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Devlin’s Door


Devlin’s Door (Forests of the Fae – 1) by K. Kibbee

(Excerpt from Goodreads) When thirteen-year-old Anne is sent to spend the summer with her dreadful relatives in a small Washington state town, she is left with little hope that anything intriguing will happen to her. However, when she learns of an abandoned town full of old Victorian homes hidden in the woods nearby, she embraces the lore and becomes bolstered by the idea that an adventure might await.

Her sadistic cousin Lexie feeds Anne’s curiosity and leads her to the mysterious town in the woods, where Anne is goaded by her cousin and friends to enter one of the abandoned homes, alone, and is locked inside.

While searching for a way out, Anne stumbles through a hole in the floor and unknowingly falls into an ominous, ghost-filled mystery. As she digs deeper into the secrets of this house, she discovers a weathered journal that reveals a magic-infused history hundreds of years old and a tragic secret: a curse has trapped the town and its inhabitants in a place not meant to be found by humans.

Treacherous fairies, dark worlds-within-our-world, dangerous creatures and a shocking truth all await Anne as page by page, she peels back the mysteries of this chilling town


My Review

4 Stars

Anne is being sent to her aunt and uncles place while her parents are on a 3 month mission. Of course she doesn’t fit it and it doesn’t help that her cousin Lexie is going to try and make this visit an even bigger disaster. But Anne hears about an abandoned town in the forest and is curious. After being locked in one of the houses she finds a journal and the more that she reads from it more of the town start rejuvenating.

But this town has a dark secret. In the 1920’s, when surrounding towns were dying this one was the only one to thrive. But then everyone disappeared and left all of their belonging behind. Anne is very curious about this and the more she learns the deeper she gets until she finds out what happened and falls into the mound by the town.

I really liked this book. I couldn’t help but feel bad for both Anne and Grace. The both are in a crummy position but they try to do their best. I loved the fae in this book since I love the darker views of the fae. I was really blown away by the ending, I didn’t expect that one at tall.

This is a great midgrade with lots of action and adventure. This is a great story that any age will like. I can’t wait to see what happened in the next book.

To purchase Devlin’s Door make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.


I received Devlin’s Door for free from Sage’s Blog Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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