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The Float


The Float by W.F. Waldrip

The abandoned desert cemetery was easy to overlook. Countless motorists drove right past it every day without realizing it was even there, utterly unaware of its existence. But Cameron had long known of the isolated graveyard and was puzzled to see a peculiar figure standing in it one night as he drove past. His curiosity piqued, Cameron investigates the cemetery, only to encounter a dearth of information regarding it: no formal records, no plats, no history to establish when the cemetery was created, nor who lies buried there. Unexpectedly, Cameron’s research carries him backwards through the centuries, to a forgotten Spanish land grant and a lost settlement.

Cameron induces his boyhood friend, Chet, to join him as he explores the enigmatic cemetery and its environs, hoping to learn more of its strange history. Their innocuous investigation proves more fateful that either of them could have imagined, however, when Chet inexplicably disappears. Unfortunately, because the cemetery appears to be located outside the city limits, Cameron’s efforts to enlist the help of the police to find Chet is greeted with bureaucratic indifference and finger-pointing. Ultimately, the responsibility for resolving the mystery of Chet’s disappearance rests with Cameron, his friend, Nancy, and an unexpected ally: Woody, a Native American police detective who agrees to help them.

Although the initial purpose of their straightforward association is to ascertain what happened to Chet, the three friends quickly realize that things are not as unambiguous as they thought. Very rapidly they determine that an evil intelligence appears to be associated with Chet’s disappearance, though the reason behind it remains elusive. In fact, this intelligence has existed for centuries, as readers learn from historical flashbacks throughout the novel. In their quest to find Chet, Cameron, Nancy, and Woody, encounter communication from spirits, malevolent poltergeists, death.

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My Review

5 stars

Cameron passes an old cemetery and sees a figure standing in the middle of it. His curiosity peaked, he starts researching the cemetery and learns that there is not a lot of information about it. It seems that it was part of a Spaniard called De Baca, but not much more is known. Cameron and his friend Chet go for a hike to see what they can find and Chet mysteriously disappears. Cameron tries to get the local police to look into Chet’s disappearance but they give him some bureaucratic excuse. It is going to be up to Cameron, his friend Nancy, and a Native American police detective Woody to find Chet.

If you found an old cemetery with no information what would you do? Cameron decides to start researching it and learns about a forgotten town, disappearances over the years, and legends. Legends have to come from somewhere and the truth is not always pretty. You flip back and forth through time to learn the truth along with following Cameron as they try to find Chet.

I really enjoyed this story. I quickly got into the story and the history of the cemetery. I was quickly drawn into the story and kept on the edge of my seat waiting for the next surprise. When I learned that this was a real location and some of the events real it gave this book a whole new level of creepy possibilities.

This is a great story and one that will appease anyone that loves the paranormal and thrillers.

I received The Float from Candid Book Reviews for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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