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The Sands of Borrowed Time: Hazy Sun Days (Earth After the Supernova – 1)

by Jeffrey Winters

When two suns shine in the sky, mankind will fall… It’s easy to cover up truth amidst chaos. Those who survived the supernova blast, fight for survival, the Earth devastated, its ozone layer destroyed. Dusty storms rule the days while the night’s freeze, taking civilization back to its knees. Pockets of humans now exist in a dystopian society spread across the wilderness. Friendships are difficult and just under the burning Sun, freedom uncertain as enemies lurk on the unforgiving highways. Are these the struggles of a post-apocalyptic world or is something more sinister at work under the cover of misery and destruction? Some are getting suspicious, and one has seen a glimpse of the truth… Follow our main protagonist, Kyla, as she tries to understand what it means to be free as she travels through the ruined cities and the harsh wastelands, fleeing the clutches of her guardians. However, freedom comes at a price. Does she control her destiny or is there a hidden hand controlling her fate? And what of the ship deliberately beached at White Cove Bay. What secret does it hide? Also, the strange lights in the sky have their own tale to tell – but what are they and who is responsible? Follow the intertwining fates of our protagonists as they slowly come to realize the veil that has been placed over their eyes, in this first installment of the Sands of Borrowed Time…>

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My Review

4 stars

Between a solar flare from a supernova on Orion’s Belt and the Sun, Earth’s atmosphere has been destroyed. Most of the population of Earth has perished from the initial EMP, the heat, or the ever decreasing supplies. Now the world consists of those scavenging to survive. There are several individuals, some groups, and bandits. Many have decided to head north to try and find a better way to survive but many won’t make it due to the head or other people. But what they find there is not what any of them expected.

I love a good dystopian story and I was excited to see where this one would take me. I liked the idea of how people are trying to survive. But I did have trouble keeping up with all the different characters in the beginning. I think this is why I had such a hard time sticking with the book. Having said that, the further you go along the easier it is to keep up with everyone.

A lot of things happen that will draw you into the story. Once I got my footing, it was easy to keep reading. I loved the ending. I didn’t see that one coming and really liked the twist on traditional dystopian stories. I liked how this book ended and I am excited to see what is going to happen next.

I received The Sands of Borrowed Time from Candid Book Reviews for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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