusing how she just agrees to go to her marriage since she is such an independent woman. I loved Briol and watching how these two interact and grow closer the more they learn about themselves. I admit that I was on pins and needles at the end. There is so much going on that I couldn’t get to the end fast enough and was left wanting more.

To purchase Journey Through Morowak, or for more information make sure to check out Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Goodreads, and Kari Peterson’s website.

This is a great story full of action and romance. They meet many interesting people along the way and make some great friends. I loved the book and can’t wait for more books from Kari Peterson.

Reading Addiction

I received this book for free from Reading Addiction Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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True Tales II


True Tales II From the Dog Park by Kari Sherman and Max & Luther

(Excerpt from Goodreads) “True Tails II” is a charming collection of short stories, fun dog facts, and top ten lists told from the perspective of two dogs, Max and Luther. Entertaining and educational for both adults and children alike, dog lovers will be delighted by Max and Luther’s unique view on all things dog!


My Review

5 stars

This is a great book with different adventures that Max and Luther find themselves in. Max is a puggle (half Beagle, half Pug) and Luther is an Olde English Bulldog. Follow them as they eat mud, play on the beach, and talk about a dog in a diaper. Max and Luther seem to be able to get themselves into a bit of trouble. Thankfully their humans, Kari and Carey are there to rescue them.

Mixed into the stories are little trivia facts about dogs and Max and Luther’s favorite lists. This book is also filled with beautiful illustrations. I loved the ending and how Kari and Carey meet. This is a great books for young readers. I loved all of the adventures and the facts added in.

As an animal lover I recommend you get this book for you beginning readers. It will help them start reading and they will love both Max and Luther.

To purchase True Tales II from the Dog Park, or for more information make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Kari Sherman’s website.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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