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Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper by Janet Fogg and Dave Jackson

When Annabelle Fortune, the fastest gunslinger in the wild west, inadvertently stops a stranger from attacking a train — and he wears a suit that enables him to fly! — the government believes she’s the only one to have witnessed the Locomotive Reaper and survived to tell the tale.

Promising to find out what he can about her missing father, the Director of the Secret Service persuades Annie to swear in. Too soon, her detested nickname re-stakes its claim.

Partnered with Beau Slokam, whose penchant for gambling leads them straight to the Doom Gang, Misfortune Annie guides the smooth-talking Southerner in a chase through the Rockies, with her Cheyenne friend, Wontoa, rounding out their unlikely trio.

When Annie again meets the Locomotive Reaper, his gadgetry proves far more advanced — and deadly — than even top scientists could have imagined.

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Author’s Bios

Not your typical author, Dave Jackson started writing in his constant pursuit to become a renaissance man. Then he fell in love with the art form. Comedy remains one of his many passions and he writes and performs skits as well as stand-up. Also a songwriter and guitarist, Dave has composed over 300 musical titles.

A country boy, Dave was raised in Oklahoma and taught 6th grade English for two years. He enjoys sharing the tale about when he climbed high into a towering black jack tree and grabbed a dead branch. Snap! He hurtled toward his death, but he held tight to the branch and it slowed his fall, saving his life. Dave often says that his guardian angel is overworked, considering that early incident and his wild college days and world travels. Settled now in Denver, Dave is passionate about living life to the fullest with those he loves, especially his young son.

In 2013, Dave enjoyed the release of Tattoo Rampage, by Curiosity Quills Press. In Tattoo Rampage, we find a strong female heroine in Evangelina Marquez-James, who gets her first tattoo as a symbol of courage to carry on after her police officer husband dies in the line of duty.

Dave can be found on Chiseled in Rock, on personal and author Facebook pages, on Goodreads, plus tweeting here and there. Or Google “Gusto Dave” to track him down!

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Janet Fogg’s focus on writing began when she was CFO and Managing Principal of one of Colorado’s largest architectural firms. Fifteen writing awards later she resigned from the firm to follow the yellow brick road, and ten months after that signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press for her historical romance, Soliloquy, a HOLT Medallion Award of Merit winner.

Janet once participated in a successful rattlesnake hunt (capture, not kill), has climbed two dozen of Colorado’s Fourteeners, was alternate on a winning trapshooting team, and recently received her motorcycle endorsement.

With husband Richard, Janet co-wrote Fogg in the Cockpit, (Casemate) one of five books nominated in 2012 by the Air Force Historical Foundation for best World War II book reviewed in Air Power History. Janet manages the 359th Fighter Group’s Facebook page, sharing WWII stories and photos about the Fighter Group.

Visit Janet at https://janetfogg.com, on Facebook, or drop by her YouTube channel.

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My Review

5 stars

We start the story with Annie helping a Reverend and his churchmen get some donations to some hungry women and children. Unfortunately it is a setup and they were using Annie to help get them closer to rob the 3:10 train to Denver. While trying to stop the robbers, Annie get a glimpse of a winged man. It seems Annie has had a run in with the Locomotive Reaper and lived to tell about it. Of course she is recruited to help fight him in return for some potential information on her father. Sadly, Annie’s partner can find trouble faster than a clue and her next tangle with the Locomotive Reaper is going to be much more of a battle.

This is a great story for any age. Annie is whip smart and a dead shot. She is willing to go along with the plan to stop the Locomotive Reaper to learn more about her father. Then she gets paired up with Beau Slokam and gets lead right into trouble thankfully her friend Wontoa is there to help out.

If you are looking for western action, train robbers, and a sharp shooter look no further. This story has a little of everything. I am definitely going to be looking into other books by Janet Fogg and Dave Jackson.

I received Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper from Sami at Roger Charlie for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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The Next One Will Kill You by Neil Plakcy

Angus Green wants more adventure than a boring accounting job, so after graduating with his master s degree he signs up with the FBI. After his initial training at Quantico he s assigned to the Miami field office but stuck behind a desk. Struggling to raise money for his college student brother, he enters a strip trivia contest at a gay bar. But when he s caught with his pants down by a couple of fellow agents, he worries that his career is about to crash. Instead, he s added to an anti-terrorism task force and directed to find a missing informant. It s his first real case, and it takes him from Fort Lauderdale s gay bars to the morgue on a desperate chase to catch a gang of criminals with their tentacles in everything from medical fraud to drug use to jewel theft. At the same time, his brother s girlfriend is murdered and his brother becomes a suspect. Angus struggles to learn the skills he needs to save his brother and earn rank as a full-fledged agent capable of running his own cases. If he can t overcome his own insecurities and face down violent criminals with mayhem on their minds, he could lose everything he cares about. The street quickly teaches him that the only way to face a challenge is to assume that he’ll survive this one–that it’ll be the next one that will kill him.”

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Neil S. Plakcy

Author’s Bio

Neil Plakcy is the author of the Mahu Investigations, mysteries which take place in Hawaii. They are: Mahu, Mahu Surfer, Mahu Fire, Mahu Vice, Mahu Blood, Mahu Men, Zero Break, Natural Predators and Children of Noah.

His M/M romance novels are GayLife.com, Mi Amor, Love on Site, Love on the Web, Love on Stage, Love on the Pitch, and the Have Body, Will Guard series: Three Wrong Turns in the Desert, Dancing with the Tide, Teach Me Tonight, Olives for the Stranger, The Noblest Vengeance and Finding Freddie Venus.

He has also written the golden retriever mysteries In Dog We Trust, The Kingdom of Dog, Dog Helps Those, Dog Bless You, Whom Dog Hath Joined and Dog Have Mercy.

He is co-editor of Paws & Reflect: A Special Bond Between Man and Dog (Alyson Books, 2006) and editor of many gay erotica anthologies. A journalist, book reviewer and college professor, he is also a frequent contributor to gay anthologies.


For more information on this book, make sure to check out the publisher Diversion Books.

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