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Theft of the Seven Scriptures by Meg Price

When wizard Zach is faced with the daunting challenge of saving not only his father’s life but the entire Charmer’s village he must seek help from Sable Writhm, the chosen one. The only problem is Sable has been living in the human world with little recollection of the wizard world. Together they must find all seven books of the scriptures and reunite them in order to save Zach’s village and his father’s life. Sable and Zach must venture onto Boggele territory and steal back the scriptures before it’s too late. Soon Sable realizes that she is a uniquely powerful wizard. When Sable learns of her ancestry she must make a choice… does she harness her powers to help save the charmer’s world or join forces with her true lineage.


My Review

4 stars

There are two worlds living next to each other. The human world and the wizard world. The wizard world has Charmers and Boggeles. Charmers use their magic for good and protecting the human world where as Boggeles are bend on destruction and ruling over the human world. To keep control of the power, the scripture was created and split into seven sections to keep it safe from the Boggeles.

We start the story as Mayor Elchyard is questioning Zach about the location of his father, Auck. Zach goes on the run and searches for his father. But he is going to need help and calls on Sable Writhm, the chosen one. Sable has one problem, she has been living in the human world and doesn’t know anything about what Zach is talking about.

We follow along as Zach and Sable race through both worlds trying to find Auck and keeping out of the hands of Boggeles and their queen. But Sable finds that she is drawn to Boggele magic and punishments. Sable is going to learn about her past and will have to make a big decision that will affect everyone in the wizard world.

This is a great young adult fantasy story. There is lots of action and a great story. I loved following Sable since she had about as much information as we do while reading. She has a lot of history and has some tough decisions to make. But she is a strong character and comes through wonderfully.

The only thing that was a distraction for me was that you would jump locations without any break or notice and I admit that I would feel a little lost initial before getting back into the story. Beyond that I really enjoyed the story and I can’t wait to read other books from Meg Price.

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