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Sealed Up: The Course of Fate (Book 1) by Steve Dunn Hanson

The Da Vinci Code unsettles. SEALED UP shakes to the core!

UCLA anthropologist Nathan Hill, in a funk since his young wife’s death, learns of staggering millennia-old chronicles sealed up somewhere in a Mesoamerica cliff. This bombshell rocks him out of his gloom, and he leads a clandestine expedition to uncover them. What are they? Who put them there? No one knows. But, self-absorbed televangelist Brother Luke, who funds the expedition, thinks he does. If he’s right, his power-hunger will have off-the-charts gratification.

Striking Audra Chang joins Nathan in his pursuit and brings her own shocking secret. As they struggle through an incredible jungle of puzzles and dead ends, she finds herself falling in love with Nathan. Her secret, though, may make that a non-starter.

When a shaman with a thirst for human sacrifice, and a murderous Mexican drug lord with a mysterious connection to Brother Luke emerge, the expedition appears doomed. Yet Nathan is convinced that fate—or something—demands these inscrutable chronicles be unearthed.

And if they are . . . what shattering disruption will they unleash?

Intricately layered and remarkably researched, this enthralling suspense thriller begs a startling question: Could it happen?

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My Review

4 stars

Luke Clinton is a televangelist preacher that believes he is destined for great things. He has been funding missions to Guatemala to find the Chilam Balam, a book from pre-Mayan society that is going to change the world. Nathan Hill, anthropologist, and Audra Chang, Luke’s assistant, are the ones sent to find the book. But things look shaky when Kish, the shaman and the Mexican cartel start to make trouble. But Nate is driven to discover the Chilam Balam no matter what.

This is an explorer/thriller story based on Mayan prophesy and culture, which I liked since we don’t see a lot of stories like this. There is action that will keep you reading but there are places where the book does seem to drag. But I did like how the story touched on a little bit of prophecy, religion, and the different cultures.

This was a really good story that kept me engaged. I believe it is a good start to a series and I would be will to read the next book.


I received Sealed Up: The Course of Fate from eBooks for Review free of charge.

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