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Framed and Burning

Framed and Burning,

Dreamslippers Series Book Two

By Lisa Burnette

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: Sky Harbor LLC

The Dreamslippers are a family of private investigators who solve crimes by using their ability to ‘slip’ into your dreams. But that isn’t easy. In Framed and Burning, they have to defend one of their own. Someone sets fire to Mick Travers’ art studio, killing his assistant, and Mick won’t give an alibi. His sister is convinced he’s innocent, but her granddaughter and the police aren’t so sure.

Author Bio

Lisa Brunette is the author of the Dreamslippers mystery series. Book One, Cat in the Flock, is an indieBRAG honoree title that has been praised by Kirkus Reviews, Midwest Book Review, Readers Lane, and others.

Brunette is a career writer/editor whose work has appeared in major daily newspapers and magazines, including the Seattle Post-IntelligencerSeattle Woman, and Poets & Writers. She’s interviewed a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, a sex expert, homeless women, and the designer of the Batmobile, among others.

She has story design and writing credits in hundreds of bestselling video games, including the Mystery Case Files, Mystery Trackers, and Dark Tales series for Big Fish and AAA games for Nintendo and Microsoft platforms.

She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from University of Miami, where she was a Michener Fellow. Her short stories and poetry have appeared in Bellingham ReviewThe Comstock ReviewIcarus International, and elsewhere.

She’s also received many honors for her writing, including a major grant from the Tacoma Arts Commission, the William Stafford Award, and the Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Project Award.

Brunette is a member of Mystery Writers of America and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.

Twitter: @lisa_brunette     Facebook     Website


My Review

4 stars

Granny Grace and Cat are dreamslippers, people with the ability to slip into other’s dreams. They decide to take a little vacation after their last case and head to Florida to spend some time with Grace’s brother Mark. But the visit doesn’t seem to be picking Grace up.

But when Mark is arrested and accused of starting the fire the killed his assistant and destroyed his artwork Grace and Cat step up to prove that Mark is innocent. But this is not going to be an easy case. Mark has a long list of people that don’t want him to succeed. Thankfully Grace and Cat can dreamslip, they are going to need all the help that they can get trying to figure out who started the fire.

This is a great, quick mystery. I loved both Grace, who doesn’t act anywhere near her age, and Cat, such a smart young lady. I loved how they took care of themselves and were strong characters. I love my mysteries with a little paranormal and I loved the dreamslipping. I really liked how dreams can be interpreted differently so you don’t just find out someone is dreaming of the fire, you have to slog through the information along with Grace and Cat. This is a great mystery with lots of potential killers and twists and turns.

This is a great paranormal cozy mystery. I loved this book and will make sure to keep an eye out for other books by Lisa Burnette.

To purchase Framed and Burning make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

I received Framed and Burning for free from Sage’s Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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