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Red Noon at Helltowne by Dan Osarchuk

On the road to revenge, Oborren and his eccentric allies must face not only the terrifying supernatural threats of Helltowne, but also the insidious philosophy pushed by that accursed land’s red dwarf masters: Equalitarianism. Devils and darkness; red flags and tyranny abound, and it is up to the brave adventurers to stop Commissar General Noel and his machinations to ‘Abolish Humanness’, including his scheme to unleash a mighty weapon of the Ancients upon them all!

But the vile plans of the red dwarves are not contained to Helltowne. Elfriede, the savages of Fjord Vallee, and others must work to free the land of Dinglesfuhr from the bizarre Glowing Spectral Personhood cult. Thanks to such supporters of Underreign, including the former leader of that land, Mekla, goblins were even invited into Dinglesfuhr! Now they have devastated it and subjected its inhabitants to a life of oppression, terror, and death.

Set in the Night Skies Over Valhallow world of the fantasy future, Red Noon at Helltowne is the first book in the new Vale War trilogy. A map and comprehensive glossary are included for those new to this setting, so that they can immediately begin enjoying this amazing work.

Red Noon at Helltowne: a must-read for fans of dark fantasy, action, humor, as well as saving the world from the lies and calamities of Equalitarianism.

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 Dan Osarchuk

Author’s Bio

Dan’s writing is a unique blend of fantasy, philosophy, humor, mythology, social commentary, geopolitical intrigue, and metaphysical extrapolation. Readers looking for something “a little bit different” are encouraged to read Dan’s work.

When not indulging his overactive imagination with writing, Dan enjoys spending time with his children and ruminating over why some things in our world are so strange today. He is an avid student of mythology, history, meditation, self-enquiry, preserving Western Civilization, as well as a number of other things.

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My Review

4 stars

In the time of Ancients, there were all kinds of mechanics and things that made the world easier. But after Lights Out the world changed. Humans were not the only creatures. Now, many generations later, the red dwarves believe in Equalitarianism but want nothing more than to destroy all humans. There are other groups/cults that are also doing their part to make life unbearable for unbelievers also. Enter Oborren and his group of misfits that are more likely to kill each other than stop Commissar General Noel.

I’m sorry to admit that I had a hard time reading this story. I’m sure part of it is that I can’t have any distractions. There are a lot of characters you are dealing with and although you might be able to figure out who is who in a scene once you leave and come back I had a hard time figuring out who someone was unless they really stood out like Noel or Cherry.

I really liked this world and its origins. The characters were well developed and each had their own strengths and weaknesses they brought to this adventure. There is plenty of fighting, a great adventure, and some humorous spots. This is an epic fantasy story and will appeal to anyone that enjoys them.

I received Red Noon at Helltowne for free from Virtual Author Book Tours and the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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The Suicide Plan


The Suicide Plan: Patrick McLaughlin Novella by Emma Clapperton

Standing up and welcoming everyone to the spiritualist church is something Patrick McLaughlin does most evenings. Most of the faces in the audience are familiar to him, except one. David Hopkirk walks into the West End Spiritualist church in Glasgow and slits his own throat in the middle of a demonstration. His reasoning? Patrick is only of use to him in death.
In this novella, Patrick is once more catapulted into a world which sees the death of a ten year old boy, a failed court case and a family torn apart. He has most of the puzzle pieces in his possession, he just needs to fit them together.

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 Emma L. Clapperton

Author’s Bio

Began writing in June 2010 and completed her first novel in April 2012. Beyond Evidence was released on Kindle in September 2012 and is selling well with great reviews.
Emma is currently working on her next novel.

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My Review

5 stars

Patrick and Jodie McLaughlin are mediums. One day as they are in church, David Hopkirk comes in and approaches Patrick. He says, “after I have gone…” then proceeds to cut his own throat. Of course Patrick and Jodie are going to look into David and they learn that two years earlier his son died under mysterious circumstances but the case went cold. There is something strange about the case and Patrick and Jodie are going to have to communicate with spirits to solve it.

This is my first book from Emma Clapperton and it was amazing. You start out with a bang and just go headlong into the case. I loved the paranormal aspect but the way it was executed just rang out. Patrick doesn’t know much about communicating with the dead but he is respectful. He does know that not everything on the other side is good and he is essentially playing Russian Roulette with who and what he connects to.

This was a short story but felt like reading a full novel. I loved the whole thing and now I can’t wait to read Beyond Evidence to see where this series started. Although this is a short story it can easily be read as a standalone book. This is one thriller that you need to check out.

I received The Suicide Plan from Bloodhound Books for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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