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Urban Fantasy
Date Published:  June 8, 2017
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Hard Work Will Pay Off Later. Laziness Pays Off Now.
Let’s get one thing straight – Ivy Wilde is not a heroine. In fact, she’s probably the last witch in the world who you’d call if you needed a magical helping hand. If it were down to Ivy, she’d spend all day every day on her sofa where she could watch TV, munch junk food and talk to her feline familiar to her heart’s content.
However, when a bureaucratic disaster ends up with Ivy as the victim of a case of mistaken identity, she’s yanked very unwillingly into Arcane Branch, the investigative department of the Hallowed Order of Magical Enlightenment. Her problems are quadrupled when a valuable object is stolen right from under the Order’s noses. It doesn’t exactly help that she’s been magically bound to Adeptus Exemptus Raphael Winter. He might have piercing sapphire eyes and a body which a cover model would be proud of but, as far as Ivy’s concerned, he’s a walking advertisement for the joyless perils of too much witch-work. And if he makes her go to the gym again, she’s definitely going to turn him into a frog.
About the Author

After teaching English literature in the UK, Japan and Malaysia, Helen Harper left behind the world of education following the worldwide success of her Blood Destiny series of books. She is a professional member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and writes full time, thanking her lucky stars every day that’s she lucky enough to do so!
Helen has always been a book lover, devouring science fiction and fantasy tales when she was a child growing up in Scotland.
She currently lives in Devon in the UK with far too many cats – not to mention the dragons, fairies, demons, wizards and vampires that seem to keep appearing from nowhere.
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Anglesey Blue


Anglesey Blue (DI Tudor Manx – 1) by Dylan Jones


It’s not the homecoming Detective Inspector Tudor Manx was expecting, but solving the case is just the start of his problems.

Recently transferred from the London Met to the North Wales Constabulary, Detective Inspector Tudor Manx has come to Island of Anglesey hoping for a quiet life.

But his hopes are dashed when a brutally mutilated body is found crucified to the bow of a fishing boat sending shockwaves through the peaceful community.

Manx’s faces pressure to solve the case quickly equipped with an inexperienced team.

Is the body a message or a premonition of more murders to come?

Adding to his mounting problems, Manx’s troubled past returns to haunt him. Manx left the island after the disappearance of his younger sister, Miriam; a cold case that still remains unsolved.

Can Manx solve the case before the body count rises?

How will he cope when he is forced to choose between his family and his duty as a police officer?

This is the first book in the thrilling new DI Tudor Manx series.

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Author’s Bio

Dylan is a native, Anglesey-born Welshman who now lives in Oakland, California with his wife Laura and daughter, Isabella. He has worked as a media executive and copywriter at numerous TV networks and advertising agencies both in London and San Francisco. Currently, he is owner and Creative Director of Jones Digital Media, a video content agency.

Dylan was born on Anglesey and moved away when he was seven years old to the Northeast of England. His family then moved to the Wirral for several years before settling back on Anglesey when he was fourteen. Dylan studied Communication Arts and Media at the University of Leeds, then moved to Cardiff, working for S4C. In 1993 he relocated to London as a Creative Director with Channel 4 TV. Today, he lives in Oakland, California. His parents, sister and most of his immediate family still live on the island.

Anglesey Blue is the first in a series of crime novels featuring the sardonic, sharp-witted but troubled detective, Detective Inspector Tudor Manx. Dylan’s life, both on and off the island, inspired him to develop the series.

“Creating flawed, compelling, and believable characters is the core of my storytelling.” Dylan says. “I want DI Tudor Manx and all the supporting characters to come alive as readers turn the page. Tudor Manx’s journey is just beginning, and I’m looking forward to writing more about this complex and troubled man as he confronts the demons of his past and hopefully finds the peace and redemption he’s searching for.”

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My Review

5 stars

Tudor Manx has returned to Anglesey Island to be the local detective inspector. All he is looking for is a quiet life even though he has a past in Anglesey. But that though is shot when a man is found tied to a boat during a storm. Everyone wants him to quickly solve the murder but Manx has a crew of inexperienced officers helping him and he is worried that this might be the beginning to more murders than just a onetime affair. But then another man is discovered and a third. All three are linked to a large amount of blue pills called Anglesey Blue, a cheap and highly addictive drug that is starting out in the market.

I loved Tudor Manx. He is transferred to Anglesey Island and just wants some quiet. But his past is there as a reminder, his mother and sister don’t like him and the death of his other sister has never been solved. But then he will have his hands full when it is clear that someone is planning on running drugs through the island. Manx is definitely going to have his hands full.

I loved this story. You can’t help but feeling for Manx, he has a rough past, and has his hands full trying to get his new force up to speed to deal with the murders. I loved the setting in Wales and the description had me feeling like I was walking right there with Manx. The mystery was great and kept my attention the whole time. I loved how the pacing stayed pretty well the same until the end when you slide into the end with break neck speed.

This is a wonderful new mystery series that I loved and will be keeping it on my bookshelf. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Manx in the next book.

I received Anglesey Blue from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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