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The Lost


The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst

(Excerpt from Goodreads) It was only meant to be a brief detour. But then Lauren finds herself trapped in a town called Lost on the edge of a desert, filled with things abandoned, broken and thrown away. And when she tries to escape, impassable dust storms and something unexplainable lead her back to Lost again and again. The residents she meets there tell her she’s going to have to figure out just what she’s missing–and what she’s running from–before she can leave. So now Lauren’s on a new search for a purpose and a destiny. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll be found…

Against the backdrop of this desolate and mystical town, Sarah Beth Durst writes an arresting, fantastical novel of one woman’s impossible journey…and her quest to find her fate.


My Review

4 stars

Lauren is not one for impulse, sticking to what she knows needs to be done. But with her mother dying from cancer she cannot take it any longer, she gets in her car and just drives. She finds herself in the middle of a small town that has seen better days. She decides to stay the night and return to her life in the morning. But then she finds that she cannot leave. She is in Lost along with other people and things that have been lost.

There are a variety of people, strange children, and random luggage that are scattered throughout the town. But then the town’s people turns on her. The Missing Man has disappeared and they blame Lauren for it. But when Claire and Peter come to her aid it looks like Lauren may have found a place for herself. She may have a reason to stay in Lost.

At first I didn’t like Lauren, she just bothered me. But the more you learn about her, you can’t help feeling for her. I mean we all have times and events that it’s hard to deal with and you just want to escape. I have to say that I didn’t like most of the people in Lost. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the kids but you can tell their time in Lost has corrupted them.

This is a good story. It is a little slow so you do have to work through it as Lauren does. But it is one that I would recommend you read it.

To purchase The Lost make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Sarah Beth Durst’s website.

I received The Lost a long time ago for free in exchange for an honest review.

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The Demonists


The Demonists (Demonist – 1) by Thomas Sniegoski

(Excerpt from Goodreads) There is more to our world than meets the eye—darker things, crueler things. Exorcist John Fogg and his wife, psychic medium Theodora Knight, know what lurks in the shadows. But even they’re not prepared for the worst Hell has to offer…

It was supposed to be a simple exorcism, a publicity stunt to firmly establish John and Theodora’s thriving paranormal investigation empire in the public eye. But something went wrong, leading to an on-air massacre that unleashed a malicious host of demons and left Theodora catatonic, possessed by countless spirits.

John sets out on a desperate quest to find a cure for his wife, but his obsession brings him face-to-face with an even more terrifying problem: Theodora’s possession is only one piece of a deadly plot that is threatening the entire world. Because an ancient evil is about to make Earth its battlefield—and without John and Theodora’s intervention, there is no chance for salvation…


My Review

5 stars

John Fogg is a paranormal star and at a talk about his book he meets his wife Theodora Knight, a psychic medium. Fast forward nine year. John and Theo are on a live Halloween special as they explore a haunted house. Things are not adding up with no sign of activity until they are drawn to the basement went a thousand demons burst out of a prison killing several of their crew. Theo manages to save everyone and absorbs them.

John is fanatic about trying to find a way to save Theo when he meets Elijah and the Coalition. John agrees that for the Coalitions help he will work for them. As Theo starts to work with the demons locked within her, FBI agent Brenna Isabel is trying to find out who is kidnapping children and leaving strange symbols behind. She turns to John and eventually learns there is a lot more happening than just the children being taken.

This is an amazing story. John has a background in the paranormal and when he meets Theo, with the help of Nana, you can tell it is the perfect match. When Theo takes all the demons in herself to save everyone, you could just see John’s heart break with her suffering. But I loved learning about the Coalition and how John is now part of it. They mystery of why the kids have been kidnapped was great and scary. And I just loved Brenna. She has gone through so much but the ending is perfect as she finds herself in the perfect place for her.

The Demonists was hard to put down and now I wish the next book in the series was out. I have love Thomas Sniegoski since reading A Kiss Before the Apocalypse. He is an amazing author and one that I recommend to everyone.

To purchase The Demonists make sure to visit Amazon, Goodreads, and Thomas Sniegoski’s website.

I received The Demonists for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia by Jenny Torres Sanchez

(Excerpt from Goodreads)  Frenchie Garcia can’t come to grips with the death of Andy Cooper. Her friends didn’t know she had a crush him. And they don’t know she was the last person with him before he committed suicide. But Frenchie’s biggest concern is how she blindly helped him die that night.

Frenchie’s already insane obsession with death and Emily Dickinson won’t help her understand the role she played during Andy’s “one night of adventure.” But when she meets Colin, she may have found the perfect opportunity to recreate that night. While exploring the emotional depth of loss and transition to adulthood, Sanchez’s sharp humor and clever observations bring forth a richly developed voice.


My Review

5 Stars

We start this story with Frenchie grieving about a boy down the street that committed suicide. No one really knows much about her and what her connection to Andy was. Frenchie is in a dark place with her grief. But Colin sees through her dark demeanor and starts spending more time with her. Frenchie starts opening up to Colin and he finds out that Frenchie has had a crush on Andy for years and that she was the last person with him on the night that he committed suicide.

Frenchie reminds me of myself when I was in high school. She is artistic, dark, and sarcastic and I just loved her. Here she is suffering with grief from Andy’s death and not knowing what she can do to get through it. Then there is Colin, he sees through this shell that Frenchie has created and wants to be with her. At the same time we learn about what Frenchie and Andy did on his last night as she starts to reveal it to Colin.

This is a great story for both young adults and adults. I loved how Frenchie worked through her grief. I couldn’t help love Frenchie and I think she has left a part of her in me. Make sure to get a copy of this book, you will not be disappointed.

To purchase Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads and Jenny Torres Sanchez’s website.

I received Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia for free, a long time ago, in exchange for an honest review.

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