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The Artwork of Guy Erma


The Artwork of Guy Erma by Sally Ann Melia

(Excerpt from Amazon) Guy Erma and the Son of Empire is a new SciFi series which has had 60,000 downloads in its first 3 months. 

These are all original SF drawings that illustrate and imagine the new worlds described in Guy Erma and the Son of Empire

This book collects together a host of images and artwork created by a variety of artists which illustrate and bring to life this amazing adventure.

These pictures, I hope, will add to your enjoyment of the series, and help you visualise the story very much as I see it.

In the words of lead artist Boban: What you can’t see does not exist.

Enjoy Guy Erma!


My Review

5 stars

I really enjoyed the Guy Erma series and when I was asked to review The Artwork of Guy Erma I jumped at the offer. The Guy Erma series is a great story with a couple pictures in it that enhances the story. But this book is the icing on top of the Guy Erma series.

You will see several pictures that make the story come to life. I loved seeing how the different items, people, and locations looked like to the author. It’s ironic that some of it matched what I thought of when reading and other pictures were completely off from my idea but they were so much better.

Then there are quotes from the book series and little notes about the different things that you will come across reading. They just added to my enjoyment of this series. With this artwork in mind I will be rereading the Guy Erma series. I think it will make it even better than the first read.

If you liked the Guy Erma series make sure to get this book. You will love it. If you haven’t read the Guy Erma series go get a copy of The Artwork of Guy Erma and the series. It will soon be one of your favorites.

To purchase The Artwork of Guy Erma, or for more information make sure to check out Amazon, Goodreads, and Sally Ann Melia’s website.

I received The Artwork of Guy Erma for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Journey Through Morowak


Journey Through Morowak by Kari Peterson

(Excerpt from Goodreads) An adventure. A crusade. A powerful fated love.

It is medieval times in the land of Morowak. Kings and Queens maintain sovereignty, and wielders of magic and fire breathing dragons are real. Nobleman’s daughter, Arabella Wallington, is about to embark on a journey across the kingdom to meet her betrothed. Stengar McKinnon is a titled soldier in the King’s army and she is assured a life of wealth and bliss. Arabella is herself a gifted war maiden, yet she follows her father’s orders and employs someone to protect her along the perilous crossing. She chooses a man named Briol, whose magical abilities are tested throughout their adventure, and an enigmatic bond forms between them. Briol realizes there is something unique about Arabella, and it is brought to light. A new unforeseen path now lies ahead. This journey challenges everything Arabella has ever known.

Will she find her betrothed?
Will she follow her heart?
Or will she embrace her destiny?

Kari Peterson

 I am not your average gal.  I didn’t grow up playing with Barbies or dressing in my mother’s clothes, jewelry or makeup.  I drove my matchbox cars over obstacle courses, climbed trees, built forts, dreamt of owning my own horse, and pretended to be an elven princess.  I continued to live my life on my terms, while staying true to my old fashioned values and respect.  After completing high school, I took on a full-time job and put myself through college.  In just under three years, I earned a degree in computers.  I try to use that knowledge as often as I can.

In 2006, before I had even discovered my passion for writing, I married a wonderful man named Mark.  Our love story is blissfully unique.  We now live in Washington State with our three rambunctious boys, a beautiful chocolate lab, a bouncy min pin, and a tubby tailless kitty.  I am as passionate about my books as I am of my family.  This is exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.


She looked at him with a storm brewing behind her eyes.  She turned away before he could see the tears beginning to form.  He had made himself vulnerable telling her the piece of his past; she could do the same with a piece of her future.  “I go to Dragon Crest to meet my betrothed.  He is in the King’s army, and it is of my father’s arrangement that we are to wed.”

It was as though she told of her own death.  “And yet, it sounds as though you do not wish to marry him.”

“No, I do not.  I know that once I am his wife, I will no longer be able to continue what I have fought for these last few years.  Like I mentioned before, I cannot have both.  What I want is to continue fighting for the cause, but I cannot defy my father.  It would be as if I defied the King himself, and I will not do so.  I have given my word and must now honor it.”  A tear rolled silently down her cheek.

Briol knew then Arabella was to be a part of his life.  As what, he could not yet tell.  All he knew was that he had grown to care for her and he would forever be her confidant.  “But you deserve to have both, m’lady.  If you do not wish to marry this man, then do not marry him.  Perhaps your father would understand if you tell him how unhappy it would make you. But do not lay down your bow.  I dare say you will lose your fire entirely should you give up your life’s work.”

Arabella stopped her horse.  “And do you truly believe a proud warrior of the King would tolerate having a war maiden for a wife?  Do you think he would stand in our doorway awaiting my arrival and rejoice each time I return home from protecting the kingdom when he was home training with his men?  It is supposed to be him taking the lead while I dotingly wait for him.  There is no resolution to this, Briol.  I have fought my father for a year now.  He will not see the day where I give up the marriage to a worthy man to fight alongside him.  I have no choice.”  She kicked her horse and they continued on.


My Review

5 stars

Arabella is a war maiden and knows how to fight. But she is ordered by her father to travel to her betrothed. Although she should have gone with an army of guards, Arabella choses to take a mage, Briol to protect her. Along the way they get into many different situations and start learning more about themselves and the other person. When both Arabella and Briol arrive to their destination, they have learned so much about each other and this marriage may not go as planned.

I loved this book. Arabella is such a strong character. I find it confusing how she just agrees to go to her marriage since she is such an independent woman. I loved Briol and watching how these two interact and grow closer the more they learn about themselves. I admit that I was on pins and needles at the end. There is so much going on that I couldn’t get to the end fast enough and was left wanting more.

To purchase Journey Through Morowak, or for more information make sure to check out Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Goodreads, and Kari Peterson’s website.

This is a great story full of action and romance. They meet many interesting people along the way and make some great friends. I loved the book and can’t wait for more books from Kari Peterson.

Reading Addiction

I received this book for free from Reading Addiction Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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True Tales II


True Tales II From the Dog Park by Kari Sherman and Max & Luther

(Excerpt from Goodreads) “True Tails II” is a charming collection of short stories, fun dog facts, and top ten lists told from the perspective of two dogs, Max and Luther. Entertaining and educational for both adults and children alike, dog lovers will be delighted by Max and Luther’s unique view on all things dog!


My Review

5 stars

This is a great book with different adventures that Max and Luther find themselves in. Max is a puggle (half Beagle, half Pug) and Luther is an Olde English Bulldog. Follow them as they eat mud, play on the beach, and talk about a dog in a diaper. Max and Luther seem to be able to get themselves into a bit of trouble. Thankfully their humans, Kari and Carey are there to rescue them.

Mixed into the stories are little trivia facts about dogs and Max and Luther’s favorite lists. This book is also filled with beautiful illustrations. I loved the ending and how Kari and Carey meet. This is a great books for young readers. I loved all of the adventures and the facts added in.

As an animal lover I recommend you get this book for you beginning readers. It will help them start reading and they will love both Max and Luther.

To purchase True Tales II from the Dog Park, or for more information make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Kari Sherman’s website.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Pokergeist by Michael Phillip Cash Book Tour Banner


Pokergeist by Michael Phillip Cash Cover Photo

  • Paperback:266 pages
  • Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (7/15/2015)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1512074969
  • ISBN-13:978-1512074963



Sometimes life, as well as death, is about second chances. Luckless Telly Martin doesn’t have a clue. An awful gambler trying to scrape by as a professional poker player, he becomes the protégé of world famous poker champion Clutch Henderson. The only catch…Clutch is a ghost. Telly and Clutch must navigate the seedy gambling underbelly of Las Vegas learning to trust each other in order to win the elusive International Series of Poker, repair their shattered personal relationships and find redemption in this life and the hereafter.



“Cash proves to be highly capable of juxtaposing the absurd and the mundane, creating a thoroughly enjoyable ghost story along the lines of The Canterville Ghost (1891) and Topper (1926)…Bet on this funny, well-written tale of second chances.” – Kirkus Review





Michael Phillip Cash Author Photo 2



Michael Phillip Cash is an award-winning screenwriter and novelist. He’s written ten books including the best-selling Brood X, Stillwell, The Flip, The After House, The Hanging Tree, Witches Protection Program, Pokergeist and Battle for Darracia series.

Michael resides on the North Shore of Long Island. He writes full-time with his screaming kids in the background.




Amazon Author Page





My Review

5 stars

Clutch Henderson made it to the finals of the International Series of Poker. Unfortunately his heart couldn’t take the loss and he dies. A year later enters Telly Martin. Telly wants to win the top poker player, the problem is he is NOT a world class player, he isn’t even a basically good player. One night while lamenting his lot in life, Clutch hears his prayers and decides to help him. But this is not going to be easy for Telly when his girlfriend wants him to stop playing. And Clutch, will helping Telly win be just like winning himself? What about life outside of poker?

This is a great story. You feel just like you are in the middle of the poker tournaments. There are a collection of odd people that have their own place in this world. Clutch is driven to win the world tournament but would he be open to experiencing more to life. And Telly might not make it through the tournament when everything else doesn’t seem to be on the same path. But the banter between the two will keep you laughing.

This is another great story from Michael Phillip Case. Although the theme of the story is poker, if that is nothing that will interest you don’t fear, you will still like this book. Once you read one of Michael Phillip Cash’s books you will be hook and want more.

I received Pokergeist for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows by Toni Vallan

My name’s Ella Raimi.

Until last week, my life was pretty normal for a sixteen-year-old. Until I spent that awful night trapped in the janitor’s closet in utter darkness. Until the dreams began — suffocating, panic-filled dreams. My best friend Kyla stays with me, but the dreams still continue. And I wake each morning with cuts & burns on my skin. I don’t recall inflicting them.

And then there is the blood on my hands and my sheets when I wake up.

I’m afraid of myself.
I’m afraid I am a killer.

My Review

5 stars

Ella has gotten a scholarship to a private school. Unfortunately things are not going well when she is constantly bullied for being a charity case and being poor. Then the bullying turns bad when she is locked into a closet overnight and discovered by the janitor the next day. Although she tells everyone that she is fine, Ella is the furthest from that. She starts having nightmare and waking with scratches on herself. Her only friend Kyla is there for her but disappears in the morning. Then she wakes with blood covering her and when a student is found dead she is blamed.

This is one amazing psychological thriller. I kind of had an idea of what may be happening but it didn’t really seem to fit. Besides the bullying, Ella has a great relationship with her mother and she can share with her the things that are going on. But the ending, it was great. I never expected it. With a couple good twists thrown in to keep me on my toes. I couldn’t put Dark Shadows down for long because I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.

This is a great thriller. I have not read any books by Toni Vallan but I will be sure to add her to my must read list. If you like a great psychological thriller you need to get this book.

I received Dark Shadows for free from Mark My Words in exchange for an honest review.

Purchase on Amazon

About Toni Vallan

Toni Vallan is the author of two contemporary titles in the contemporary suspense series DESPERATION, and her ongoing Thriller line. Toni loves the dark side of the soul, and studied to become a neuropsychologist. A career path taken over by her first love – writing.
Toni lives in the land of the Hobbits, and secretly wants a Hobbit house, although her husband and two daughters may not agree.


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Fiction / Dystopian / Humor
Date Published: November 2015

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

It’s way past 1984.  Your toothbrush, your coffee maker and your Rice Krispies are running your life.  But don’t worry… BIG DATA IS WATCHING YOU!
Welcome to Goozle Earth®, a dystopia where the all-knowing and all-powerful force of Big Data rules humanity through the Internet of Things and the corporate power of Goozle Inc.  Where English® and every possible combination of words has been copyrighted and the only law is the Terms of Service, which has been replaced by the Terms of Servitude.  Where the proudly psychopathic Higgs, Caesar and Emperor Omnipotent (CEO) of Goozle Inc., is determined to launch the Next Big Thing.
Smith, a happy native of this paradise, wanders off the grid and discovers sex®, the knowledge of good and evil, and the pursuit of Happiness. Can he save the human race from the Next Big Thing?

Smith stared back in confusion when Julia said he was living in a dystopia.
“A dystopia?” he repeated. The word was new to him. “What do you mean?”
They were somewhere in the Green Mountains, walking on a dirt road through a strangely silent woods. That was all Smith knew. He’d lost his way in the hills, his car stopping short where a huge fallen tree blocked the road. The woman who introduced herself as Julia climbed over the fallen tree before he could tell his car to turn around. Surprisingly, she offered to walk him into the nearby village to find something to eat. The eerie silence followed them into the village, swallowing his thoughts. Julia looked different from anyone he’d ever seen, though she had (he soon realized) the same blond hair and blue eyes and the same awkward gait as everyone else in the village. The others—he noticed half a dozen villagers cutting weeds or stacking firewood around a row of decaying frame houses—weren’t nearly so friendly as she was. Most of them turned away or receded into the shadows rather than to look at him. Some of them, he realized with a start, had beards.
“It’s a society where, basically, life sucks,” she explained. “You have no freedom or privacy. You can’t do anything, you can’t say anything, you can’t even think without somebody spying on you or listening in.”
Smith didn’t want to seem condescending, but he couldn’t help feeling superior to the crouching lowlifes he’d noticed slinking away as Julia led him into the village. These were apparently her neighbors. Who was she to cast aspersions on his life in Goozle Earth?
“My life doesn’t suck,” he said, smiling as always. “In fact, I can’t imagine being happier than I am. I have a good job at Celebrity Solutions, a nice condo, hundreds of friends, and two wonderful pets. Everything I want is delivered to my door within thirty minutes by an Amazzond drone.”
Julia laughed. “Guess who drank the Kool Aid!”
“Kool Aid?” Kool Aid® was Smith’s favorite beverage.
“Try thinking an original thought and see what happens.”
He stared back uncomprehendingly.
“You know,” she teased. “Say something more than 140 characters long.”
What was she talking about? Did she seriously expect him to violate the Terms of Service? She spoke fluent English® but used words he’d never heard before, like “freedom” and “privacy.” He’d heard that connectivity could be poor in rural areas, where the inhabitants—known as “Yahoos”—often expressed eccentric, paranoid ideas. Obviously, for whatever reason, he and Julia weren’t connecting. Still, there was something about her that affected him in a surprising, unfamiliar way. He later learned that it was called “sex®.”
Author Contact Links
Twitter: @BHart_man
Purchase Links 
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Convergence by Trudie L. Hayes

(Excerpt from Goodreads) It was the first day of school and anxieties were running high. For certain there was the excitement of moving up a grade, but there was also the dread of anything and everything that could go wrong. Not only were the possibilities endless, they were totally out of your control. Whether or not you were accepted rested squarely on the shoulders of the popular kids. Suppose you were too short or too tall; too smart or not smart enough; too rich or too poor; or just plain different? These thoughts were fresh on the minds of Otis, Chandler and Marissa. Three pre-teens whose paths had never crossed, although they lived in the same town in Connecticut. Their backgrounds were so diverse they may as well have lived worlds apart. That was all about to change when on their way to school a series of bizarre events lump them together. Literally! Join them on this unreal journey to alternate realities never before re­vealed. Go back in time to a parallel past, the All Agos. Coexist in a present experience that mirrors your own, the Ne’er Now. Finally and with greater understanding, manifest in a future of your creation, the Will Be Once. Then you will have come closer to achieving …as it should.

About Trudie L. Hayes

Trudie L. Hayes’ personal story and family life influenced her mission to spread the core values of self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-love to children and persons of all ages. An affiliation with physically and mentally disabled adults and children spanning many years is a major contributing factor. The caregiver role has been paramount throughout much of her life, even while furthering her education or working full-time in a corporate setting.

These experiences have given her a deep understanding of the trials and struggles associated with a compromised existence. As well as the inspiration and joy derived from living life to one’s personal best.

It is through these myriad life experiences that Hayes began writing and registering several related trademarks. With a grander vision of promoting confidence and self-worth.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Hayes still calls the Nutmeg State home. The oldest of two children, she remains close to her siblings. When Hayes is not writing or managing her business, she dedicates her time to other creative outlets and artistic pursuits. Hayes has a deep appreciation and passion for music in its many forms; she enjoys writing song lyrics, performing, and has an affinity for Jazz.

Connect with the author:    Website  ~  Twitter


My Review

4 Stars

This story starts out with three pre-teens starting their first day of school. There is the typical drama that includes being accepted or mocked by the popular kids and how there are too one thing or another to be mocked. Otis, Chandler, and Marissa together and go adventures in alternative realities to our own. But Otis, Chandler, and Marissa are not normal kids and they are going to have to learn fast about how to get through the different realities to get home.

This is an interesting story. You feel for the kids because they are going through the normal things starting school involves but then they are thrown into these different realities. The kids seem to just get one realm figured out and then get dumping into another on that doesn’t seem to make any sense. Although this is confusing at first, I slowly got the hang of it. I liked watching the kids grow and seeing all the messages that are there to help the kids grow.

Although this is a longer mid-grade book, I think that the many different realities will keep young readers involved. I liked how the book progresses and I think that kids and adults alike will enjoy this book.

To purchase Convergence, or for more information, make sure to check out Amazon, Goodreads, and Trudie Hayes’ website.

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I received this book for free from iRead Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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