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The Storyteller’s Book

YA Sci-fi/Fantasy
Date Published:  November 2015

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“…you must realize and accept, neither me, your mum, nor either of you are human.”

Nick and Mel are 14 year old twins living normal lives with their parents. When they discover an ancient book in the attic and read from it, strange events begin to happen around them. Something has been awakened which prompts their parents to take them away to a town called Midway where they reveal to the twins that they are not human. They had been hidden on Earth, brought up as though they were human, awaiting the right moment for the truth to be told.

When their parents mysteriously disappear on their first night away, they are forced to discover for themselves what their roles are in the new lives they’ve been thrown into. They struggle alone as they try to understand and balance their past human lives with their alien destiny. When the book they discovered at their home is stolen, it falls on the twins to recover it. The book has a lot more power than they realised, and if they fail, it will not be they who suffer, but the whole human race.

Along the way, they meet an array of characters, some will become friends, some will become enemies, who can they trust? For now, they can trust only each other.
About the Author

Kevin Fleming has lived in Liverpool, England, all his life, born into a family with roots in Ireland, Yorkshire and London. All his family apart from he and his wife have long since left Liverpool to spread across the globe, even as far as New Zealand. He feels as though his ancestors all congregated in Liverpool, dropped him off then quietly left.
Even as a child he wanted to write a book but never had the patience to continue beyond the first page. Despite many more failed attempts through his teens, the thought of completing a novel stayed with him as an adult working in telecommunications and afterwards running his own business. In 2012 he decided he’d been employed enough for one lifetime and concentrated on writing.
After all the years of trying, ‘The Storyteller’s Book’ finally arrived, quickly followed by ‘The Mines of Kothkish’, ‘The Warlords of Shreen’ and finally ‘Carnival of the Otherworld’, to form the series, The Chronicles of Midway.
Married for over thirty years, he has a daughter and son who have now left home and are building lives for themselves elsewhere in England.

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Gertrude and Toby’s Friday Adventure (Gertrude and Toby – 1) by Shari Tharp

Gertrude the goat and her best friend Toby the tortoise are adventurers. No sitting around on the boring farm for them! They love to explore, and every Friday they sneak off the farm for some extra fun. One Friday, Gertrude and Toby decide to visit the local candy store in town. They discover yummy goodies and treats, but soon find that the treats are not free!? Uh oh! The market owner grabs Toby. He demands money for the candy that Gertrude and Toby have taken by mistake. Gertrude must find a way to save her friend and get back home before Farmer Sam returns.


My Review

5 stars

Gertrude the goat and her best friend Toby are always looking for a new adventure. They especially love Fridays because that is when Farmer Sam went shopping in town. One day, when they see Ryan, Farmer Sam’s son eating goodies and treats they decide that next Friday they are going to sneak into town to get some treats themselves. Along the way they meet a girl in a red cap, a frog princess, an old lady with shiny red apples, and a boy going to sell his cow.

Gertrude and Toby find the store with goodies and load up a bag. Unfortunately they didn’t know that they had to pay for the goodies. Toby is held at the store until Gertrude can find some way to pay for the goodies. Thankfully they meet a bunch of great people that are willing to help.

This is a great story with wonderful illustrations. Gertrude and Toby are not normal farm animals. They love their adventures and the get a big one. They do have consequences for their actions but I loved how Gertrude was will to do anything to help save Toby. I loved how the people they met along the way were willing to help Gertrude and Toby out.

This is a wonderful kid’s story and is the first in a series. I can’t wait to see what happens in the other books.

To purchase Gertrude and Toby’s Friday Adventure make sure to check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.


I received Gertrude and Toby’s Friday Adventure for free from eBooks for Review in exchange for an honest review.

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