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The Angel Wore Fangs (Deadly Angels – 7) by Sandra Hill

(Excerpt from Goodreads) New York Times bestselling author Sandra Hill continues her sexy Deadly Angels series, as a Viking vangel’s otherworldly mission pairs him with a beautiful chef who whets his thousand-year-old appetite . . .

Once guilty of the deadly sin of gluttony, thousand-year-old Viking vampire angel Cnut Sigurdsson is now a lean, mean, vampire-devil fighting machine. His new side-job? No biggie: just ridding the world of a threat called ISIS while keeping the evil Lucipires (demon vampires) at bay. So when chef Andrea Stewart hires him to rescue her sister from a cult recruiting terrorists at a Montana dude ranch, vangel turns cowboy. Yeehaw!

The too-tempting mortal insists on accompanying him, surprising Cnut with her bravery at every turn. But with terrorists stalking the ranch in demonoid form, Cnut teletransports Andrea and himself out of danger—accidentally into the tenth-century Norselands. Suddenly, they have to find their way back to the future to save her family and the world . . . and to satisfy their insatiable attraction.


My Review

4 stars

Cnut Sigurdsson was a Viking with a serious eating disorder. He was 400 pounds when Archangel Michael stepped in and made him a vangel (vampire angel) for 700 years. In the present he is a private detective that gets the order to go break up an ISIS compound. Not knowing how to get into the compound, when Andrea Stewart walks into his office wanting his help to get her sister out of the same ISIS compound.

Cnut feels that Andrea is his soul mate. But she is a huge temptation from her vanilla coconut smell to all the wonderful pastries that she makes. They work together to fight the demons when Cnut manages to accidentally take her back in time.

I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I started the story and you meet a 400 pound hero being punished for gluttony. But I did like Cnut, He may be a lean mean fighting machine now but you can tell her clearly has body image issues along with curbing his gluttony. Andrea was such a strong, brave woman that really shone back in time. Plus I loved hearing about all the different goodies she made.

There is a lot of humor and although the fight with ISIS seems like this book is going to get serious my favorite part was when they went back in time. I have not the other books in this series but I had no problem figuring out what is going on. After reading The Angel Wore Fangs I will definitely will be checking out the other books in this series.

To purchase The Angel Wore Fangs make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Sandra Hill’s website.

I received The Angel Wore Fangs for free from Harper Collins Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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