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Harsh Gods


Harsh Gods (Shadowside – 2)

Michelle Belanger

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal

Publisher: Titan Books

The last thing Zack Westland expects on a frigid night is to be summoned to an exorcism.

Demonic possession, however, proves the least of his problems. Father Frank, a veteran turned priest, knows Zack’s deepest secrets, recognizing him as Anakim—an angel of the hidden tribe. And Halley, the girl they’ve come to save, carries a secret that could unlock a centuries-old evil. She chants an eerie rhyme, and she isn’t alone…



As Zack’s secrets spill out, far more than his life is at stake, for Halley is linked to an ancient conspiracy. Yet Zack can’t help her unless he’s willing to risk losing his immortality—and reigniting the Blood Wars.

Praise for Conspiracy of Angels:

“Horrors that will send a chill up your spine.” —The Absolute

“A singular reading experience.” —Laurell K. Hamilton, bestselling creator of Anita Blake, vampire hunter

Michelle Belanger

Michelle Belanger is an author, occult expert, singer, and psychic seen regularly on the television series Paranormal State. She’s been featured on programs on HBO, the History Channel, Destination America, and CNN Headline News. Michelle’s work has taken her around the globe, but she resides near Cleveland, Ohio with two cats, a few friendly spirits, and a library of more than five thousand books.

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My Review

5 Stars

Zach is an angel and you begin with him trying to work out the perfect shot in a video game when he is interrupted by a girl that was send to get him to help with an exorcism. Father Frank knows about Zach even though Zack knows nothing about him. Zach is asked to help Halley, a girl with autism that is under attack from some evil things. She is the one that Father Frank wants to perform the exorcism on.

Zack is a great character. He has memory loss thinks about the loss of his girlfriend but wraps himself in his games and geek side to get through life. Father Frank was a great companion for Zack. He has so much knowledge and finally give Zack the friend that he needs to talk to.

But I have to say that Halley caught me from the start with her seeing Zach’s wings upon interdiction and telling him that she won’t tell anyone else. It has to be horrible to have such a mind and be stuck inside yourself like Halley. Michelle Belanger fleshed out Halley and made her the star of this book.

I admit that I have not read Conspiracy of Angels. There were references to events in that book but I didn’t feel like I was missing much. Having said that, I really enjoyed Harsh Gods and will definitely be adding Conspiracy of Angels to my list.

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I received Harsh Gods for free from Sage’s Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review.

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