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The Last Detective by Brian Cohn

It’s been two years since the invasion.

Two years since the slicks came to our planet and herded humanity together like cattle, placing us under constant watch in the few cities that remain. The lucky ones are left to their own devices. The unlucky few are rounded up and carted off to labor camps to face an unknown fate.

Former homicide detective Adrian Grace was cut off from his family, but has somehow managed to survive. When one of the slicks is murdered, they ask him to find the killer. He reluctantly agrees, and in the course of his investigation witnesses the best, and the worst, that humanity has to offer: a plot to escape the labor camps; a pending war between an in-your-face councilwoman and the corrupt city mayor; and a priest who claims to have befriended the dead alien. But worst of all, he stumbles onto a conspiracy that puts the fate of the entire city in jeopardy. In the end, Detective Grace discovers that the killer might just be the last person he would have suspected.

A story about betrayal, redemption, faith, fear, and hope, The Last Detective is a thrilling look at what happens to humanity when our world crumbles around us.

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 Brian Cohn

Author’s Bio

I am an ER doctor practicing in St. Louis, Missouri, where I live with my beautiful wife and our two rambunctious children.  I was born in Birmingham, Alabama where I grew up loving to read.  My passion for books continued through my college career at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and traveled with me back to Alabama where I attended the University of Alabama School of Medicine.  I moved to St. Louis for residency training, met my wife, and fell in love with both her and the city itself.  I have been practicing emergency medicine for over a decade and love helping people every day, but turned to writing as a creative outlet.

A self-professed nerd, I’ve long enjoyed everything science fiction, from books to TV and movies.  I’m also a huge fan of great mysteries and thrillers, and I’m a sucker for a surprising plot twist.  I write the kinds of books that I would want to read, reflecting a deep-seated curiosity about what motivates people to do the things they do.

When I’m not busy writing and taking care of patients, I love to run, play with my children, and spend quiet time watching TV with my wife.  If I can only figure out how to do all three things at once, I’ll finally have it made.

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My Review

5 stars

Two years ago the aliens landed on Earth. Those that fought back were destroyed. Those that were left were sent to work camps. Adrian Grace was a homicide detective that has been asked to look into the death of an alien, also called Slicks because of their coloring. Grace doesn’t want to be one of those humans that works with the Slicks but they dangle his wife and daughter in front of him, who could refuse that offer. It seems someone has killed a Slick and they want Grace to find out who did it.

Adrian Grace wants to just be done with the Slicks. He wasn’t part of the police force that tried to stop him so he is the last detective. Lucky for the Slicks he is good at his job and loves the thrill of the hunt. And he has his hands full hunting down the killer.

This is an amazing blending of classic noir detective story with a scifi twist of aliens. It’s one of those books I look at and think either it’s going to stink or it’s going to be one heck of a read. I am happy to say I loved this book. You didn’t know where it was going, there was a lot of action and plenty of twists and turns, and you have an unexpected ending that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

I can’t wait for other books from Brian Cohn, he is definitely going on my save shelf.

I received The Last Detective from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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