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By Hannah  Godard

Genre: Young Adult

Nothing is more glamorous than the CIA … at least for Clara. All she wants is excitement and adventure, to help people and to be a part of something bigger than life.

At nineteen, she leaves everything she’s ever had behind to join the CIA with her boyfriend Ross. But when the agency starts to fall away like shattered glass, Clara and her team get thrown into the biggest mission ever to hit the agency. How will they deal with the pressure?

Clara has all her cards out on the table and she’s trying to keep them all in place except she can’t hold them all down on her own. She’s trained and she’s ready but something isn’t right. Is the real way to win the game not to play it, or is the trick not to play it for too long?

About the Author

Hannah Godard was born and raised in the small town of Cochrane, Alberta where she is currently a grade eleven student. She continues to chase a life of creativity and imagination, creating characters to take her on adventures and maybe learn something from them along the way. She writes to tell the greatest stories that have yet to be told and create a spark in which to lighten up the world. Hannah credits her dad for teaching her everything she knows about the world, from politics to drive and perseverance. Without him, she would be a very different person.

Quantum is her first novel and the first in the Quantum series. It came to life in the same way as many other novels do, in third period Social Studies class. This class was spent with three out of four of her best friends, laughing, creating businesses, and being creative. It was the one class where she could be a kid, where people didn’t tell her words could only mean one thing, and where they could all be creative. It started as a joke, as a simple question; what if I was in the CIA? From that point on Hannah developed the character of Clara, with the help of her friends, and soon the story came to life. Each person who she knows, no matter how small, is somehow put into the novel, worked into the story line, because what they say is true: we write what we know.

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I’m really bored. I’ve been walking for hours around New York, without Ross, communicating with Madison and Ethan through my earpiece and getting directions from Ethan. Every once and a while he’ll tell me to go into a restaurant or walk down a certain street because he has a lead. At least we have a lead as to where they are.

I walk down the sidewalks and along the busy streets. Every once in a while, I’ll stop at a shop and look around, or buy a bottle of water. I’m guessing Ross is somewhere close to me, because every time I stop to shop he laughs at me.

“I have water in my bag . . . and so do you! You bought a water ten minutes ago and you’re not even done, why do you need another one?” Ross asks me.

“You know what? I’m trying to look casual,” I reply.

“Walking around with a bunch of half empty bottles of water isn’t casual, it’s weird.”

I ignore him and keep walking. I think I like New York more than Los Angeles. The buildings and the streets are beautiful and the people, no matter what anybody says, are probably some of the nicest I’ve met. So far, there’s no sign of the men, but we’re going to keep looking until we find them.

“Clara!” Ethan’s voice comes in.


“Madison got a call from Lizzie. They’ve spotted the men on the corner of Lexington and 49th. Can you get there?”

“Okay on my way,” I say.

“Me too,” Ross’s voice comes in.

I don’t pick up my pace, as not to attract attention to myself, but walk at the same pace as the men and women hustling by to go on with their daily lives. In my ear, I can hear Ethan typing and Madison talking to someone. I can also hear Ross’s footsteps against the pavement; it sounds like he’s running.

“Ross, calm down, you’re attracting attention to yourself,” I say.

“Yeah Ross, slow down a little,” Ethan says.

His footsteps slow down. My heart beats faster as I near the corner where the men were last spotted. All I can think about is Lexa. My mind races, but I try to calm myself down. I need to make rational decisions; I need to stay calm. I feel for my gun on my waist. Somehow this calms me down. Without slowing my pace, I casually walk around the corner, but they aren’t there.

“What the hell Ethan? They’re not here,” I say.

I look around and then, going around a corner, I spot blonde hair, but it’s not Ross.

“Spotted, I’m going in, track me. They’re headed down an ally, with Lexa,” I say.

I can hear everyone hold his or her breath. And then Madison reports what we found back to base. I cross the street and follow where I last saw her. Before I go down the ally, I stop and wait, trying to catch my breath. Things are about to change. If they see me, I’ll be a real agent, and my life will change forever. If I don’t kill them, they’ll have everything they’ll need on me. If I don’t succeed, they’ll kill Lexa to get back at us.

Across the street, Ross and he spots me. I look at him for a minute and he smiles. I cock my head, confused, and he nods at me.

“Go. I’ll go around and cut them off,” he says.

With that I run down the ally, I can spot them a little way down the alley and I run after them. There’s no one else in the ally so I pull out my gun. Even while I run, I can get a clean shot of one of the three men with her. I aim, and breathe out. Before I fire, three shots come from down another ally and one of the men falls. I’m guessing it’s Ross, but he doesn’t come out. It’s not like the movies; we’re on an even playing field here. I throw myself against the wall and duck as the men look around for who fired. Lexa looks terrified, and it kills me to see her this way. They run, one of the men dragging Lexa by her arm.

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Dispocalypse by Michael RothmanDispocalypse by Michael Rothman

Publisher: M & S Publishing, L.L.C. (June 1, 2016)
Category: Science Fiction, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Epic Fantasy, Young Adult
Tour Date: Oct and Nov, 2016
ISBN: 978-0989089494
Available in: Print & ebook,  406 Pages

In a post-apocalyptic world ruled by a Governor who is both feared and worshipped, Willow is a seventeen-year-old girl who is just trying to get through her last year of studies. But when her father dies, she experiences strange dreams that change everything about how she looks at the world and at herself.

Haunted by the tragedy, Willow begins pushing herself beyond anything she could have imagined she was capable of. It’s only when she catches the attention of some of the Governor’s minions that her world is turned upside-down.

“Michael Rothman is a writer with interests in many areas: from fantasy adventures to nail-biting science fiction thrillers.  As a result, his stories are like a roller coaster that carry you away into imaginative worlds where surprises abound, and the only thing that you can expect, is the unexpected.  So sit back and enjoy the ride!”-David Farland, New York Times Bestselling Author

Praise for Dispocalypse by Michael Rothman

“The duality of worlds was very interesting and it hooked me completely especially with the way Willow was made out in those scenes. The presence of a world we are familiar with and then another which had totally different geography and races drew me in slowly but steadily.
The world building was unique and it was a blend of dystopia and fantasy. I believe that was my favourite part of the book. It’s not usual that fantasy elements are introduced into a dystopian/apocalyptic tale. And it has more of a feel of the events happening after apocalypse so it was appropriately named too.

Overall,  the read was a great enjoyable one with ample fighting and adventures. I can recommend this to fantasy and dystopian lovers equally.”- Floryie, Travelogue Of a Book Addict

“I like how this book kept me guessing. It certainly didn’t expect the book to go to the places that it did. You think that one thing will happen, but the story surprises you and goes a totally different direction. The lack of predictability was quite refreshing.
The pacing in this was great! I was surprised how fast I was able to read this once I got started. Nothing seemed to drag. The flow was just perfect.  I highly recommend this book! It is one of the most unique stories that I have had the pleasure of reading. The meshing of genres really makes this one stand out.”- Vanessa [Queen Alchemy ], The Alchemy of Ink

I loved reading it, and can truly say it’s unique! I love how it’s written, and the wording/tone really drew me in. The prologue is somewhat confusing, and it took me a chapter or so to really understand what was happening, but it was a quick read, and easy to follow after that. I also enjoyed the illustrations, an added bonus in any story!

“I loved the characters, and felt the plot was unique, and well thought out. I enjoyed the quick pace, and read a large portion of the book in one sitting!
For this time this is a stand along, still I still have some questions, but I would love another book to answer them! XD (OK so I really just want to visit Willow’s world again!)”-Stephanie, Adventures Thru Wonderland

“Dispocalypse is a Shannara-esque post-apocalyptic return of magic tale, rich with prophecy, redolent with the stink of evil, and vibrant with the undaunted clamors of a young woman who will not allow her will to be constrained. It walks a delightful line between science fiction and fantasy and delivers a tale sure to please readers looking for unusual adventure fiction.”- Big Dave, Amazon Reviewer

About Michael RothmanDispocalypse by Michael Rothman

Michael Rothman  is an Army brat, a polyglot, and the first person in his family born in the United States. Given his first-born American status, hegrew up with English as his third language. As a child, he always had an active imagination and would continuously drive his family crazy with a myriad of “what if” questions.

After a while, they shoved him at the local public library and that’s when he was finally introduced to the world of books, and more specifically, science fiction and fantasy novels. His earliest influences were J.R.R. Tolkien’s classics as well as those of Isaac Asimov. Titles such as these tickled his imagination both as a child and into adulthood.

Website: http://www.michaelarothman.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelARothman
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MichaelARothman

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My Review

4 stars

Five hundred years after a nuclear war we find ourselves in a world of The Forbidding and Dominion. The Forbidding is full of evil, nasty creatures and the Dominion is the human area where we meet Willow. Willow is in her last year at the Academy and is having strange dreams that leave her with some serious fighting skills from her ancestors. With her new skills she decides to start training to be a soldier. But she finds herself exiled to The Forbidding. It seems there is a prophecy for her to fulfill if she can survive.

This is a great combination of several different genera’s that worked really well together. I loved the dystopian destruction after the war and the fantasy twist of the dreamwalking. Willow was a strong lead character. I really like how she slowly discovered different abilities.

On the down side, this book was a bit scattered in the beginning and had some irrelevant tidbits that could have been left out or fleshed out more. I feel there were certain deaths that were just thrown out there for no reason.

So far this looks like a stand-alone book but I do think that it could easily be made into a series. There are some spots that I would love to see a second book about to wrap up some events.


I received Dispocalypse from Teddy at Virtual Author Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

Dispocalypse by Michael Rothman


As Melanie and Willow wandered through the market, Willow recognized the smell of manure and felt a pang of sadness. It reminded her of growing up on a farm. Already the memories felt more like remnants of a dream, and though she knew she should want that, it made her sad to lose her other life.

A crowd of people at the trapper’s stall drew Willow’s attention. He pulled a tarp off a huge collection of cages and the crowd murmured with approval as Melanie and Willow approached to take a look.

She couldn’t help but be reminded of a rabbit as she stared at one furry creature quivering in his cage. She even had a dim recollection of cuddling with baby rabbits when she was a kid in that dream of hers. These weren’t rabbits–far from it. Sitting in individual cages, the ferocious-looking creatures had gray fur, large emotion-filled eyes and a snarling maw full of sharp teeth. Definitely not the kind of thing you’d want to cuddle with.

Willow leaned closer to Melanie and motioned toward the cages on the merchant’s cart. “The werebits are staring at me.” Many of them had turned their faces toward her and stared with their soulful dark eyes. She gulped. “It looks like they want me to help them,” Willow murmured, struck for the first time by how intelligent they appeared.

“Just how sick were you?” Melanie laughed. “Werebits are nasty pieces of work. They’ll take a finger off, if you give them half a chance.” She pointed to a nearby cart that had strips of meat drying in the sun. “My mom buys them live and my dad butchers them himself. They make wonderful meat pies.”

Scanning the cages of trapped animals stacked under the canopy, Willow felt sorry for them. As she stared at one, it seemed as if he were looking back at her with an intelligence that completely unnerved her. She felt guilty for just standing there, leaving them to their fate. She should do something, but what?

“Come on,” Melanie pulled Willow by the arm. “My mom wants to say ‘Hi’ to you before we go off to school.”

Willow grudgingly tore her attention from the sad plight of the werebits, feeling sick that she’d actually eaten some of their meat that morning. She silently swore to herself that she’d never eat a shred of that animal again.

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Dispocalypse by Michael Rothman

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Schizo: Hidden in Plain Sight

By Ilene B. Benator

Genre: Medical Psychological Thriller

 An ambitious future surgeon on his psychiatry rotation is assigned a patient who reveals to him information about an organized plot to control the population. His pursuit of the truth leads him to become a psychiatric patient in the same facility.

Dan Greenberg was a promising medical student who was derailed by Catherine—a bizarre schizophrenic patient whose delusions about patients in danger at hospitals all around Chicago were startlingly specific.

Drawn by both curiosity and compassion, Dan investigates, discovering that they were exactly where Catherine said they would be. Who are these people? Why are they in danger? Are they connected with each other?

While incarcerated, he joins forces with an unlikely ally Jake—who murdered his family during a drug-induced psychotic break, but is also a charming hacker with street smarts who creates a plan to get Dan’s life back. In his attempts to do so, he threatens to uncover a conspiracy to track and manipulate the population by a cabal of influential people who will do anything to keep their plot secret. He will learn just how far powerful people will go to stay in control, and the high price of the truth.

Schizo takes readers on a wildly unexpected journey into the what-ifs of medical science. Written by an Emergency Physician, Ilene B. Benator crafts situations that are terrifying, yet all too believable.

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About the Author

A board-certified Emergency Physician, Ilene B. Benator practices in the southeast and also wrote the screenplay adaptation for Schizo, which won a Certificate of Merit in the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood Screenwriting Competition, and was finalist in two other screenwriting contests. Also, she is Associate Producer, “Flesh” (2016) Cruell World Productions; Morningstar Productions. After growing up in New York and leaving to attend Emory University for undergrad with a degree in psychology, she then went to medical school in Chicago, and returned to Atlanta to do her training; where she now resides. After her training ended, her writing career began, publishing a non-fiction book for doctors prior to this debut novel. When not working or being soccer mom to her two wonderful kids, plus two cats and one dog, she enjoys architectural photography, camping, skiing, and takes hikes in the mountains with her husband and black fluffy dog Daisy.

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Schizo: Hidden in Plain Sight {2 WINNERS}

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My Review

4 stars

Dan Greenberg is a medical student that becomes fascinated with a schizophrenic patient, Catherine. Catherine is worried about hospital patients that are in danger. When Dan looks into this he finds that Catherine is very accurate. Dan works with Catherine to find the connection and instead finds himself being blamed for the death of his girlfriend and an inmate at the same institute. Dan finds himself working with Jake, another inmate, to try and clear his name.

I was caught by the blurb on this book. It sounds interesting when Dan finds out something is going on and ends up in the institute because of the knowledge. There was lots of action as Dan races to find the truth.

My problem with the story is the second half drug with the over whelming details on things that were not as relevant to the story. There were also some details that were a touch too easy that made the story feel unbelievable.

Overall, this is the first book in a series and the end pretty clearly notes that. It is a little rough but it is a first in the series. I will check out the second book to decide if I continue reading the series.


I received Schizo: Hidden in Plain Sight from Sage’s Blog Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.


Chapter One

I have had a long time to think about my predicament. Not continuously, though, because they don’t allow me long moments of clarity. It is such a strange feeling. All of my life I’ve been pretty anal about making the right decisions. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it, actually. Now I have no choice. No freedom.

And to think I used to stress out about stupid things like the MCAT and Gross Anatomy. Every single move I made back then was a deliberate action. As a second year medical student, I was obsessed with configuring my schedule so as to optimize my third-year medical school experience. I needed to garner stellar evaluations to obtain a choice ENT residency.

The third-year clinicals were the most important. But I had a plan, as always. Start off easy in psychiatry, learn procedures in ER, gain knowledge and confidence with peds and internal medicine, then kick ass on the surgical rotation. As someone with a college degree in both biology and psychology, I thought I was amply prepared for my first clinical rotation in psychiatry.

I was wrong.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to face at the Northwest Indiana Psychiatric Institution. No one, including myself, would ever have predicted that my perfectly planned life could have gone so far off track. And certainly, no one would have guessed I’d end up as a permanent resident of the very same forensic psychiatry unit that I studied at just one year ago. But here I sit, shut away; my cries for help unanswered. Meanwhile, those responsible for my fate roam free.

Chapter Two

It was July first, two long years ago, when I began my initial clinical rotation on the most dangerous day of the year to come to the hospitalbecause it is nearly universal that all residency training programs begin their new year on that day. Essentially everyone who knew what they were doing just got promoted to do something else. And those replacing them were just winging it until they gained a little more experience.

I arrived on my first day armed with the knowledge I received from three different psychiatric texts, and a smartphone loaded with every program I could think of. I left nothing to chance. I had to succeed.

I cranked up the air in my car, as it was a typical sweltering summer day in Chicago. It’s a forty-minute drive to northwest Indiana, and I did not want to get perspiration stains on my brand-new, striped Brooks Brothers button-down shirt. The nicely pressed short white lab coat issued to me last week hung against the passenger window. No need to get any more claustrophobic than necessary with too many layers of clothes.

Thinking about that made me reflexively adjust my tie. I was still getting used to wearing one, but looking sharp and professional was the goal. I went old-school with a bright red paisley patternthat was my first mistake of the day … as I would soon find out.

To enter the facility, you had to pass through a security checkpoint. A tall fence with barbed wire facing inward surrounded the compound. This property was a hospital, with the trappings of a prison. The campus itself seemed pretty non-threatening. A bunch of buildings scattered about on substantial well-landscaped acreage. I spent a few minutes winding around, until I came upon the building number, per the instructions in our Student Clinicals Manual.

There was a security presence at the entrance to the building as well. Though we were issued badges that we had to wear, little attention was paid to us medical students. If you looked the part and gave the appropriate story you were ushered in without even a metal detector screening. It seemed clear that the concern was not towards those entering, but on those attempting to leave…

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