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No Greater Agony



No Greater Agony by Todd Allen

Jack Bishop always dreamed of becoming a writer.

That ambition finally became reality with his critically acclaimed debut novel, but following up on that success has proved difficult. For over a year, he has failed to produce a new bestseller and his publisher is losing patience. In a last ditch effort to save his floundering career, Jack is sent to the renowned writer’s retreat, Wabasso Lake, with orders to finish his manuscript in record time.

Jack’s first impression of Wabasso is that of an idyllic place to work, but despite being surrounded by awe inspiring nature and the lovely Kate, a fellow author, he continues to be plagued by self doubt. It is with the discovery of a hidden manuscript that Jack begins to scratch the surface of the retreat’s sinister purpose. As visions of fictional characters inundate Jack’s waking life, he is driven to the brink of madness.

A diabolical intelligence has stirred. Wabasso wants something from Jack, but is he willing to pay that price to achieve his greatest desire?

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Author’s Bio

Todd Allen lives on the East Coast of Canada. A lifelong fan of all things horror, Allen threw his hat into the literary ring in 2015 with his first novel, Sacra Obscurum. Allen is proud to follow up his debut with the 2017 release of the psychological thriller, No Greater Agony. Influenced by genre greats, M.R. James and H.P. Lovecraft, and raised on Stephen King and Peter Straub, Allen aims to deliver his own brand of creeping, cerebral horror.


My Review

5 stars

Jack Bishop is an author that received major fame from the release of his first book. But his second book is just not coming, no matter what he does. His publisher is about done with him. So Jack goes to Wabasso Lake, a place known as a writer’s retreat, and hopes to write his second book. But something strange is going on. When he discovers a lost manuscript things seem to go from bad to worse.

I loved this book. The prologue sucks you in and leaves you wanting more. Jack is trying to do whatever he can to write his second book. His discovery of the manuscript makes you think that he might be back on track until strange things keep happening. There is more to this manuscript than just a great story.

This is a great thriller. It hooks you will the camp in 1953 then dumps you into Jack’s own nightmare in 2012. This is one that I recommend for anyone that likes horror/thriller stories. You will not be disappointed.

I received No Greater Agony from Sage’s Blog Tours for free. This has not influenced my opinion of this book in any way.

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