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Justice (The Warrior – 5) by Rebecca Royce

My name is Rachel Clancy, and if you’re reading this, chances are I am dead. I have returned to Genesis, my family and Chad. I think I might even be happy. But you know, happy endings aren’t for everyone least of all me.

Dr. Icahn is still out there, and if I have any hope of finishing this fight once and for all—I will need the help of those who want to kill me. Please don’t think me a hero or a martyr. I’m just a girl, who’s made a lot of mistakes, but I know what I have to do.

And know, whatever happens next, I didn’t do it for me. I did it for a future that I have to have faith will exist…even if I’m not there to see it.

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5 stars

We have come to the end of the road with Rachel. She has made some tough decisions over the years. She has stayed away from Genesis to protect those she loves although it is tearing her heart apart. But she has to see this through, she has to take care of Dr. Icahn and the other humans that want to take over Genesis. She is willing to pay the ultimate price to know that those she loves are going to be safe from this point on.

I was hesitant to read Justice. Not because I was afraid that it would be bad but because I am not ready to leave this world quite yet. But I had to jump in with both feet and see this through, just like Rachel.

Things have smoothed out for Rachel but she still longs to be with those she loves. So, she plans to take care of Dr. Icahn once and for all. She has no problem sacrificing herself as long as her loved ones are safe. There is still a lot of action and a wonderful ending to this series.

I’m going to miss those I have come to love in this series but I have found a new favorite author. I will definitely be checking out other books by Rebecca Royce.

I received Justice from Candid Book Reviews in exchange for an honest review.

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I Kill


I Kill (Andre Warner, Manhunter – 2) by Lex Lander


Racked by guilt over his accidental killing of a young Italian girl, contract killer André Warner has effectively retired himself from his ‘profession’ and taken to drink and other palliatives, while sinking slowly into a mire of depression.

A contract in Tangier to assassinate an Arab drug trafficker lures him out of retirement and self-pity. Soon after his arrival he encounters attractive American widow, Clair Power, and her precocious sixteen year-old daughter, Lizzy, who bears such a striking resemblance to the girl Warner killed that his waning anguish is instantly rekindled. He attempts to assuage it by embarking on a fling with Clair which brings him into conflict with a mysterious Dutchman named Rik de Bruin, who also appears to have designs on her.

The contract on the drug merchant is cancelled with no explanation given, but Warner, now seriously involved with Clair, is more relieved than disappointed. Their budding romance is not destined to blossom however. Clair disappears and Warner is landed with the role of de facto guardian to Lizzy.

In tracking down Clair, Warner crosses a line that brings him into conflict with the local police and he is deported from Tangier with a distraught Lizzy in tow. Back at his Andorra villa she slowly recovers from her mother’s disappearance and launches an assault on Warner’s good intentions. Her increasingly provocative behavior disturbs yet excites him, and when Rik de Bruin pitches up in Andorra and begins to take an interest in Lizzy too, Warner gets possessive the only way he knows.

Too late, alas, to save Lizzy from an unspeakable fate.

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4 stars

Andre Warner obsesses over the death of an innocent girl. He has retired from being an assassin and now finds himself full of alcohol, drugs and women. But a contract for an Arab drug trafficker in Tangier draws him back. While in Tangier, Andre meets an attractive American widow, Claire and her sixteen year old daughter, Lizzy. Andrea helps Claire out of a situation with the Dutchman named Rik de Bruin.

Andre becomes smitten with Claire when suddenly she is kidnapped. Andre manages to save Lizzy and is awarded guardianship of her but required to return home to Andorra. While at home Lizzy is kidnapped and Andre finds himself in the child pornography industry trying to save her.

This is a fast action thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s rare to think of an assassin obsessing over the death of an innocent but it does make sense. Andre is beating himself up when he decides to take this last job.

I admit that I have not read the first book in this series but that did not draw away from this book. I understood what was happening. I really enjoyed this story and will be looking into reading the first book in the series, End as an Assassin.

I received I Kill from Authoright in exchange for an honest review.

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