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Rubbernecker by Belinda Bauer

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Life is strange for Patrick Fort; being a medical student with Asperger’s Syndrome doesn’t come without its challenges–and that’s before he is faced with solving a possible murder. Because the body Patrick is examining in anatomy class is trying to tell him all kinds of things. And now he must stay out of danger long enough to unravel the mystery–while he dissects his own evidence.


My Review

4 stars

Patrick Fort is a medical student obsessed with death and he also has Asperger’s. This has caused him tension with his mother and plays a part in this story. We also meet Samuel. He was in a car accident and is now in a coma. Although he is aware of his surroundings he cannot interact with those around him. We follow both men until they meet and their stories take a surprising turn.

This is a good book. I loved Patrick’s story and how he went into medical school to try and find the answers he seeks. I did like Samuel and felt sorry for him, especially when he sees the murder of a fellow patient. What a horrible situation to be in!

If you like great thrillers this is one book that you need to check out. There is great character development and an amazing story. I admit that I have not read a book from Belinda Bauer before but I will make sure to read her other books.

To purchase Rubbernecker make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

I received Rubbernecker for free in exchange for an honest review.

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The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses

The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses is an action-adventure story about five teen boys who are mysteriously exposed to a foreign energy source that gives them extremely heightened senses. Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell become hypersensitive gifts that forever change the world!

The story chronicles their effortless interrelations and later exposes the testing of their deep bonds, and introduces the reader to an array of supporting characters who alter the boys’ lives forever. The Urban Boys offers young and mature readers central themes of loyalty, responsibility, honesty, fear, and triumph, which become artfully integrated with cinematic-level action and high drama.

We wonder, will they pass the test of fate, and will each of us pass the test of our very own lives? Intriguing, intelligent, and full of action, The Urban Boys offers a memorable, emotion-packed, thrilling ride for traditional and digital readers of all ages! (first in a series)

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K.N. Smith

K.N. Smith is an American author and passionate advocate of childhood and family literacy programs throughout the world. She continues to inspire students of all ages to reach their highest potential in their literary and educational pursuits. Her creative, lyrical flair sweeps across pages that twist, turn, and grind through elements of paranormal and action-adventure in diverse, exciting, edge-of-your-seat narratives. She lives with her family in California.

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Guest Post

Where Do You Write? by K.N. Smith

Great question! Fortunately for our generation, we can write anywhere and everywhere. What a blessing, because writers had been limited in prior generations. I personally really do take this to heart, and I have written from home, from the car, in cafés, sitting in my backyard or front yard, and in many other places, even while traveling on the train. Eventually, all of it ends up in the computer, and a laptop can be taken anywhere. I may also write with paper and pencil, or even use the notes in my phone. From there, I can transpose it into the master document and format it into the book. The beauty of all of this is the transportability of the writing. Just think, when inspiration strikes you can capture it from anywhere! As for my most favorite places, the middle bedroom in our home is a great spot because my laptop can connect to a large flat screen TV in case I need two monitors (writing on one, researching on the other), and our pool house is another favorite spot. But basically I can write from anywhere, as long as it’s quiet. That is mandatory. I need it to be perfectly quiet in order to concentrate. Just lock me away and slip my food under the door and I’ll be perfectly fine!


My Review

4 stars

In Danville Heights, things are almost a perfect place. Then five boys are exposed to an energy that gives them heightened senses. The nearby town of Sandry Lake is almost the exact opposite of Danville Heights is being run by evil and corruption. The five boys are draw to Danville Heights to use their new super abilities to help fight the evil. But sneaking out at night to fight along with trying to have a normal teenage life of school and football starts putting pressure on the guys. Can the boys keep up this pace while trying to fulfill their destinies?

This story is about five guys that get superpowers and decide to fight evil. But it is not the glorified superhero that we normally thing about. They also have normal teenage lives and have to deal with the secrets, school work, lack of sleep, and doubts that everyone has to deal with. I will say that I really like reading about a couple guys for once, I need a little break from all the girls as a main character once in a while. I also liked all the action and fighting that the guys found themselves in.

There are a couple things that did get to me. Everything is really over described. I made reading a bit heavy. I would really have liked to find out more about this energy that changed the guys, it was barely glanced over but this is not a major issue for me. The one part that really got me was if my teenager was sneaking out to fight people and comes to me seriously injured I would throw such a fit. It kind of bothered me that the parents were ok with this.

Anyway, I do think the book was pretty good. It is the start of a series and these are usually a little shaky. But I think it was executed pretty well. I am definitely interested in reading the next book in the series. I would recommend checking out The Urban Boys.


I received The Urban Boys for free from iRead Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.



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