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Mister White

Mister White: A Dark Thriller

Mister White by John C. Foster

(Review from Goodreads) In the shadowy world of international espionage and governmental black ops, when a group of American spies go bad and inadvertently unleash an ancient malevolent force that feeds on the fears of mankind, a young family finds themselves in the crosshairs of a frantic supernatural mystery of global proportions with only one man to turn for their salvation. Combine the intricate, plot-driven stylings of suspense masters Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum, add a healthy dose of Clive Barker’s dark and brooding occult themes, and you have an idea of the horrifying world of supernatural espionage that the chilling novel MISTER WHITE will reveal. John C. Foster’s MISTER WHITE is a terrifying genre-busting suspense shocker that answers the question that should never be asked: “Who is Mister White?”


My Review

5 stars

It seems that someone is hunting down spies. Abel is an American spy in Europe that is interested in who Mister White it. But he gets more than he bargained for when he becomes the target of Mister White. Lewis Edgar is another spy stationed in Russia that received the videotaped torture of Abel and goes on the hunt for Mister White but he quickly finds he has become the hunted and that Mister White is not going to stop chasing him across Europe leaving a bloody trail behind them.

At the same time Lewis gets a message from his wife saying that she sensed some kind of evil and is heading to a secluded cabin. Too bad Mister White can jump all over the place and starts terrorizing her too. Is Lewis going to make it to his wife or are they going to be more victims of Mister White?

I love a good, psychological thriller. Yes, there are brutal murders and torture but there is also the suspense of who and what is Mister White? It’s clear that he liked his victims scared but how he continually chases and taunts Lewis across Europe. Plus you get two stories since we follow Cat as she is being tortured by Mister White.

You are kept on the edge of your seat in this evil game cat and mouse. I also love how Mister White is clearly something that shouldn’t exist but he does and how can you explain that? It almost makes you question yourself as you read. This is definitely one book that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

To purchase Mister White make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

This is an amazing story and I recommend everyone pick up a copy.


I received Mister White for free from the publisher in exchange for and honest review.

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