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Summertime Blue (The Existentialist Apple Tree – 2) by John Campbell Rees

(Excerpt from Goodreads) There was a level of activity in the Crown that had been missing for six months. For the upcoming festival, everytlng was awash with the pastel Summertime Blue. The colour of the sky on a sunny day, the colour of happiness within the Tree.

The Light Half of the Year has come to Arbouron. This alternate Earth in a neighbouring reality in the multi-dimensional Cosmos, is built on a far greater scale. On Arbouron life is only possible inside gargantuan trees.

The Inhabitants of the Canopy have returned from their Winter exile. The Canopy is once more a busy industrial complex. When her family, friends and colleagues in the Winter Squad head in the opposite direction, reporting back to their base, Nevamarsya faces a new challenge, life in the cosmopolitan Roots.

Tree-people grow up quickly, going through adolescence in just sixteen week. Nevamarsya and the younsters attached to the Winter Squad for basic training, have seen more than some adults see in a lifetime. Will the years ahead of them as students be carefree, or have they forever lost their youth during the horrors of the viral invasion?

To add to their woes, a ghost from the past threatens. The recently discovered body of Drwgdynant, a long dead loan shark, Mr.D., is discovered. Tabbernant, who helped ind Mr.D’s criminatl activities, is accused of his murder. Only the elusive Commander Gaemlovant knows the truth, but he vanished into thin air, escaping the clutches of the criminal Syndicates two decades earlier.

Excerpt from Book

 As Caitlin Moran says, it was inevitable I would write a book, after reading so many it felt like my turn. Like Ms. Moran, I started writing my first novel aged 12 years old, unlike her, I never finished it. I always knew I wanted to be an author, but I never had enough confidence in myself to go and do it. Even now, I would much rather be talking about the books than about myself. However, a book do not write itself, it has an author who must introduce his or herself. So ladies and gentlemen, I am John Campbell Rees, the author of Summertime Blue and Winter Squad.

I was born in 1967, during the Summer of Love, when Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was topping the album chart, while Procol Harem and A Whiter Shade of Pale was topping the Singles Chart. (Oh well, you can’t have everything). It was not an easy arrival. My mother had been put in a side room of the Maternity Ward and fell of the midwives’ radar. When my Father rung the hospital for news, there was a mad panic, and out of that panic, I was born. My tumultus arrival has left me with several minor disabilities, the most noticable being Dyspraxia, which caused huge problems during my education. However I have overcome these problems in my adult life.

Someone once called me a Trivia Magnet, I remember facts and I am able to use them when needed. This has come from both a lifetime of voracious reading. In school I was known as the boy who was always reading. Not just fiction, but anything that took my fancy. It was no surprise that I ended up working in a library, somewhere with a greater subject depth in their book collection than an ordinary person could possibly own.

However, relying on books as my only source of knowledge would have made me a very dry and dusty person. My widespread travels have given me a wider perspective of the World, made me a more rounded individual.

My experiences abroad include climbing to the temple at the top of the pyramid at Chitzen Itza in Mexico (when it was still allowed) and being overcome by the grandeur of the Yucatan Rain Forest. Or paragliding over the Black Sea at Golden Sands in Bulgaria, three years before the Berlin Wall came down. Or travelling in a bus across the Andes to Caracas in Venezuela on a motorway that would be washed away by a landslide a few months later.

In this country I have visited ancient monuments like the ruins of Skara Brea and the cutting edge modern like Canary Wharf. Visited Breweries and served at beer festivals. Travelled down a coal mine at Blaenavon to see the conditions my ancestors worked under. Watched both Rugby Union and Rugby League at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, both cheering on Wales in the Six Nations and Hull KR at the Rugby League Challenge Cup during its exile, whilst Wembley was being rebuilt and I have even played football on the beach at Dungeness.

I have been exalted, the night my late Father was re-elected and became Mayor of the Borough of Rhondda back in the 1980’s. I have woken up and cried for the future of my niece and nephew and all the other youngsters in this country on 9th May, 2015, when I heard that David Cameron and his Aristocratic Elite had been voted into office for another five long years.

All this and more have given me a vast bank of real life stories I could tell. Instead I write Science Fiction because it allows be to take all these experiences and use them to look at our world from a different angle.


To purchase Summertime Blue make sure to visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and John Campbell Rees’ website.

I received the information for Summertime Blue from the publisher Authoright.


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