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There Was a Little Girl


There Was a Little Girl by Cynthia Luhrs

THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL is a psychological thriller that will have you taking a closer look at the people you thought you knew.

No one is what they seem…
Katherine Hope Jones is a seemingly normal woman with a well-paying job. The horror of her childhood carefully hidden away. But after she witnesses an act of animal cruelty, her tightly constructed world comes crashing down as past and present collide.

You never know who’s watching…
As the lies pile up and she desperately tries to maintain two identities, a smart animal control officer has discovered something disturbing. Someone is killing animal abusers. Hope slowly unravels from an upstanding citizen into something else. Vigilante. Champion. Killer. Hero…

As Hope takes incredible risks to punish the guilty, she’s blind to the danger closing in around her. For someone powerful and dangerous has taken notice of what she’s been up to…

Everyone has a line they won’t cross…until they do.

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Author’s Bio

Cynthia Luhrs writes time travel because she hasn’t found a way (yet) to transport herself to medieval England where she’s certain a knight in slightly tarnished armor is waiting for her arrival. She traveled a great deal and now resides in the colonies with three tiger cats who like to disrupt her writing by sitting on the keyboard. She is overly fond of shoes, sloths, and tea.

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My Review

5 stars

When Katherine Hope Jones was seven, she watched her father beat her mother and dog Max to death. Her grandparents take her and give her a good life. Now, years later, she goes by Hope and seems to have the perfect life, handsome and perfect boyfriend, and executive life. But the horrors she lived through always haunt her. When she learns about someone that abuses an animal and received lenient punishment Hope snaps. She starts making a list and plans on taking care of those that abuse animals herself.

Not being caught after the first murder, Hope is empowered and starts planning future kills. But she is not as careful as she thinks and her multiple lies for her behaviors are starting to catch up to her. Will the police catch on to who the killer is? Will she be behind bars soon?

Hope has grown from the ashes of her past but the memories are a lot closer to the surface than a quick glance would show. But Hope gets sucked into her vigilante world and the pieces of her life start slipping through her fingers. Jackson is not so perfect and his true nature starts to show. Then there is Greyson, the one fighting to be the voice for those abused without one. And no matter how well she thinks she is covering, the police are hunting down this killer of animal abusers.

So I love animals and try to help out as much as I can. I follow a lot of rescues and such on Facebook and I completely understand what Hope is feeling. You can donate and volunteer but in the end there is always someone suffering. I admit I get to the point that I had reading or watching another video of how horribly an animal was treated and I wish the abusers got their just desserts.

This is a great thriller that kept me guessing. I admit that I had a different ending in mind but this one works too. Because this story revolves around animal abuse there are several scenes that I had a hard time with. But I loved following along as Hope fell deeper down the rabbit hole in her search for justice.

This is a great story and one I recommend everyone check out. Well, except those that have a hard time with animal abuse.

I received There Was a Little Girl from Ari at Candid Book Reviews for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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