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Chasing Casey

Chasing Casey 
Author: Jane Anthony
Release Date: January 16, 2017

Casey Grainger is not only the epitome of the girl next door, she’s the girl of my dreams. The blonde bombshell of a bartender who watches me with sky blue eyes, smiles with the sweetest dimples, and whose laughter is as melodic as chimes.

She stole my heart the way sunlight sneaks up on the day. Then a death in her family took her away from me. Now my heart lives in Texas while my body rots in New Jersey. As if that’s not bad enough, the ranch hand on her family’s farm is her damned ex-fiancé.

Austin still loves her, and he’s made it known. So Casey has a choice to make. It’s either him or me, but I’m far too stubborn to give up the fight.

That’s the one upside to having nothing left — I have nothing left to lose.

I don’t date musicians — I don’t date period — yet I find myself drawn to the dark and broody sound tech, whose wailing drum beats thump in time with the cadence of my heart. Beneath the arrogant grin and cocky one-liners, AJ Morello is a lonely man, burdened by the choices he’s made. But, he’s not the only one with regrets.

Mine goes by the name of Austin Krehley. 

After seven years away, there’s still a connection. A tiny spark that slowly builds to a burning flame the longer I stay. 

Two completely different men both hold two completely different pieces of my heart, but I can’t have them both. 

A sexy country boy and a sultry rocker — how’s a girl to choose?









Jane Anthony is a romance author, fist pumping Jersey-girl, and hard rock enthusiast. She resides in the ‘burbs of New Jersey with her husband and children. A lover of Halloween, vintage cars, & coffee, she’s also a cornucopia of useless 80’s knowledge and trivia. When not writing, she’s an avid reader, concert goer, and party planner extraordinaire.




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Evin Blitz


Evin by A.S. Crowder

Eva has never seen the Forest of Evin, but her fate and the fate of the Forest may be intertwined. Sinister forces seek to pull the Forest apart, and Eva may be the only one who can save it. Eva must travel between worlds to keep the Forest together—but the Forest of Evin thrums with power and the force tearing it apart may not be the only danger.

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Author’s Bio

A.S. Crowder has been writing stories ever since she first learned how to write. She’s got about a million stories left to tell; hopefully she’ll finish one or two of them. When she’s not writing, she teaches sociology at local universities. A.S. Crowder lives in the Deep South with her husband and her cats. She probably watches too much tv.

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The terror that had been screaming through her body began to dissipate. Warmth flooded towards her fingertips and a strange calm filled her. Brushing aside the arm that Ge had flung out in front of her when he’d finally managed to find his feet, she took a step towards the shadow.

It paused in its approach, as if unsure what to do with a target that did not cower from it. The hesitation was brief, and the shadow shot itself towards Eva, weapon raised and letting out a raspy shriek. Eva made no move to dodge, in spite of Ge next to her screaming for her to move.

The spear of a hand was poised to bury itself in her chest, but it stopped short as suddenly as if it had crashed against a wall. If the creature had discernible features, Eva was sure they would have been molded into a mask of confusion. It tried again and again to force its razor-sharp hand through to her chest, and each time and invisible force stopped it. The creature’s fury increased after each failed attempt, its shrieking cry rising in desperation.
Eva was unmoved by the creature’s cries. Her newfound serenity was unshakeable. She felt strong. The creature’s face turned from her to its hand and back to her again, trying to piece together what had gone wrong.

As the shadow stared at her, it began to lighten—inky black faded to charcoal and then to heather grey. A sound almost like a groan issued from the creature as it staggered back, beams of lilac light poking their way through its fading form and widening until they left nothing of the shadow behind.


I was invited to be part of this Blitz from Foundations Books. Make sure to check out their website and all kinds of new books.

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A Thousand Salt Kisses Later (Salt Kisses – 2) by Josie Demuth

The spellbinding sequel to A Thousand Salt Kisses.

Four years ago, Crystal White fell in love with Llyr, a prince of the magical mer colony living off the coast of Starfish Island. For one summer, he enchanted her with stories of jeweled palaces and underwater gardens, but then he left, returning beneath the waves with her heart in tow.

Now, graduated and with no job in sight, Crystal is forced to go back to the island she thought she had left in the past. By the sea again, she realizes she is far from over her first love, and when an opportunity arises to contact the merfolk, Crystal can’t resist.

Once more with the mer, Crystal is forced to come to terms with the fact that Llyr has moved on, and also with her own magical secret that has endangered her life, his throne, and every mer kingdom. Working against all odds, she has to try to save the people she has come to love and—if she can—rekindle the romance of her first summer on Starfish Island.

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Josie Demuth

Author’s Bio

Josie Demuth is an author based in London. First published on Wattpad, her Salt Kisses series has garnered nearly four million reads and are now serialised on Radish Fiction. The second of this series, A Thousand Salt Kisses Later is her fourth novel.

Website  ~  Twitter ~  Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Goodreads


My Review

4 stars

It is four years since Crystal meet and fell in love with Llyr. Since then she has gone to college, had boyfriends, and grown up. But now she is graduating from college, has no job, and finds herself back on Starfish Island. Once she returns she remembers her love of Llyr and tries to find him. But Llyr has grown and is now engaged to Princess Tara of the Timsah Kingdom. But Crystal learns she has magic and that it can possibly destroy Llry’s world.

I have to admit that I’m so glad that it is four years later and Crystal has grown up. This alone made the book better than the first. I completely understood how she felt when she learned about Tara but it’s hard to deny that Llyr still has feelings for her. It was interesting how she had magic and how it could affect this world. I was surprised with how this worked out in the end.

This is a great story and I admit that I liked it better than the first book. I really liked the mer world and how you get to explore so much more. If you like mermaid stories I recommend that you check this one out.

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I received A Thousand Salt Kisses Later from iRead Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.


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