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A Man of Genius


A Man of Genius by Janet Todd

(Excerpt from Goodreads) A Man of Genius portrays a psychological journey from safety into obsession and secrecy. It mirrors a physical passage from flamboyant Regency England through a Europe conquered by Napoleon.

Ann, a successful writer of cheap Gothic novels, becomes obsessed with Robert James, regarded by many, including himself, as a genius, with his ideas, his talk, and his band of male followers. However, their relationship becomes tortuous, as Robert descends into violence and madness.

The pair leaves London for occupied Venice, where Ann tries to cope with the monstrous ego of her lover. Forced to flee with a stranger, she delves into her past, to be jolted by a series of revelations–about her lover, her parentage, the stranger, and herself.


My Review

4 stars

This story starts in 1816 in London and ends in Venice. Ann is a successful gothic novelist and one of a few women that are starting to break ground in this area. Ann meets another writer, Robert. At first she is fascinated with him but ends up finding herself obsessing about him and his genius. Robert starts out interesting but the longer Ann is with him and his selfish, violent behaviors she starts seeing his true personality. But although she sees the truth she also cannot find it in herself to leave.

This is an amazing story. You can tell that Janet Todd has a lot of knowledge about the 18th century and London and Venice. I found myself instantly falling into this story. Ann is such a strong, independent woman yet finds herself with such an unstable partner. All I could do was sit back and pray that she could survive this relationship.

It’s a topic that you see often but it is executed perfectly in this story. The rich environment just makes this book even better. If you like historical and gothic stories you need to get this book. I admit that I am not usually a historical reader but I’m very glad that I received this book.

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I received A Man of Genius for free in exchange for an honest review.

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Decimation (Angels & Demons – 3) by Tich Brewster

(Excerpt from Goodreads) Armageddon has arrived and the kings of hell are out for Hannah’s blood.

Hannah is the only one that can destroy hell and save the world from destruction. She diligently trains with her father in preparation of her final battle with evil. The task of slaying demons in the few short months that she’s been a Devada has changed her — she’s no longer the scared, innocent girl she once was.

When she rescues a frightened little boy, she gets more than she bargained for. He is the host body for Liehijon and Liehijon is the key to finding Satan.

Tich Brewster

Tich is an Oklahoma resident and the mother of five. Her passion for reading started at an early age when her Aunt Vicky gave her the novel Heidi for Christmas. She didn’t start writing until middle school, after being inspired by her best friend’s short stories. “Genny’s stories weren’t just great but they inspired me to put my pen and paper to good use.” Tich never thought of publishing her works until working with Teresa on the Royal Blood series.

Excerpt from Decimation

The house shook with such force the sheetrock split, raining chunks and powder onto Hannah’s bedroom floor. Raum stood, putting himself between Hannah and the door. He reached for the gun he kept at the back of his waistband and frowned when his hand found none.

Gripping Hannah’s hand, he tugged her with him to her nightstand to retrieve her gun from the drawer. “Stay behind me.” He glanced over his shoulder. “Understood?”

“Babe, you know that I’m stronger now.” She tugged on his shirtsleeve. “It’s not necessary to put on your macho pants and try to keep me out of danger.”

He trained the gun on the door and turned to face her. “Yes, I realize that you are stronger now. Heck, you’re more powerful than I am, but that does not, I repeat, does not mean that I won’t do everything in my power to protect you from Hell.”

The floor beneath them vibrated rhythmically, it reminded Hannah of vibrations from a giant’s footfalls. The vibration stopped right outside her bedroom door. Both of them watched the door, bracing themselves for what was to come.

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My Review

4 stars

Hannah has been training to stop the kings of hell. Ever since she killed one of their brothers they are intent on stopping her. But Hannah is drawn to a young boy that seems to be the vessel for Liehijon and it’s hard for her not to comfort the child as the demons rage inside of him. Thrown in a human suffering from the bite of a hellhound and the hound itself and Hannah will need to be on the top of her game.

This is a real quick read as we meet up with Hannah coming into her Devada powers. It’s so hard to watch Austen having to suffer with the demons especially after losing his parents. I do really like Raum, he is so supportive of Hannah. But he is also a key to open a gate to hell. Thank goodness someone is looking out for him.

This is a quick story in the Angels & Demons series. I have not read the other books in this series but it didn’t take me long to figure out what is happening. I will definitely be going back and starting from the beginning. I just can’t wait to see what happens next.

To purchase Decimation make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

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I received Decimation for free from Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tour in exchange for an honest review.


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