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Immortal Savior Book 4

KK Gould

THE END… THE TRUTH… Evil will make his final stand.

Liza North, an immortal hybrid infused with the power to control the elements, is tasked with saving the world as she knows it. The ultimate battle between good and evil ensues in the final installment of the Immortal Savior series by award winning paranormal romance author KK Gould.

Liza’s destiny is to defeat the monster, who raped her mother resulting in her birth. Growing up on the run, her mother worked hard to keep her hidden from Nicolas. However, not all is at it seems. New light is being shed on a dark situation and Liza is forced to choose between her father and her destiny.

  • Vampires, Fae, Shifters and more fill the pages of KK Gould’s first paranormal romance, suspense series.
  • “A recommended read for paranormal romance fans seeking a superb and highly complex new read”

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K.K. Gould


Award winning author KK Gould lives in northern Michigan with her husband and two great kids. Juggling her job as a Cat Scan Technologist, mother, wife and author can be a challenge but it’s one she loves. She began writing as a way to deal with a job she’s not especially passionate about. She tried journaling, but instead of writing about herself Liza’s story started pouring out onto her computer.

She writes and reads in the paranormal romance/suspense genre, but it has to have something bigger than just the romance between two people. A ‘big picture’ element such as; good vs. evil or saving an entire species from extinction, is critical. “I love a strong female lead. A woman that isn’t afraid to take on the world, and kick its ass,” Gold says.

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I would like to thank Toni at Outside the Lines PR to share about this book.

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